The Yahyel: Jerusalem & Palestine, Unconditional Love & The Shift

Channel: Johnathan Trinity Martin

Good day human Earth population. We are glad to make your acquaintance in this day, in this way, in this form of the here to now moment of All That is.

Understand all things are in flux, everything is in movement and there are many factors entering into the equation that creates the next phase of your journey for you.

Reality Exists Within You

And we remind you reality is not outside of you. Everything exists within you – a creation mirroring your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives about your reality, who you are, and why you are here.

For at the end of the day this is your creation. And we encourage you to remember this. There is nothing outside of you that can effect your reality. For you are the Infinite One. You are Source consciousness having the illusory experience of being trapped in a physical body unable to get out. Except for the few of you that have out of body experiences periodically.

And so as we move towards open extraterrestrial contact on a global scale it would do you good to remember this at all times. This is YOUR dream, this is your creation, and you can steer it wherever you want to go within the confines of the limits you’ve imposed upon yourselves as a collective civilisation.

With this said we shall now point to some what you may call “external circumstances” effecting our decisions at present.

Unconditional Love

Not least what you call the war scenarios on your planet. One of the datum points we measure in your reality is the ability to centre in unconditional love. Our civilisation and the civilisations of our alliance are well stabilised in the frequency of unconditional love. We no longer operate from fear and selfishly oriented perspectives.

And this is kind of the main threshold marker we are awaiting your civilisation to pass before we enter into your world. It is one of the fundamental structures of a fourth density, fifth dimensional reality. The ability to remain unwaveringly in unconditional love regardless of outer circumstances. If you experience anger and desire for revenge and punishment to be dished out to those at fault you are unlikely to make a timeline where open contact occurs. These are not vibrations we wish to be around and you will shift to your own timeline where you get to experience fear and anger in increasing degrees until you finally let go.

However those of you that are able to stand in a place of unconditional love and non judgement around the chaos on your planet have passed the test – you are ready to shift to a higher dimensional plane of reality.

The Next Level

You may perceive your reality like a level of what you call a computer game. The goal of this level is to realise pure unconditional love within your being. And if you have not attained this you are not ready to shift to the next level and must move into a timeline where you have the opportunity to learn the lessons of unconditional love at a slower pace. You must repeat the level.

Those of you that are ready to level up, that have managed to attain certain levels of unconditional love, over the next months will begin to solidify into the new density timeline. Fourth density or 5D as you may term it. You have completed level 3 and are moving to level 4.

So if you wish to lock in your chances of levelling up now is a great time to practice unconditional love towards those who trigger you most. Practice sending love waves to those areas of your world that need it most. Jerusalem, Palestine, Ukraine and Russia. And particularly to those figure heads you view as evil, or bad people.

Fourth Density

This is the test you must pass to shift to the new timeline and make the jump to a fourth density reality where open contact is in progress. You must shift within to unconditional love for all.

Timelines are splitting, realities are solidifying. This is a critical point in the splitting of the prism. Now is time to choose: Love or Fear, it’s up to you!

Peace, love, light and Amen. May we see you all in another now in the new timeline appearing on the horizon Ahead.

We are the Yahyel, Shivai.


6 Replies to “The Yahyel: Jerusalem & Palestine, Unconditional Love & The Shift”

  1. Xd30

    Isn’t it sarcastic when they don’t want to meet us in person (which is already not unconditional love), but they tell us what to do? I’m sure one can argue differently, but to me this is hilariouly self-contradiction.

    I can’t resonate with such self-contradict message at all. Sounds like some coward who loves to lecture others.

    1. Xd30

      I’m not saying its wrong to want to protect yourself (as ets). Its understandable.

      Just saying many of us on earth NOW would also love to “arrive only after the earth is already ascended”. Its convenient if you can pick and chose what suits you.
      We also want to choose peace and joy only.
      But unfortunately we don’t have that privilege. We are already here in the war zone.

      If you yourself is still doing the pick and choose, who are you to tell earth human to “love unconditionally”? I think we’d rather hear it from another earth human than from you.

  2. Emma

    ET contact is not my dream.
    I dont believe meeting ET’s will change my life in that way I want my life to change.

    Many dont even believe in ET’s. I dont mind others having meetings with good hearted star people. Could be fun to have a poll. How many of this kind of readers wants to meet them?. Many of you do, I know, but would be fun to get the numbers.

  3. tigersnack1114

    Sleep has been erratic the last several days. Normally sleep 7 hours or so. Have had a couple of nights of 12 hour, DEEP sleep and I never do that. Some tossing and turning. 45 degrees outside with window open and I was hot and kicked off the covers.
    I often take short catnaps…30 minutes or so in the recliner but that last few times, have put me in more DEEP sleep……almost like passed out tired.

  4. Douglas A James

    Yes true but no ET that is above is has had to live in this type of duality matrix so we just smile and love all as children are bled for their adrenachrome and then killed.. and wars are started to kill us off .just keep that love quotient high all those galactic wars when massive number of positive ETs were wiped out they just smiled and never lowered their love ..