Life Tapestry Creations: Hang Up Your Survival Tools

Channel: Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you wonder about your ability to maintain the directives we of the Universes have highlighted over the past few weeks. Do not fret. You are fully capable of not only maintaining the directives but also expanding beyond what we discussed.

This is a new world, and you are new beings.

It is silly for you to believe you cannot fulfill the dreams you maintained for eons – most often with unpleasant results.

You initiated this amazing shift eons ago. First, by volunteering for the activities necessary to complete it and then immersing yourself in the preparation for doing so. A preparation that included earth karma and numerous activities within various dimensions and frequencies.

Think of the ability to fly, move, and shift at will throughout the Universes. Then you will understand a small amount of what you achieved before your earth entrance in this lifetime.

Not all of those Universal escapades were pleasant or comfortable. In some of the places you explored, you were not necessarily welcome. In other places, you were so comfortable you found it difficult to leave.

As a result, throughout the time you explored, interacted, and were amazed at the variety of experiences necessary to complete your current new you shift, you doubted yourself and the mission’s credibility. The journey was arduous, yet you never deviated from your mission.

Now that you have completed your last earth pieces after assisting the earth to shift, it is time to hang up your Universal survival and dedication tools. It is time to relax.

It is done.

Yet you have struggled for so long in so many different environments you are having difficulties allowing yourself peace. You feel the need to fight and struggle even though those skills you honed over the eons are no longer required.

This is your last significant phase – shifting from survival to peace.

You likely find yourself almost fighting yourself at times, as is true for some military personnel after wartime activity. You have earned peace, not only for yourself but for the world. It is time to accept your being as it is here and now.

This earth life is not a learning or working phase to enhance your skills for the next phase, as has been true for eons. This is your final piece and your peace.

Allow yourself to relax, to accept that there is no more. That the fight and often fear of not accomplishing your mission to shift the earth and then yourself has been achieved. That you earned your A+, well done, and mission accomplished medal. It is over.

Not only is 3D earth a memory, but so is the struggle required to achieve that momentous goal. You have completed it. Now rest.

Then, allow yourself the inner peace you so deserve. There are no more wars to fight, battles to prepare for, or needs to be met.

You can finally relax enough to create the life of joy you so deserve and have worked for eons to achieve.

You are not a selfish being, as is demonstrated by the eons of pain you survived on a multitude of levels to ensure that both 3D earth and your being were no longer limited by fear and angst. And you no longer need to fulfill the caretaking role you experienced throughout every one of your 3D earth lives.

Allow this rest phase, followed by an ongoing creation phase of joy and peace. You do not need to strive or fight for what could be. It is here now. So be it. Amen.


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