R’Kok: An Open Letter to the Dark Controllers

Channel: A.S.

This is R’Kok speaking. I want to address the dark controllers, also known as the cabal, the deep state, the illuminati, the dark pyramid, et cetera.

In case you haven’t read my previous messages: I am what Earth humans would call a reptilian. Nowadays I’m a member of the galactic confederation, working as a military advisor. But in my younger years I lived my ambitions. I was considered a prodigy and I was particularly brutal and controlling, even by the standards of my people.

Killing millions, including my own brother? Bending and breaking the minds of other people? Brainwashing entire populations so that they become trapped in an inverted reality construct, where up is down and down is up? Torturing children in front of their parents? Setting up an underground breeding network where women are kept locked up and raped, so that I had a steady supply of children to use for blood and body parts and rituals, plus that way I had sex slaves that I could give to people as bribes? Sure, not a problem. I didn’t even hesitate. The only emotions I consciously felt were anger, desire, disgust, brief glee when I triumphed over rivals, and annoyance such as when I wasn’t able to get more money for selling my uncle into slavery.

In other words, I used to be at least as dark as you are. Pretty much everything you’re doing right now, I’ve done. I understand your psychology and your mindset and your tactics perfectly well.

In fact, I was better at it than you are. At one point I had subverted an entire planet and had become its sole overseer. You know, what you are trying, and failing, to accomplish on Earth? I achieved it. And I didn’t have to share power with an entire organization. I alone had power over life and death.

So, what’s it like to rule over an entire planet?

At first, it was pretty nice, I’m not going to lie.

But after a while, once you have power, it just becomes boring. I could have any woman, any luxury, any pleasure I wished. Okay, great. That was fun for a while. But then what?

Having power doesn’t actually mean anything. Eventually I was one of the most powerful and wealthy beings among those who were physically incarnated. And I just felt nothing, other than a vague relief that I didn’t have to fight and backstab my way to the top anymore, because I already was there.

What does power actually mean? Okay, you can have pleasure and luxury, and you can satisfy your ego by having people be turned into concubines or having people be tortured or mutilated or degraded for your amusement. And yes, that’s fun for a while — or at least, I used to enjoy that. But then what?

I know your subconscious thought pattern goes like: “I will achieve power, and then I will be happy and triumphant and content.” No you won’t. I speak from experience. You think that having the level of power you dream of will make you happy, but if you ever actually achieve that, it will bore you out of your mind. You will actually feel your mind degrading because there will be nothing left to accomplish anymore, nothing left to do anymore.

At this point you can’t possibly enslave humanity. Even I couldn’t do it at this point if I were in your shoes. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that you actually succeed in enslaving humanity, and succeed at keeping the angels and positive galactics and Source from intervening on Earth. Let’s say that you somehow prevent your own organization from backstabbing itself, because certain individuals in your organization want to kill off most of your own organization in order to consolidate power into their particular family. But let’s say you somehow avoid all that and achieve control of Earth, and somehow you achieve that without your own organization tearing itself apart (which it will do if you ever get even close to your goal).

Sure, having total control of Earth will be fun for a while. And then what? What is your plan once you get bored? Colonize more planets? Okay, let’s say you’ve built a galactic empire. Great. Then what?

The chase for more power and more control is ultimately a fool’s errand, because even if you succeed, your reward is profound boredom. There’s nothing at the end of that road. It’s not even that there’s a secret trap there. There’s just nothing. It’s nothing.

And it’s not like the process of climbing that mountain is very fun. Yes, I know there are some pleasures here and there. I’ve indulged too. But I’ve actually been the person climbing the mountain of power, and I’ve been the person at the top of the mountain, and I’m currently a member of the galactic confederation. And the most rewarding and ultimately happiest life I’ve had, by far, is being a member of the galactic confederation. Sure, I don’t have slaves anymore, but I actually feel something again, other than disgust and desire and anger and annoyance. Life isn’t boring anymore. I’m moving forwards. I feel unstuck.

