The Ring of Fire Speaks

By Jennifer Crokaert

Greetings. I present to you this day as the energy consciousness of the eclipse pattern you know as the ‘Ring of Fire.’ I am the portent, the sign and signifier of the energy of Christed consciousness; Ascension energy made manifest by your desire to achieve Ascension.

All who came here for this time and space moment brought within you the encoding of the ‘Ring of Fire,’ knowing it as a marker, a door way, a catalyst. Those of you who have worked diligently to become aware of your shadow side ~ bringing light to the words, thoughts and actions that are programmed by fear instead of love ~ have already ascended through your personal ‘Ring of Fire.’ That you do not see it yet does not mean it has not yet happened.

You are the wayshowers who came here to create the bridge between Heaven and Earth, the rainbow light bridge of Ascension in Human form.

Each time you dipped into fear programming, you laid a brick on the energetic pathway of the Ascension bridge.

I appear to confirm to you, the way showers, the light holders, that this phase of your work is done. You have arrived at your destination. Enjoy the relief of a job well done. You are soon to experience the higher vibrational energies that you left eons ago in order to come here for this now moment, this act of service to Gaia, humanity and beyond.  It has taken you countless lifetimes to set up this now moment, as you had to delve deep into the karma and density of Earth.

Then you turned around and began to move into integration and release, to create this moment of global and galactic release; yes, this seed point is of crucial importance within Every aspect of the All That Is.

‘But,’ you may whisper, ‘I’m not perfect. There’s a lot I have still to integrate.’

I am here to confirm for you, You are Perfect. Imperfection is an illusion. It is not about the perfection of your thoughts, words and actions; you are still influenced by the energies of others who have not yet completed their integration process. It is about Perfection of Trust, Perfection of Commitment, it is about the willingness to turn up and look at the darkness within, to acknowledge the thoughts, words and actions where fear is stronger than love.

You are no longer afraid of your fears, for you know love is at the base of every thought, word and action. This is the perfection you volunteered to manifest.

In the period between these two eclipses, you will be prepared. You will see how all that seemed so deeply set in your lives ~ partners, children, home, job, friends, finances, talents, passions ~ is actually a reflection of the old energy. Anything that no longer serves you will be moved from your life. Every aspect of your life was an ‘energetic marker,’ external symbols reflecting the work you were called to see, accept and release.

That work, that chapter is now done. So much will change, evolve and disappear with grace and speed.

You would be surprised to know how intricately every aspect, every single detail of your life is managed in this process, by your Higher Self and the consciousness of All That Is. There is not one tiny aspect that is ignored. You are moving into a period of great flow, of the manifestation of your highest dreams, of the expression of your heart’s song in every moment.

This was a monumental undertaking. You will very soon get to enjoy the graces, the gifts ~ both subtle and physical ~ that have been held in trust for you, for this moment.

Breathe deeply of your inner peace. Treasure the knowingness (however small it might be) that you have done it; you have arrived at the finish line.

Now, the grand reveal takes place.

*My sincere apologies to everyone who is subscribed to my website; despite my best efforts, as well as those who have kindly helped me, only some people receive automatic updates. Tech is, quite honestly, beyond me, but if others can’t fix it either, then it’s broken for sure! So I will be moving from this site – with great gratitude to it for all that it has brought me since I first started posting channels. I will post the details when the switch is done – don’t hold your breath though!

~ Jennifer x


3 Replies to “The Ring of Fire Speaks”

  1. tigersnack1114

    “The Last Samurai” movie:
    Katsumoto early in the movie, “One could spend their entire life searching for the perfect cherry petal and it would not be a wasted life….”
    At the end of the movie, during Katsumoto’s death, he realized all the cherry petals were …perfect!

    Only the EGO has the want or desire to place judgement on something and judge whether it is “perfect”.
    As he died….he finally saw “all of the petals are 100% perfect in every way” as he overcame ego at the end.

  2. tigersnack1114

    LOL….I immediately started humming Johnny Cash’s song RING of FIRE. which is upbeat and festive!
    Put me in a better mood