NZ Whistle-blower Evidence Of Jab Deaths

By Sierra NZ

Opening this post with a very important video. Please note: It is presented by a political party person but it is not related to politics. Liz Gunn from the NZ Loyal Party released the video AFTER the election.

Liz has heart-breaking statistical evidence from a whistle-blower clinician of the high number of deaths and injuries caused by the jab. For example, 30 people were jabbed on one day at the same location – they are now ALL dead. That is not a coincidence. Please pass this video on and support the call for a criminal investigation in New Zealand (8 minute video).

New Zealanders do not have to look far to see a new trend in this country – sudden deaths and turbo cancers. People around my age (mid-60s) are suddenly contracting aggressive terminal cancers. Years ago it was a rarity – now it is common place. We all know someone with aggressive terminal cancer.

A criminal investigation is vital to ascertain why suddenly tens of thousands more New Zealanders are dying every year. What has changed in the last three years…? The jab.

I sincerely hope the whistle-blower has the courage to step forward with the data and end the jab murders forever. Anecdotal evidence is mounting with people discussing the high cancer rates. The whistle-blower data would be met with more open-mindedness now than if it was presented a year ago.

Change of subject…

Even the MSM is weighing in on the [B]iden family’s criminal activities. How long will it TAKE for impeachment etc etc…??

There is a lot of discussion among Light Warriors about ‘hat colors’ – whether players are White, Black or Grey hats. Personally, I consider the hat color debate to be yet another distraction. It’s a bit like the shape of the Earth. Each of us draws our own conclusions about hat colors and planet shapes. If you are comfortable with your own conclusion, allow other people to be comfortable with their conclusion. Ultimately there are far more important issues to confront on a daily basis.

As you may already know, I don’t watch long detailed intel videos anymore. I don’t feel guilty about not watching long videos. It’s my choice and I am happy with it. The focus of this blog is more about the bigger picture, with some sprinklings of detail to add flavor…! And I would rather be outside in the fresh air, to be honest.

Finally, always remember that Ascension is the point of humanity’s liberation. We Light Warriors are helping to liberate people so they can choose to ascend along with us. They might decline that option, as is their right – but we are giving them the opportunity right up to the last minute.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

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