Archon Fascist New World Order

By Peter B Meyer

Population Reduced to a Fraction of what it is Today

Total regime change, halting environmental destruction, and starting a new age is our goal, but there is still the threat of the Archon bloodline fascist New World Order that wants to take over planet Earth to make it their Archon world.

If we the people allow those few (less than 1%) Elite to impose their evil upon the rest of us, “life” would be neither human, nor would be anything what could be considered ‘life’. – People would merely exist, not live, jam packed in high-rise tiny boxes in mega-cities within human settlement zones of the mega-regions as regulated by Agenda 2030.

The population would be a fraction of what it is today, and humans would be denied access to 95% of the world’s surface. Everyone would be micro-chipped and connected to a computer system, which would dictate their thoughts, emotions, and health, or more, precisely the lack of it.

Surveillance would be 24/7 through microchips, wireless systems like smart Grids, in every building, location and form of transport within and between the megacities. Every thought could be accessed and recorded in real time. People would be watched in their own ‘home box’ by cameras via the compulsory television – ‘Orwell’s Tele-screens’.

The change from analogue to digital television was related to this, which is why this was introduced so quickly it covers all aspects of broadcasting – even car radios and phones at extra high cost to users. Before that, it also brought us smart phones, televisions, etc. HAARP and other communication networks are capable of sending the same messages to an entire country and eventually across the planet, if the entire network system is complete. The world’s first fully integrated Smart City is called ‘Songdo’ located on an artificial island in South Korea.

In this Archon world, food and water care will be ordered by the authorities and provided only to those who comply and obey. Even then, it will be just enough to survive and serve. Food and drink will be contaminated with GMOs, vaccines and chemicals to block thoughts of resistance and prevent people from waking up and becoming conscious.

There will be no organic food, no private cultivation of food of any kind will be allowed, no alternative medicine and no health supplements will exist in an Archon society. Anyone who bothers to look will see that we are already heading in that direction very fast.

Compulsory drugs will also make people love their slavery, as Aldous Huxley (Rothschild Zionist) put it, with substances like lithium in the water. Huxley said in 1962;

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their slavery, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for whole societies, so that people can in fact be deprived of their freedoms, but will even enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda of brainwashing, or brainwashing reinforced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the latest revolution.

This is the world of Agenda 2030. People would exist, not live, in cashless poverty under Agenda 2030 while the few that control them live in unimaginable high-tech luxury. Children would be owned by the state and roughed up in the way that Aldous Huxley foresaw from his inside knowledge in Brave New World. He wrote;

Parents, were the father and mother… These are unpleasant facts, as I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant… In those days… children were brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres.

Humanity is so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, while in reality it is  dictatorship; where 51% rule over the other 49%. That is why the meaning of anarchy was changed to rebellion, because it actually means self-government!

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit of their authorities, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be afraid; let it be a challenge for you to join us in reaching our maximum potential.

Our world is filled with a huge amount of toxicity, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, untrue representations, deceptive mirages, propaganda and intrusive brainwashing.

Planet Earth is now undergoing a gigantic timeline shift that brings it into the new 5D position. The 5th dimension arranges the rescue and purification of planet Earth among other things through restoration of Environment, Food and Happiness.

Planet Earth is the most beautiful planet in our Universe and therefore has a special place in the cosmos, as there is no second planet like ours! The Pléiadiens created this divine plan for planet Earth and set it in motion thousands of years ago!


One Reply to “Archon Fascist New World Order”

  1. Hiromant

    “Planet Earth is the most beautiful planet in our Universe and therefore has a special place in the cosmos, as there is no second planet like ours!”

    Let’s not get carried away here. This is harkening back to the Middle Ages where saying everything didn’t revolve Earth us was heresy. There are planets far more beautiful and good than ours out there, it’s a statistical certainty.