The Telosians: The Era of Revelations

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

We salute you, dear children of the Earth. We are very happy to be able to communicate with you and send you messages of comfort.

We will tell you this: until a few years ago in your earthly time you were not totally open to understanding the Universe and all the Universes and the Life that flows in each of them through the beings who inhabit them.

But, recently, the era of REVELATIONS is underway . Many humans show and talk about what they have experienced in encounters with many Galactic Beings. This is how they show you that the Universes are ALL, absolutely all, inhabited by Beings of different forms, of course, but that planet Earth is not the only one that is inhabited.

It is important to understand that Life extends across billions and billions of planets in all the Universes. Why, you ask, did we not know and understand this in times past?

You could not know and understand it because of the amnesia you have regarding True Life. Everything had been done so that you would be “innocent” beings like little children learning to live so that at a certain moment you would have the trigger for understanding.

The REVELATIONS which are currently being made and will become more pronounced in the months and years to come, will suffocate many humans who did not believe in life beyond Earth and, perhaps, some will still not want to believe in it. .

THE AGE OF REVELATIONS IS UNDERWAY . You will sometimes be very surprised by what will be revealed whether in terms of understanding the Universes and, to begin with, your universe, your galaxy, but also revelations concerning humans who want to lead terrestrial humanity.

It is through these revelations that the “shadow services” that you also call the world government will collapse, to the great dismay of those who experience it. THE APOCALYPSE IS IN PROGRESS.

The APOCALYPSE is not the end of the world but it is the end of a world which no longer has any reason to exist and the Revelation of the Light which is coming and will extend more and more over the world. Earth.

Dear earthly brothers and sisters, we are very happy with what is being prepared for you on your planet. We see your energies and those of the Earth amplifying in the Light. We see the accentuated radiance of your hearts, not of all humans because there are still some who want to continue living in low energies, but we see that human hearts are lighting up more and more and vibrating strongly on the Earth.

But, you will ask yourself: how can the Light increase when there are fratricidal wars on certain parts of our planet?

As we have often told you, the end of the period of No-Love gives rise to bursts of rescue attempts. When we talk about “rescue” we mean that the world government, sensing its end very near, is going out of its way to create fear here and there on your planet. These bursts of attempts to save what is their life pushes the media in their pay to amplify fear in all countries on Earth.

But the media that is not honest, just like your leaders who only want to have their power over you, will also be dislocated faster than they think.

The APOCALYPSE which is the era of REVELATIONS by the Light and in the Light cannot accept that NON-LOVE becomes more established within humanity. It is NOW essential that Light be shed on EVERYTHING that has been said to you for eons and which was nothing but blatant lies from a very small part of humanity.

In the months that follow, there will still be outbursts from the world government which does not accept that you encounter the Light, that is to say that it does not accept that you find your OWN DIVINE POWER IN YOURSELF. This is unacceptable for them, which is why there will still be violent upheavals for some time.

But, you, who understand how Bright True Life is, you, who understand that you are all the True Divine Power, you will be able to go through these moments of turbulence with Serenity because, by connecting to your heart, to the Love of your Divine Being, you will have the Strength and Power to be in Serenity.

Being in the Strength and Power of Serenity does not mean not having compassion for those who experience violence. But by drawing deep within you, into the Love and Light of your Divine Being, offer them this power to soothe that Love spreads around you.

You are the true healers of Life on Earth. You can heal through your thoughts of Love and Light all the places that suffer on your planet. Become aware of all this, and it will be a big step towards the New Earth that we often talk to you about.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, you are in the era of REVELATIONS of your Divine Power, do not doubt it. We thank you.

We accompany you with great Love.

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