Laka: The Infinite Subconscious Mind

Received by Judith

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

How Wonderful To Be Connected To You In Spirit And Light! For Without This Endless Communication, You Would Not Know That I Exist! Indeed, You Would Never Have Met My Family That Infinitely Loves The Earth And My Father Elder IKAI Who Adds The Gift Of Leadership While Watching Over You As Kishapolee (Child Of Mine). You Are Indeed The Beloved Ones Of Light!

As We Explore The Many Ways Of Communication, I Will Remind You That You Arrived With All Aspects Of Great Meaning Within The Light Of Your Soul. Connected In Spirit To Realms You Have Forgotten, There Are Many That Hear Your Cries, Your Laughter And Your Confusion. We Have Lived As You And Completely Understand Your Dilemma. As Jim Morrison, I Was Lost And Forgot My Way In Such A Story! But Within, I Heard My Family Speaking With Encouragement. I Knew. I Somehow Knew That I Was So Much More!

We Are Here To Remind You Of The Light You Carry As Discouragement Is Rampant And The Light In The Outer World Is Flickering, Dimming And Will Darken Even More. These Are Moments To Go Within To Bring Your Light To The Highest Frequency Possible In Order To Make A Path For Others To Follow!

Telepathy Is Not New. It Is Accessed Now And Since The Beginning Of All Creation. Before There Was Language In Voice, There Was Telepathy In Spirit. My Parents Spoke In Tones And Color That Became Sound That Was Understood. Words Of Precise Vibrational Frequencies Were Mesmerizing As Songs And Communication Of Light Language Abounded Through Elder IKAI And Among All Pleiadians.

EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! This Is Our Message Through The Ethers Of Timelessness! Never Be Afraid To Tell Another Of Your Sacred Love! These Words Are Frequencies Of Healing!

All Life Is Connected In The Quantum Field Or The Mind Of God. This Phrase Could Be Confusing To Some As We Understand That God Is Spirit And Humans Often Imagine The Mind To Be Physical. In Truth, The Mind Is The Psyche Or The Field Of Information That Is Transmitted In Energy By Spirit. In Essence And Truth, You Are God Expressing Into Form. You Are A Soul That Is Visiting The Earth School.

Consciousness Is Alive In All Beings, Nature And The Unseen World. Without Consciousness, Nothing Would Exist. Awareness Of Being Or Self Awareness Is A Level Of Consciousness That Becomes Real With Growth And Understanding. One Can Be Conscious And Yet Unaware. Thoughts Flow Through The Conscious Mind At Great Speed And Without Intent. Changing Your Thoughts Intentionally Will Bring Great Relief And Healing!

The Subconscious Mind Is Connected Infinitely To Spirit. Reprogramming The Subconscious Can Be Done By Those Desiring A Certain Outcome That Is Achieved By Belief And A Resonating Feeling Of Assurance. Indeed, You Are Creators!

Did You Know That There Is One Divine Subconscious Mind? Of Course You Have Control And Influence Over Your Own Life And Story. But Reaching Outward In All Directions, You Are Affecting One Another In An Ever Moving Ripple Of Energy And Information. You Are Part Of One Another At The Deepest Level.

So, Why Do You Fight One Another? This Is A Battle Against The Self. For You Are Holographic In Nature And Every Moment, Spirit Is Speaking To You! Are You Listening To Your Guides? Are You Feeling Loved Ones In The Higher Realms Cheering You Onward? Do You Feel Your Beloved Pets Loving You Still?

Set Your Intention To Be Aware Of The Collective Consciousness And The Power It Has Over Your Life!

Send Love And Healing Around The Planet As Light Is Greatly Needed In These Moments!

Never Forget How Beautiful You Are And How Much Your Life Matters!

I Love You So!


2 Replies to “Laka: The Infinite Subconscious Mind”

  1. Willie Sturges

    Hello Judith,it’s a pleasure to read your encouraging messages. Can’t wait until we personally meet in Sheen. See you all

  2. Robin.

    OH – Please, please, please.. Why Must You Always Begin Every Word With a cAPITAL lETTER?

    WHY? Is this a ‘code’?

    It makes it so hard to read ‘fluently’!

    OK to begin Proper Names etc with a capital letter.

    And sentences of course!