Message from Lady Nada: The Final Result

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Beloved people,

Events are progressing well because the bright intentions of more and more people are having an impact. Even if a minority causes a stir by pandering to people’s fears on a daily basis, the project of taking over the Earth will fail. Nobody will enslave this humanity, dehumanize it and transform it to such an extent that humanity can no longer be spoken of in the end. No one is given this power to do what is now threateningly looming in front of you and what gives you understandable fears.

There will be peace, freedom and a coexistence among people that is hardly imaginable today. Although luminous activities are increasing worldwide, the Golden Age of Peace is not necessarily foreseeable at this time.

There are too many interference fields, too many manipulative forces at work in this world and all too often you know neither in nor out – and yet:

The outcome will be good, the end will be bright and the new humanity is being born right now.

Now you are refined in the fire of GOD and now you become the conqueror of all difficulties placed in your way by non-human entities. You have reached the level of maturity where you grow through the challenges. You have learned to overcome threats rather than fall apart – and you gain new strength after every battle forced upon you.

Everything that is now dark and gloomy makes you wake up, makes you active, lets you start work for a glorious and humane future.

Invitation to the idle

This time is an invitation to the idle.

It calls on those people who have previously inactively counted on other people to take care of certain matters for them to take action themselves.

Things don’t work themselves out, but rather through the powerful use of your power. This time brings that urgency into the light because events are putting such pressure on individuals that they have to take matters into their own hands and find their own way out.

That’s why this time is so valuable: Individuals step out of the shadows into the light and take responsibility for their own lives.

All higher-level authorities from politics, business, religion or art have lost their credibility. These landmarks for people have lost their influence. No matter where people turn, the old systems and their maintainers only serve as deterrent examples instead of providing support, security and orientation.

Out of this chaos the new arises – and the new is not a new world order in the old spirit and through the old spirits.

What is really new is that people break away from destructiveness and constructively create a new way of being together and for each other.

The change is happening, the transformation is underway and the end result will be a luminous, a human and a divine:

• Peace arises as humanity awakens

• Unity is achieved as humanity overcomes division

• Freedom prevails because the individual respectfully accepts the boundaries of others

Your soul knows the plan

The rulers and rulers of humanity have had their day on this earth. Humanity’s transition to the next higher level of consciousness can neither be hindered nor thwarted.

Only those who resonate internally with the old matrix and direct their energy largely into this matrix and draw it from this matrix will take part in the old “new game” and find themselves in a dark future.

The luminous outcome, the ascension of humanity and the planet’s acceptance into the universal star federation of light have been decided. We are in the middle of this uprising – and in the middle of this process it is important to remain in deep trust and to connect to the inner knowledge of the correctness of all events.

Your soul knows the divine plan for the earth and GOD’s plan for you. Therefore, stay in peace, stay in calm and stay in trust – at all times and all days. The world is rising and people are rising.

The most sacred event in GOD’s creation is occurring – and it is happening with and because of YOU.

With infinite love