You Are In Control

By Vital Frosi


About time the veils that have been covering human consciences begin to dissolve. Finishing the Trials and Atonement phase, the incarnate soul has these veils dissolved, so that she may actually comprehend the extent of her experience on this School Planet.

The learning of each soul, its individual emotions and its knowledge, does not only enrich itself, but takes such impressions to the UNA consciousness of the infinite Cosmos. Indeed, every second experienced here while incarnate, the soul sent the records in real time, first to the Central Library of the Pleiades, and from there to the Creator Source, where everything is processed continuously and indefinitely.

There are in no way, two experiences are the same, for there cannot be two identical consciences, since it all comes down to the way you feel each experience, and each act in this great Theater of life. This is the beauty of Divine Plan for the souls who came here. This is also your contribution to the Creator as you’re a part of the Plan.

This School of Souls is also making its Transition now. And along with it, many of its students will also often rise in their consciences. A New Age is now opening for Planet Earth and those who will accompany it in higher Dimensions. However, even those who have not attained New Earth frequency will not have their experiences invalidated, since even reproach promotes some kind of learning. The impressions of feeling a failure in this endeavor are also passed on as information and experience to libraries that record everything all the time.

You reading or listening to this message, obviously you are because of the expansion of your consciousness. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interested in this sort of subject. Surely your conscience is already ready for the ascension, however, everything depends on you. It is necessary to understand that there are still some obstacles left, natural in any school. These are the final tests that test which students are fit to move on to the next level.

Today’s message aims to give you this certainty and security. YOU ARE IN CONTROL REMEMBER THIS, ALWAYS! While the veils veiled the truth of who you are, the opposites of the evolution of the souls tried in every possible and imaginable way, to hinder this expansion of every human consciousness. But Light always overcomes darkness, and for those who trust in his Light, nothing and no one can hinder the completion of their walk in the World of Trials and Redemption.

The only weapon still possible and widely used by the non-Light is fear. If you vibrate in fear you will be giving power to those who don’t want your rise. This might be your last test in this School. Conquer The Fear ! This fear is justified, for in all previous incarnations, you have experienced difficult and traumatic situations, and fear has been imbued as soul records.

All the time, at least in your last hundred incarnations, the darkness scared you with its tricks. They made your evolutionary journey as hard as they could, but instead of making you quit, it made you even stronger; more victorious. Tried and still trying to divide to control They tried and will try to lie to deceive you. And they use all the tools possible for it. Today, you already have all the resources in your mind to understand the dirty game they’ve always used against you.

The great weapon you have and can use in your favor every time is your innate power. You are a conscience, and nothing and no one can imprison it. What they always did and still do is control the human mind. The mind is part of the physical body and it decays when the body turns to dust. Consciousness is the immortal soul, and it survives incarnation after incarnation. The soul is free by nature. The mind coordinates the experiences only while the soul is in the physical body.

And if you are this free conscience, why do you vibrate so much in fear? Because the mind is always being influenced, all the time. But now the time has come when you understand this game and can free yourself from it forever. Don’t fall into narratives that lower the frequency of your vibration. Don’t believe the Media because it is paid to spread fear, hatred and conflicts among human beings. She will never devote herself to the construction of love, peace and cordiality, because no one pays for that, since it can be won for free.

Do not post on social media news that cause fear, concern, or insecurity. Don’t clash with your brothers walking in this School of Souls, for that is what the non-Light want. Divide to control Creating conflict because the energy emanates from them is negative and sustains them. Don’t contribute to the prolongation of humanity’s pain, and naturally to your own pain. L I E R I E ! You Are In Charge Don’t give power to those who wish you evil.

Never in a time have you been so aware Be wise at this hour and contribute for the liberation of mankind, and your own freedom, for the prison you are in was always an illusion. You are a free soul, for she is pure Light. You were made to believe otherwise, but that was never true. You are a Divine Spark, created from the Source from which everything is. You are seed of that fountain So you are the energy of Source itself, and that means that you are and always have been pure Light. Don’t give your power to those who wish you weak. YOU ARE IN CONTROL REMEMBER THIS !

I’m Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.