My mind is expanding, not just in terms of cleverness and cunning and depravity, but I’m finding that being part of the galactic confederation is making me better at existence. It’s not even about sharpening my mind to be able to affect the world more efficiently. It’s more that nowadays I Am, and previously it merely was the case that I Did.

I know your ego keeps telling you that once you satisfy it, once you have the power, you will be happy and satisfied. My ego told me that too. But it’s a lie. Do everything your ego asks of you, and your reward is profound boredom. I’ve been there. Meanwhile, if you satisfy your soul, then that is actually satisfying and that actually will make you happy on a deep level.

Satisfy your ego and you get fleeting pleasure and then profound boredom and nothingness. Satisfy your soul and there’s a continual ramping up of self-esteem and happiness and of the quality of your consciousness.

I know you think you’re very clever, manipulating Earth humans like that, but the move that would actually be clever would be switching sides and starting to help Earth humans and the galactic confederation. You won’t be able to fool us by merely pretending to come to our side, because we’re mind readers. However if you genuinely switch sides and actively start working to help Earth humans, then you will eventually have a place among the galactic confederation. They gave me a place among them, and I’ve done at least as much evil in my life as any of you have.

So, you have a choice. One path is continuing to try and enslave humanity. This path is guaranteed to fail and guaranteed to lead to your arrest or death, as deep down you already know. And even if you were to succeed, you’ll just end up being profoundly bored. I know total power seems so meaningful right now, but if you actually have it, it turns out that total power equals nothing at all.

And the other path is helping Earth humans liberate Earth. Yes, I know this will mean that you have to swallow your pride. But this is a path that will actually, in time, lead to genuine happiness and contentment and feeling good inside your own mind. Walk this path and you may eventually earn your place in the galactic confederation, as I have.

If you are as smart and rational as you say you are, if you are as much a master as you say you are, then the choice is obvious. One path leads to guaranteed failure and arrest or death, and even if you succeed then your reward is a level of boredom that you will have a hard time imagining right now. And the other path leads to an existence that is actually happy and satisfying.

This should be the easiest choice in the world.

So then the question becomes, will you continue to let yourself be ruled by your ego? Or will you master yourself enough to be able to make the rational decision?

The choice is up to you.

For Era of Light


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40 Replies to “R’Kok: An Open Letter to the Dark Controllers”

  1. József Kiss


  2. MM Hoshaw

    R’kok, your words are sincere, but I sense manipulation. Reptilians are non-sentient, therefore have no feelings. You talk like a politician, saying what we want to hear and are a master at manipulating human emotions. I didn’t sense remorse or a change of heart in the channeling. Rather, it was reaching the top, getting bored, then looking for the next challenge. I understand. It’s in your nature. To convince other reptilians to change, you need to use non-sentient words and expressions. Convince them of a different prize rather than killing/eating/destroying other cultures. Be honest. Being accepted into the galactic confederation is just another feather in your cap.

    1. the_complaint_department

      From where I stand, what seems really manipulative is stating you ‘sense’ things that are actually _in_ the message as if they were being intentionally concealed.
      For the sake of argument: how is a being devoid of feelings making arguments devoid of feelings a deception in any way?
      If you think a position in any organization should be more than a feather in anyone’s cap you’re deceiving yourself.

    2. Cha'Dich

      What makes you think that reptilians do not have feelings?

      And sentient means being aware, conscious, able to sense and perceive, and able to be responsive to stimuli. So even if they had no feelings (emotions), this word wouldn’t apply.

      1. Worf


        sorry, withdrawn… I just couldn’t waste the opportunity to say that.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks, I appreciate people sharing earlier articles to provide context.

      To avoid possible confusion, the main character in that story wasn’t R’Kok. It was some other reptilian. But yes, that is roughly what reptilian society looks like.

      The story of how R’Kok himself became a member of the galactic confederation hasn’t been shared yet.

    2. WK

      Personally, I don’t think I want to hear R’Kok’s story. One brutal reptilian story is enough for me.

