Peace is the Way

By Matt Kahn

We are at a breaking point throughout the collective. It is a breaking down of old structures, outdated thinking, and obsolete pattering. Equally so, it gives rise to a breaking open of a higher consciousness crying out to be heard by a world that must now receive its wisdom, frequency, and emergent shift of perspective.

No matter the lens of perspective you view this moment through, may we come together as custodians of the world and as a planet of humanitarians ensuring our world is a safe, sovereign space for all sentient beings to inhabit. We don’t need to answer all questions at once, find ways to satisfy the demand of opposing views, or cower to the intensity of humankind’s hunger for control.

At this moment in history, may we come together in support of peace for all families and for every soul—past, present, or future. May we apply everything we have learned up to this point with an open heart instead of bracing for the impact of outside aggression.

As channeled from our beloved Mother Earth, this planet will no longer be a labyrinth of political tension and demands being returned to its original form as a sacred kingdom of tolerance and respect. We are being asked to unite heart to heart and soul to soul in the truth our Earth expresses to be restored as a home and safe haven for all.

At this important turning point in history, it is time for the wisdom of peace to begin having its final say. Whether through the inspired words you wish to share or the collective silence that cultivates the loudest echo of stillness to pattern-interrupt the triangulation of the bully, victim, and rescuer archetypes draining this planet of resources and innocence.

May we remember we are the most afraid when divided against each other and the strongest when united in our highest ethical vision.

I stand for the peace and abide as the love that will make this planet right for all—no matter how bleak of a moment we are in or how overwhelming it may feel.

From my heart to yours, please watch the latest YouTube video, “In the Name of Peace” as often as you are called to support global peace. I humbly invite you to repost it to serve as many beings in finding their center, so we may come together to sing the songs of peace only the love in our hearts may bring to the world.


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