From 3D To 4D And 5D: Stream

By Lev

Unfortunately, at 3D level, Argorians’ channel has become so clogged and ossified that is no longer capable to take new information and nearly stopped updating. But remain thousand other conduits and data bases, which increase incoming traffic of different content. The Galacom’s channel continues to work very well, and soon there will be full disclosure of its newest joint ops with ground team that were carried out at the end of September. In the meantime, here is the list of Lightwarriors’ works in June- August 2023. Part of this stream DNI described earlier.


June 3, the ground team and its Logos’ joint work to increase the energy potential of the group.

June 4, Light work on Spiritual and energy support of the new regional Logos, created in Eurasia, through a single heart and Logos of the group.

June 6, joint work on pumping the Earth’s crystal grid with the energy of Absolute’s Light City on the Subtle Plane.

June 12, continuation of the Light work to increase the energy of the new regional Logos in Eurasia.

June 16, joint work and aspects exchange with the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch, Keeper of Absolute’s Crystal.

June 17, Light work on setting the copies of Absolute’s Crystal, received from the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch, into the new Earth’s Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia).

June 20, examine the Earth’s new Evolutionary Code (planet’s Life Code).

June 21, joint op of Lightwarriors, Co-Creators, Galactic Committee and Gaia to activate new Evolutionary Code in the Earth’s new Logos, and, by it, strengthen the five-dimensional energy basis of the planet.

June 24, another Light work on Spiritual and energy saturating of the new regional Logos in Eurasia through the ground team’s Logos.

June 26, Light work on sync and interaction with Al-Terra-Gaia at 13D, on this date, the highest point of the planetary Multiverse in the Pleroma.

June 29, new Light work to saturate the Earth’s crystal lattice with the energy of Absolute’s Light City.


July 1-5, explore the Power Places in Eurasia for new joint operations with Co-Creators and Galacom.

July 6, study the Al Naslaa Rock (in the Tayma oasis, Saudi Arabia) for an op to clear it from karma. In the past, Darks and their priests used it for bloody rituals and sacrifices.

July 7, three Light works: sync and taking in the four-armed Antahkarana’s energies; team members’ mutual Light co-tuning; and at the end, group Logos’ power upgrading.

July 8, harmonization of Absolute’s manifested Masculine and Feminine Foundations on 3D Earth.

July 11, explore the Mada’in Salih complex in the area of Al-‘Ula within Medina Province in the Hejaz region, Saudi Arabia, where in the 1st century AD was the second largest city after Petra (now in Jordan) of the Nabataean Kingdom (for more of it see Operations In Jordan, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 10 and 11 November 2022).

July 13, Lightwarriors’ interact with Nabataeans on the Subtle Plane.

July 15, Light work on synchronization and energizing of two new Logos – regional and planetary (Al-Terra-Gaia).

July 16, Light work on sync and power support of these Logos with the Logos of the ground team.

July 18, explore the Power Places in Cappadocia (Central Anatolia, Turkey) for new joint operations.

July 20, Light work on synchronization of two Logos, group and regional, with Absolute’s Light City in the Caribbean (for more of the latter see Ops In Dominicana Part 2, DNI, March 15, 2022).

July 21, Light work on sync of both Logos and Absolute’s Light City for stable dipole synthesis.

July 22, Light work on synchronization of the two Logos and Absolute’s Light City in Dominicana with the Earth’s new Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia).

July 23, Light work on the temporary merging the Absolute’s Light City and two Logos with Al-Terra-Gaia.

July 25, explore Mardin (ancient city in the Artuklu District, Turkey) for a new joint operation with Co-Creators and Galactic Committee.

July 26, explore the Sogmatar’s Celestial Temple (in eastern Anatolia, Turkey), dedicated to the God of Moon and planets, where in the past Darks carried out bloody ceremonies and sacrifices. The new cleansing ops were planned there.

July 29, communication on the Subtle Plane with the Sabeans, who founded the kingdom of Saba that existed between 1200 BCE and 275 CE in modern-day Yemen, the oldest and most important of the South Arabian kingdoms. Explore the territory for new joint operations in this region.

July 31, the ground team and Higher Light Entities joint energy harmonizing the Logos of the group.


August 1, explore Cayonu (in Diyarbakir Province, Turkey), where located karmic burial ground at the site of mass sacrifices in the distant past, for cleaning operations.

August 3, examine the Black Stone (Al-Hajaru al-Aswad) set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, the ancient building in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Objective: to evaluate the possibility of new ops from this place on a Subtle Plane.

August 5, energizing the ground team’s Logos to increase composite vibrations.

August 6, Light work on triple synchronization: individual – with the Sirius’ Logos; of Sirius with ground team’s Logos, and of Sirius with Al-Terra-Gaia in 13D.

August 7, co-tuning and sync with the Local Universe’s core with the help of two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs.

On August 8, new co-tuning with the core of the Local Universe, synchronization with the Sirius’ Logos, and backed by its energy, loading through selves a special energy-information soft into the Earth’s Crystal.

August 11, joint work with Love energies.

On August 14, the ground team Logos’ energy and harmony upgrading.

August 16, synchronization with the reference earth elemental and tempering by its energies of the team members’ Subtle Bodies.

August 18, similar operation with a reference air elemental and prana.

August 20, repeat of the op with the reference fire elemental.

August 22, the same work with the reference elemental of seawater.

August 24, proceeding the op with the reference elemental of fresh water.

August 27, co-tuning and synchronization of all four planetary elementals – earth, fire, air and water.

August 28, removal the karma, accumulated in the water elemental.

August 30, erasure the karma, concentrated in the air elemental.

Such were the operations during three summer months. The Co-Creators, Galactic Committee and Lightwarriors ground team works’ stream is going on. And DNI will inform of all their ops.