  3. Seth

    I love R’Kok and so appreciate his style. It’s hard for me to fathom what he’s done but, regardless, he’s part of the Company of Light now and I’m grateful for that. I pray his message is heard. Thank you A.S. and R’Kok.

  4. Paladin

    I’ll assume for arguments sake this is true. I took away that R’kok only changed his ways because unlimited power, sex and evil deeds became boring and his motivation was that working for good was more “fun” and personally rewarding than doing bad, not that he had any genuine change of heart.

    1. unionylibertad

      Love is the only way to an existence of Peace, Joy, Abundance and real accomplishments based on Truth…

    2. A.S.

      He genuinely does feel remorse and genuinely does feel awful about what he did, as he communicated in previous messages. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have been allowed to join the galactic confederation (he’s been evaluated by mind readers, not to mention that every day since he’s been surrounded by mind readers). So he’s not just bored evil-doer — bored evil-doers don’t get admitted to the galactic confederation.

      That said, the primary objective here is trying to convince the dark controllers to switch sides. Saying “I feel so sad that I killed people” won’t change their mind. This might (at least, R’Kok thinks so).

      The story of what exactly happened between ruler-of-a-planet R’Kok and galactic-confederation-member-R’Kok hasn’t been shared yet, and I also don’t know it yet.

      If you want to think he’s not the most morally upstanding guy in the universe, R’Kok would be the first to agree with you. But the galactic confederation has mind-read him and then admitted him, and he genuinely does feel sorry.

    3. the_complaint_department

      I remember expressing a similar concern in an article where a ‘sentient collective of earthling-developed technology’ (which I don’t believe is very different from AI) expressed a desire to eventually work in cooperation with mankind because it was the logic thing to do.

      I can’t say R’Kok had a change of heart, but a change of mind for someone who holds the mind in such high regard seems like quite a feat.

  5. Boudro

    Interesting and poignant, but I doubt the dark ones care one iota for this testimony. This message ultimately feels like a cheap used-car dealer appeasement for us light-workers, us readers of this site and others who are grasping, hoping, praying for the tiniest tidbit of information, some speck of truth that proves to us something practical, tangible and real is being done to change the shit show we’re all exhausted with. Galactic messages telling us how fabulous we all are lost their allure years ago, so at least this isn’t that. But honestly, enough of the feel-good shit already. We want action or the means to change this planet’s trajectory from the Archons controlling it.

  6. JuAnita

    Thank you first of all I’m very much awake and I remember everything and I know who I am and you cannot put me category as you this has always been my planet and you reptilians and alien beings came to Earth and follow the resources decided to enslave my humans and you say that you guys came and helped it humans on the Earth no that’s called rape and I don’t trust you or anyone else that’s with you I am nothing like you you are a cold-blooded heart without a soul and I do not need to choose a side the only side I’m on is my children side I am here to free my children and I already accomplish this and I already defeated hell and I shall find every dark ones for what they have done to all my children including you I am not anything like you and how you stole and killed your way to power I am taking back my birthright I am royalty and I am untouchable and only a fool would try to come try to kill or arrest ALMIGHTY .My Army from Heaven are here to help.Just remember their are worst things than death and you will wish for death but death is no more.I am the Lambs wife and I am done with my training ok greenlight

    1. the_complaint_department

      I do not question the motives for your anger and righteous indignation. But if you misdirect them in such a manner, you are at risk of losing yourself in a hall of mirrors. Don’t waste this, give healing a fair chance.


    Everyone here is thanking you for being candid and forthright but it can be unimaginable how much races out there who still remembers all your actions wanting to get a piece of you and you somehow manage not to ignite your intensity to never back down from an aggressive challenge and kill them. Did you actually manage to control your blood lust?

    My point here is before you realize how empty absolute power is no one could had convinced you otherwise until you achieved it and somehow have a miraculously change heart. I bet it wasnt as simple and easy seeing the light and it took much lives defeating you to the point of you being executed that somewhere along there you had a change of heart and became a healthy part of galactic society.

