Planetary Transformation

By Peter B Meyer

Negative Forces Sabotage Positive Initiatives

Today’s theme calls attention to an important detail, to reassure most of us. For the energy now generated by the opening of the 5D Portal will begin to significantly alter the DNA of the physical body internally, among other things necessary for intensive detoxification.

The Dark Powers, who have had unlimited freedom on planet Earth for five hundred thousand years, now face our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, the Light Forces, Digital Soldiers and Patriots, who through great effort, are making progress in order to remove these negative forces from planet Earth for good.

It was these negative forces that sabotaged positive initiatives to make it impossible to break this negative isolation. But they have now succeeded.

The pandemic critics knew it all along, now confirmed by the US health authority; The PCR test cannot detect viruses and their infection.

The entire pandemic, including ‘voluntary’ mandatory toxic injections, all freedom restricting measures like wearing face masks, was based solely on results of the PCR test.

Will governments and politicians react accordingly? – Clearly not. What does this mean? That the “Corona Proclaimers” are a criminal crime syndicate that deserves the death penalty.

Humanity is too deeply brainwashed that even positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, while in reality it is  dictatorship; where 51% rule over the other 49%. That is why the meaning of anarchy was changed to rebellion, because it actually means self-government!

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest; let this be a challenge for everyone to participate and realise our maximum potential.

Our planet is thoroughly polluted by massive amounts, chemicals, radiations, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, etc. Maintained with half-truths, fraud, falsified images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and above all brainwashing.

Our physical body is “thoroughly poisoned and polluted” caused by radiation and air pollution, as well as heavy metals and dangerous toxins through pharmaceutical drugs and foods. All this is stored in the human organism, why physical detoxification has become necessary.

The great upheaval has begun! This process can no longer be stopped! From above and below on earth, energies are converging. This is, for many centuries, the long-awaited moment. And as a result, we are now moving into the new 5D World!

We have arrived at a unique point in the history of the Universe, namely on planet Earth, are two worlds operating simultaneously; the negative 3D and the positive 5D world. This situation is created from above, to separate awakeners and sleepers. The 5D world becomes the new Earth, the 3D sleepers move to another 3D planet. Full stop!

The Deep State cabal has been defeated, what is left are cabal puppets and their cronies, who will be removed when most of humanity has woken up. The sleepers must convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemy is. And, that the Covid pandemic is a propaganda lie, to wipe out humanity on earth.

Until then, the awakened will have to be patient. If we want a free planet Earth and our personal freedom back, we have to achieve it ourselves from below! There is no one outside our planet coming to help. Guidance and support from our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters is the only help we can expect.

Wake up, encourage others and get to work, we need at least the support of two-thirds of the population. Remember; Agenda 2030 is already 98% complete! It is now less than five minutes to 12 o’clock.  At 12 o’clock, there is no turning back to gain our freedom, as Father/Mother God originally intended for us!


3 Replies to “Planetary Transformation”

  1. the_complaint_department

    Most humans are currently living contradictions in their own beliefs without realizing it.
    If they try to inform others as truthfully to themselves as they can, the message will probably convey contradictions.
    If they try to receive information from others, they might perceive contradictions that aren’t there as well.
    This author’s ‘urging readers for patience before it’s too late’ is indeed comical, but so is expecting an article criticizing all authority ever brandished in this planet to submit to any kind of labeling standard you just arbitrated.

  2. BLE

    This is quite confusing….at one point it is said that the dark forces/cabal have been removed and all that’s left is the cronies….that the “dark” has already lost and we are seeing everything play out (a sentiment shared often on this site).

    Then you go on to say that agenda 2030 is 98% complete (by the dark forces) and we need to save ourselves or else.

    So which is it because these are contradictory statements and beliefs. Is this intentionally confusing? Has the “light” already won or do we need to save ourselves? Messages like this tend to create more confusion, both personally and collectively.

    To be honest, I’m sick of hearing contradictory messages like this. If this is the writer’s opinion then that should be stated so readers can clearly distinguish that this is a belief from another human being, which is typically frought with bias, ego, and fear. If it is a channeled message then that should be clear. I would appreciate more clarity with the messages being shared.

    1. D2R2

      You must ask yourself is this right or wrong information. Listen to your heart. Nobody else can do it for you.