Journalist Claims Aliens Engaging With Earth Will Be Revealed In 12-18 Months: They Look Like ‘Greys’

By Vicky Verma

Former US intelligence official David Grusch has set a benchmark for numerous anonymous whistleblowers to step forward and reveal the truth concealed by the government for a minimum of 90 years. Grusch claimed that the US government has proof of alien life and spacecraft from another species. He mentions a significant number of these spacecraft, some of which have landed while others have crashed.

Now, at least 30 other whistleblowers secretly confirm “Non-Human Biologics” & “Retrieval Programs.” Journalist Michael Shellenberger writes that “they are working for the federal government or government contractors have given testimony, or a ‘protected disclosure,’ to the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG), the Defense Department Inspector General (DOD IG), or to Congress over the last several months, according to multiple sources interviewed by Public.” (Source)

In this interview with veteran Melbourne talkback radio host Neil Mitchell, investigative journalist Ross Coulthart shared some background information about UFOs and what is going on within the US Congress related to the phenomena. Coulthart, who has extensively researched and written about this subject, emphasized that the question of whether we are alone in the universe is, in his view, “the biggest story ever.”

“I personally think there’s an extremely high probability that we are not alone as an intelligent species in this universe, and I also think from the sources that I speak to, there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest, at least prima facie, that we should assume that we are being visited by a non-human intelligence,” Coulthart said.

In the interview, Coulthart shared his encounter with an individual named Nat Kobitz, who had been a Director of Science Technology Development for the U.S. Navy. Kobitz, who later died of cancer, disclosed the existence of non-human intelligence and multiple crash retrievals to Coulthart. This conversation served as a catalyst for Coulthart’s deep dive into the subject. Through Kobitz, Coulthart was introduced to individuals with direct knowledge and involvement in what he refers to as “the program.” These connections led him to more sources, and as a journalist, he reached his conclusion based on a preponderance of evidence.

Ross Coulthart acknowledged that the reasons for the cover-up are multifaceted, suggesting that the initial secrecy in the 1950s stemmed from concerns that the religious world would be deeply disturbed by the notion of encountering an advanced non-human intelligence.

Coulthart says, “I think the real reason that’s at the heart of this is knowing, as I do from the sources that I’ve spoken to, that the United States definitely has recovered technology. I think that there is a Cold War battle underway for the attempt to try to replicate that technology, to reverse engineer it. This has been going on since at least the end of World War II, incredibly. And it hasn’t been very successful, but the Americans are aware that the Russians have got similar technology, and so have the Chinese.”

Mitchell questioned Coulthart about the evidence he had personally seen or whether he was relying solely on second-hand reports. Coulthart replied, “This is why I’m not a hundred percent… I try and talk a little bit legalistically. I don’t believe that we’re Beyond Reasonable Doubt yet. I think on the balance of probabilities, yes, I do think that we have what are called biologics. I do think that they have recovered biological material and bodies, and I’ve actually spoken to people who’ve told me that they’ve seen bodies.”

Coulthart acknowledged that he had not personally witnessed UFOs or bodies but had formed his opinion based on the accounts of numerous individuals who had provided evidence over the course of several years. These individuals, some of whom have testified under oath, have described encounters with entities that fit the classic description of “Grays/Greys.”

Most of the descriptions that I’ve heard concur with the classic gray shape: the large head, enormous eyes, very little if any nose, barely discernible slit of a mouth, no ears—essentially, the classic three-foot to four-foot-high gray.”

Coulthart speculated about the possibility of the UFO truth becoming public knowledge in the near future, suggesting that within 12 to 18 months, the world might have a clearer understanding of the mysterious phenomenon of UAPs and UFOs. “I think that the world will probably know publicly within, I suspect, 12 to 18 months,” he said.

Coulthart also discussed the issue of secrecy in Washington, highlighting that there are thousands of special access programs in which sensitive information is protected and does not leak to the public. He mentioned that even though notable investigative journalists have uncovered significant secrets, there are many that remain hidden from the public eye.

Coulthart said, “David Grusch laughed when I said that term because I asked him the same question, and I said, ‘You know, you guys can’t keep a secret in Washington, for God’s sake, the place leaks.’ And he laughed because he was briefed into 2,000-plus special access programs, most of which he says have never leaked secrets that are integral to U.S. national security programs that are still protected.”

When asked about the most impressive revelation from his interview with David Grush, Coulthart pointed to Grusch’s admission that there have been multiple retrievals of non-human craft and entities, which he refers to as “biologics” or non-human intelligence beings. Coulthart underscored the fact that Grusch, although not having personally seen these beings or craft, played a pivotal role in bringing individuals with direct knowledge to testify before the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence and the House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, two of the most influential committees in the United States government.