Divine Mother: What Now?

Channel: Jennifer Crokaert

My beloved children of light, sparks of the Divine essence in form. You are to be praised most highly for your service and dedication.

I know the heart of each and every one of you; I know the thoughts you dare not share with anyone, and I am unwavering in my admiration of all that you have endured, the patience and persistence you have shown, the dedication of your life to the greatest revelation of all: You ARE God.

Yes, I am aware these may seem like words, maybe even a wonderful ideal, but it is the truth of what you have worked to achieve. The lived, physical experience of your self as God in form.

It is a glorious moment when it emerges from within you, as clear and crisp as a perfect dawn. The warmth of sun’s rays speak of a love, a specialness, a perfection so profound you will never be the same again. Once you have experienced your divine essence, you are alchemically transformed forever.

Though Jennifer is reluctant to share, I have asked her to outline her experience recently, to provide you with an idea of what you could expect over the next days, weeks and months, as the energies expand and you rise up to merge in them.

Jennifer: Well, honestly, I feel awkward about outlining my experiences, but I also know how much I love reading the experiences of others, so here we go…

Exactly two years ago, I went through a profound experience of spiritual expansion. I was flooded with love. I felt as though I was wrapped in warm waves of love that lifted me up, cleansed me, and loved every cell within me. Every thought I ever had, every part of myself I had not yet accepted and integrated into myself was loved and seen as perfect.

The experience lasted about 10 days, and every day Love changed its form; on some days Love had a deeply nurturing quality, another day it was flavoured with adoration (which I discovered means to love completely, without beginning or end), and yet another day Love was bathed in the quality of glory, and Love dancing with overwhelming joy.

The intensity gradually faded and I went on with my life, or so I thought, but I very quickly realised my life had changed. I knew I had to leave my marriage, despite the pain this would cause my family and the intense shame I felt being twice divorced, ‘Some spiritual success story I am’, I thought to myself. However, having lived in the perfection of love I knew I had to leave it was the end of my journey with my ex-husband.

Let me assure you, it wasn’t easy. It was agonising I was following my soul’s compass, an inner knowingness which makes no sense to people who aren’t on a spiritual journey. I was also overwhelmed by feelings of failure and shame at having a second divorce. The one thing that made it easier was knowing the karma between us was done. Our marriage had been set up pre-birth to karmically align that I leave when I reached a certain point in my spiritual journey.

I am not alone, millions of people are now re-evaluating their relationships through the lens of the higher energies; we are no longer able to squash ourselves in boxes and personalities that do not resonate with our deepest truth, and it’s only the idea that my journey will give you some reassurance if you are wondering ‘am I mad to leave?’, ‘what will … say?’, ‘how will I survive?’, ‘I have to stay for the children/dog/cat/parents/mortgage/neighbours’ I get it. I’ve been there (twice – did I mention that?!).

I’m here to tell you, you can do it, if it is your soul’s calling. What you can’t do is stay in a vibration where you are squashed out of shape and out of vibration. When I (and you, if you’re also walking this path) have the courage to make the changes our soul demand, new doorways open unexpectedly – not all at once, and maybe not tomorrow, but life changes and rises to meet us on our ascended pathway.

Clearly not all relationships will end, but all relationships are asked to ‘spring clean’, to get rid of what doesn’t work and really put energy into what works, what uplifts you both, what excites and expands you both: only relationships aligned with the spiritual growth and the support of both partners will endure.

Ops, sorry, I got side-tracked. Fast forward to the Ring of Fire eclipse, when I did a meditation with my spiritual partner Narendra Mishra (note: good things do come after hard challenges!), and found myself travelling astrally into a realm beyond time and space, where I met with many other beings from different planets and galaxies, and they were all focused on our Ring of Fire eclipse. As I held the energy of the eclipse alongside them – and millions worldwide – I was so overwhelmed I broke down in tears: I finally understood we are One. We are all special. We are all absolute, divine perfection.

We are completely adored by All That Is, held, treasured and honoured regardless of anything and everything. It is literally not possible to make a mistake in our lives: nothing affects the perfect love that flows from Source, God, Mother-Father-One, All That Is to us.

It was the briefest moment of insight. It didn’t even last two minutes. It was a mental understanding of Oneness and divinity, far more than it was an emotional experience (despite the tears – I have to confess, I cry easily!).

Ascension is a journey of many steps, some are small, some are leaps, but the journey for each one of us is exquisitely mapped out. There are no mistakes, there are no exceptions. This is the most subtle dance, where even the tiniest flutter of an eyelid is choreographed by the Divine.

Divine Mother: Thank you Jennifer for sharing, with such honesty, the different steps and moments that have punctuated your journey. As you say, sometimes the heart expands and leaps forward, sometimes the mind has an inflow of ideas and experiences that expand your awareness. Each journey is a unique and treasure jewel, because each and every one of you are unique and treasured jewels of God-self made manifest, God in form.

You are in the Ascension portal. The journey of Ascension is both subtle and grand. It is made up of many, many tiny moments of expansion of love through your heart centre, and expansion of consciousness, through your awareness. Watch out for these steps, both large and small, and celebrate each one of them. They will become more frequent and more undeniable over the coming days, weeks and months as the veils thin between your physical reality and your divine consciousness.

There is so much wonder and joy to be unpacked in each of these moments. By noticing them and thinking on them, you embed them for yourself and for the collective consciousness, so everyone can access these templates, these elevated codes of consciousness. Your active awareness, valuing your Ascension journey, one step at a time, is what creates the light bridge for all.

Jennifer: If I may, Divine Mother, it won’t be just small steps, will it?

Divine Mother: No! It will be as many small steps as it takes to embed a critical mass light quotient in the consciousness on Gaia. Then, when that factor has been achieved, it will be glorious, expansive, joyful… a return to the love you have yearned for since the beginning of forever.

Jennifer: Is it for everyone at the same time?

Divine Mother: Some will experience this before others, some will experience this after others. This will depend on the highest possible outcome for each person individually and within the collective consciousness of All That Is. However, if you are asking me if there will be a moment that will be globally recognised, then the answer is yes. You will not miss it. None of you will miss your destiny.

Jennifer: Thank you so much.

Divine Mother: You are my children, you are of my Heart, I love you beyond anything you may fathom in a thousand lifetimes and I am here with you, hand in hand, you inseparable companion.