Time Travel: The Alliance Operation

By Sierra NZ

I often say that the Light has already WON on the continuum outside of time and space. What if the Alliance has access to time-travel and is able to circumvent the restrictions of time and space…??

This video about President Trump, Tesla and time-travel is a must-watch. Many of you may already know this story about Barron Trump and the book from the 1800’s but it’s still an interesting and fun refresher (1′ 29″ video, turn down the loud distracting music).

I think the time-travel aspect accounts for my lack of interest in the day to day details of the Alliance operation. BP at Starship Earth said much the same thing in her latest newsletter. The operation is unfolding exactly as predicted by Q – and Q is certainly connected to time-travel. There is no other explanation.

Maintaining a 40,000 foot perspective makes for a peaceful life. From up here at 40,000 feet I can see that Jim Jordan will be made Speaker of the House…President Trump’s kangaroo trial is part of the plan to show people he did nothing wrong…the Alliance is taking out DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) in the Middle East with ‘earthquakes’ at 10 kilometres deep. Light Warriors know that 10 kilometre ‘quakes’ are explosions to destroy the DUMBS.

Meanwhile here in Spring time New Zealand, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It really doesn’t get more simple than that.

There is a great air of expectancy worldwide. It is like a very long slow inhale that will suddenly explode into a huge spluttering exhale that will catch most people on Earth off-guard. The exhale will change life forever. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Instead of being bored and frustrated with this last little waiting period, go back up again to that 40,000 foot perspective. See and appreciate the ACCURACY of predictions like Q and time-travel. It would be churlish of us Light Warriors to take these gifts for granted. Imagine what the last six years would have been like WITHOUT Q drops to inform, guide, encourage and inspire us.

There was no intel in this post about US politics or the Middle East situation. I’m just not feeling it, friends. Ascension is a much bigger journey than petty politics and false flag operations.

Watching the political change of guard here in New Zealand reminds me just how petty politics can be. Our local MP has grinned like an idiot at every photo opportunity for many years. He lost his job because of the election result. Afterwards, when a parliamentary reporter asked him a polite reasonable question, he told her to ‘F— off’. Seeing the truth behind the facade now.

Keep appreciating the small joys in your life. I am still rocking my Gratitude notebook every day – it has made a huge difference to my outlook in recent months. Some days I don’t get to write much but other days I merrily write a long list of things I appreciate.

Merry is the word for today. It’s a good old fashioned word and a great way to live.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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