Aya: When You Feel Lost

Received by Judith

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

There Has Never Been Such A Division Of Opinions And Discord That Are Leading To War Within Many Beings. The Result Of Inner Conflict Will Inevitably Result In War In The Outer World.

In These Moments, Breathe Deeply And Pause Your Thoughts.

I Sit With You And I Feel Your Pain. Many Of You Receiving This Communication, Feel Lost And Alone.

I Am Here To Tell You That It Is Entirely Possible For You To Transcend All Darkness That Is Engulfing This Waking Dream. You Must Remember Your Light! You Must See This Life From The Perspective Of Spirit!

You Were Never Meant To Remain In This Dream But There Is A Reason And Purpose For Your Life In Form On A Planet Of Learning. You Are A Powerful Soul Of Light! Remember Who You Are!

There Is Not One Feeling Or Thought That You Have Experienced That Has Not Also Been Felt By Another. As You Continue To See Yourself As Separate, Duality Will Abound As This Division Is Not Sacred. You Are Love At The Deepest Level Of Being!

We Understand That Everything Is Changing And This Momentum Will Increase Through The Remainder Of The Dream. Ground Your Energy And Stabilize The Light Shield Around You! In Meditation, You May Utilize Visualization With Commands To Clear Energy And Repair Tears In Your Field.

Remember That You Have The Power With Intention To Create Your New Day That Is A Gift!

What Do You Want? And What Do You Need? You Will Discover These Aspects Can Be Very Different! For ‘Wanting’ Is Derived From The False Identity Or Ego Construct. Whereas Everyone Needs Peace! Find The Areas Of What Is Needed And Focus On What Is Necessary To Attain This!

There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Peace!

In Making Peace Your Priority, Life Will Change Each Moment. Setting Your Intention To See Light On Your Path, Will Bring New Friends And A Clarity Of Your Journey!

You Are Not Lost! You Simply Have Been Distracted By Incessant News, Painful Images And Thoughts Of Destruction. These Are Moments To Choose Thoughts Of Healing As You Focus On The Magnificent Changes That Many Carry In The Heart Chakra!

For Beautiful Changes Are Happening In The Collective Consciousness Of Those Discovering Their Light! You Are Here To Remind Others To Go Within And Remember Their Path As A Sacred Soul!

You Are Never Lost When You Have The Perspective Of Your Higher Self!

I Am With You On This Journey!

I Love You So!