From 3D To 4D And 5D: Upsurgence Part 3

By Lev

Their next joint operation Co-Creators, Galacom and the ground team carried out on September 29 at the sacred mountain lake, where not long ago the group built its first Light City on the Subtle Plane.

Earlier, Disclosure News narrated it (see – Upsurgence, DNI, 2 October 2023). Recall that as a result of this op, they extended the Earth’s Multiverse from the Pleroma in 13D up to the Absolutes’ realm in 14D. It greatly increased the power of this channel, which we all immediately felt by the strength of Solar storms and cataclysms in different parts of the globe.

On 16 October, new details about this operation were disclosured. Upgraded Multiverse helped to overcome a major obstacle in transforming the Earth’s third density into fifth. Namely: the 2D and 1D that remained in the same unaltered state. It was a dead lifeless balance, which didn’t evolve and prevented our planet to become fully five-dimensional.

In March 2023, the ground team and the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who returned to Pleroma, tried to unlock the stalemate and launch the 2D and 1D restructuring. Through the Light City above the lake, using Earth’s Multiverse’s power, they attempted to morph the second density. For a while, it was amenable to processing, then, the process stalled due to the over- tightness and impenetrability of this density. This dimension has remained outside the transition into 5D.

At one time, on our planet, all dimensions freely penetrated each other, and, in parallel, each continued to go along its spiral evolution. For example, one world was less dense and started to develop in such a way that began to condense, lowering its vibrations. Accordingly, its border has also thickened. And all the nearby worlds no longer enter it. And the more it compacted, the more isolated became from other dimensions.

Similar processes occur in many Local Universes. In their gigantic spheres, some planets develop, increase vibrations and move to higher levels of evolution. Their life and Intelligence forms follow it. Other worlds, on the contrary, reduce their frequencies, condense and cluster in their pole, part of a common huge sphere, and often come out of it, like a hernia, with further involution. As a result, they fall out of interpenetration, interaction and mutual enrichment with other worlds, turn into enormous parasitic carcinoma, degrade even more and eventually cease to exist…

On September 29, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors resumed the 2D restructure, using the increased power of the Multiverse, merged with Absolutes’ eon, and a new op’s scenario, based on the principle of quantum teleportation. As delivery object, the group used the aspect of the Earth’s new Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia) in 14D, in which the Universe Order Crystal was placed, with which Co-Creators transform energy and matter in the Greater Cosmos.

During the op, on Earth’s surface, the main interface was the ground team leader, carrier of Al-Terra-Gaia’s aspect and a copy of the Crystal. This time the attempt was successful. It was possible not only to teleport the aspect of the new Logos from the 14th dimension into the 2D field, but also to ignite in it the process of differentiation, during which part of the matter and energy of this density will be transformed, and the other – removed, allowing the spicific life and Intelligence forms to evolve in this space.


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