Adama: Meditation is Key to Awareness

Channel: Carolyn Coleridge

Our life is lived in cycles. What we start with will eventually end. And what will end with will have to be started anew. If we are aware that our life continually is about endings and beginnings, we would learn to stay in the present more and enjoy these times. The cycles of life are like the cycles of nature. Many of us are waiting for the end of the story of some goals that we miss the middle of the sandwich, the meat!

Enjoying the process of creation will make the life process more palpable. If we are always looking to the future, you miss the present moment. The present moment is ironically where the seed of creation lies.

Life on Earth makes you constantly plan, set goals and invest in the future through material means. This is necessary and important as you live in a physical universe. As you are planning, also plan a connection to your SOUL. That means to listen in every day and then enjoy the process of exploring and planning. Enjoy the energy of imagining and daydreaming. Know that when you are beginning something new it will end and when you are ending a beginning will be right around the corner.

Enjoy the results of your creations. Really relish the moment and the final accomplishments. Admire yourself and what you created from ideas into form. It is like admiring an art piece by taking in all the nuances and subtleties of the artwork. Taking a breath in and out.

When I was in Egypt, I often admired the beauty of the pyramids. It would help me to observe all I had achieved and all the great potential of our next tasks. As a leader then I had to inspire people to become motivated to create more desired outcomes and cultivate inspirations. It was a powerful time but we often in Egypt, spent time admiring the vast buildings and pyramids that were made by our ancestors to remind us of our majesty. And remind us of the power of creation.

Many workers would take days and months and years to finish a chamber or an inscription on a room or wall. They were in the process of working for something higher and in the glory of manifestation.

If you are on an ascension journey you must use your mind to be more conscious of your choices, actions and of time. Where does your mind wander and where do you go with your thoughts? Take control of how your thoughts are the architect of your existence in 5D. If you are more in the process of actively creating you will feel more peace and begin to ascend.

The process of ascension is to understand this experience of life as a training of beginning and ending. In that realization you will begin the process of Ascension to continue your journey in a higher plane.

Ascension is the key of every soul, but make it a priority for yourself and you will begin to feel more peaceful day by day.

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    This is for Dear Kejraj! Dear Kejraj, is New Earth the 5D Earth Heaven is arriving at the between 2025 and 2026. Thank you Dear Kejraj. Sorry I can’t send you lovely emoji, my keyboard doesn’t show it. But know I love you! and today’s sun is the brightest one I ever seen! Love you! Love you ALL! L !

    1. sss9873748390203

      Is it going to be a ascension between 2025 and 2026. Like Starbuck Lowell Johnson’s website introduction and Maia Nartoomid material, a New Earth will bring us new bodies, new untouched Nature. and Like Family of Taygeta’s information, a Sheen allow us to see our dead ones again. Dear Kejraj, is all these going to happens at 2025? Smile to Kejraj…!