Michael Jackson: Stop Paying for the War

Channel: Krista Energeticleigh

Times are tough, and I feel for innocent lives in the path of destruction.  Today’s state of the world is torture, divisiveness, solitude and depression.

My time on Earth did not take me to all parts of the globe.  However, I went to the majority of locations that needed me.  My music helped to heal hearts and minds.  On our planet today hearts are broken, minds are cluttered, and I feel saddened that the energy you deserve is held from you.

The globalists have a plan to wipe out your freedoms.  Take for example money.  Where is all the money going?  There is a money trail that goes from your pockets to the hands of the elites.  It is then passed to other elites.  Your dollar is not kept in banks.  It is kept in countries with wars and held in funds used for defenses.  Your money is fighting wars.  My plea to you is to educate yourself on the flow of money.  Who is giving money to whom, and why.  What is the trade off?  What are they really fighting for?  And how long can the war continue before someone notices and they have to change course.  Wars do not break out on their own.  They are instigated by master planners that are wanting a piece of the profits.  My plea to you is to stop donating to these causes.  You are fueling their plans.  Do not send money to other countries.  Take care of your neighborhood.  Help your brothers and sisters whom you share a town with.  These wars will stop when the money stops.  If they cannot generate the income, then there is no reason to have the battle.  But time and again well-meaning souls are contributing to the growth of the master war funds.  So thus, the cycle never stops.

Take your time and turn off the TV.  They have very good tactics to entice you to donate.  Your money is not well spent.  Your money is fueling more wars.  There is no harm in saying my heart goes out to them, but I am donating to a local charity.  I have the heart to give and know it can be used in my neighborhood.  You are not a bad person by ignoring the wars.  You are not bad for not giving.  Give where you can locally.  If you do not have the money to give you simply say, “My heart goes out to them, but I do not have the funds.”  It’s as simple as that.  Do not feel pressure or shame by staying within your means.  I too used to be asked to donate to every cause.  I was unaware of where my money was going, and I do not wish the same for you.  I am here to educate you for your financial benefit.  Your money should go to your own community.  Neighbors helping neighbors is where it starts.  To fund something on the other side of the globe is an agenda.  Now I will promise you it will take time for the Elites to stop the wars.  Become aware of when and where they break out and find the pattern.  Many answers will be given with research.  Today’s turmoil need not be remembered.  It creates more chaos in the universe by watching chaos.  I will stress your time spent on observing wars creates an illness on the globe.  Too much detrimental visions will lead to unhealthy spirits.  It may be depicted on television, but you need not watch. Nothing is to be gained by watching.

We wish for all the innocent lives safe passage out of harms way, and our prayers are sent to God for your safe departure to safer lands.  I pray for peace on Earth, my light to shine where needed, and above all for your hearts to open, and your eyes to see the glory you can be.  I depart now with that message.  God bless, MJ.


2 Replies to “Michael Jackson: Stop Paying for the War”

  1. brasilbilly

    Interesting, given the evidence that Michael is still alive. But even if that’s true, perhaps his oversoul can still send channeled messages?

  2. john

    Wow michael i was only thinking about you yesterday and the earth song that song is really true today, love and healing to all.