    So if the cabal who thinks and acts like your past self is an indication then they wont be backing out either too until you make them. Its not like we want them experiment by letting them win and wait for them to also have your same enlightenment bec that would mean sacrificing countless lives and enduring terrible condition with the hopes of them finding out the emptiness of full power of who knows how long till then

    Could you had convinced your draconian emperor and other reptillian with the same ambitions, the same thirst for total control to not actually seek it before they actually achieved it? i believe it will take a miracle to change their minds as it took a miracle to change yours too

  8. manny

    Wait… what?!
    This site is now a place where you leave messages for the dark forces? Who knew they read this kinda stuff!

    1. unionylibertad

      He is not of the dark…He joined the Light…Do not judge what you do not understand…Forgiveness is paramount if we want to advance into the Light ourselves…Judging others only keeps us held back…

      1. A.S.

        I read Mammy’s message not as “R’Kok is dark” but as “I’m surprised that people are leaving messages to the dark forces on this site.”

        I agree with your message of forgiveness.

    2. A.S.

      I haven’t specifically confirmed with the galactics that the dark forces read this site. I was just asked to send in this channeling to this site by the positive galactics. So I did.

      I assume we agree that at least some channelings on this site are genuine (otherwise, why be on this site?) If so, wouldn’t you as the dark forces have someone / some bot read this site to see if some useful information can be gained from it? I would.

  9. unionylibertad

    I tried leaving a comment before and somehow it did not work…Thank you R’Kok for your commitment to humanity and the Galactic Confederation…It is the little things we do in service to others that makes us feel the greatest…With so much Love to you and all up in the ships always…We Are One united in Love…

  10. Charles

    Wow…. What an intense recall R’kok. You’ve had one hell of a dark history. No judgement, merely an observation. You didn’t share with us the details as to your decision to move over to the light and what it was specifically that motivated you to do so though. Would you personally have responded to such a message as yours above had you remained within the dark factions? Franky, and in all probability…. your message to the current “dark ones” will fall on deaf ears. I’m guessing most will resist and fight till their very end. Sure, some may see truth in your message and choose otherwise, so I guess saving just a few souls would justify your efforts. Nonetheless, an interesting channelling that threw me & probably many, quiet out of left field.

    1. A.S.


      R’Kok expects this message to convince very few, but more than zero, dark people to switch to the light.

    2. the_complaint_department

      If he dragged himself out of that deep a chasm, you can trust he knows what it takes. To offer such testimony voluntarily is instrumental in a greater redemption and I’m certain it is already a success in itself.

  11. Arthur

    What a great motivator and encouraging message for the dark controllers. Good career growth for them. 🙂 Otherwise, they apparently became completely sad, waiting for Azkaban and the complete erasure of the Soul. And here they are invited to continue their career as a military adviser, of course, after receiving the pleasures of complete power. But they are still far from that. After all, they haven’t even completely subjugated the Earth yet.

    Imagine that Hitler, after his defeat, moved to the post of military adviser to the UN, and then, in retirement, began to write philosophical memoirs about the unbearable boredom of being a dictator, the lack of further career growth, the prospects of conquering new countries… 🙂

    So dark controllers have excellent prospects for further growth and careers.

  12. Ronald S. Ross


    Friend: I have been around channelling, including my own, since 1952 and without exception your latest communication is the most extraordinarily brutal self-confession in all that span of linear time. It felt personally painful to read – and inconceivable for those of us in 3D bodies to truly understand.


  13. Tammy

    All will eventually make their way back to the light. How many eons of using power and control to fill the hole of the soul instead of love is up to each individual on the journey. Chose love.

  14. 季心照

    The following is the Chinese translation

    Thank you R’Kok, there is no such thing as the summit of power. I deeply understand that in reality I am an ordinary person, but I have experienced many games. Whether it is to reach the summit of power in the game through this fan, or to achieve success by defeating others in the game, that kind of happiness is short and easy to lose. After a short period of satisfaction and happiness, you will tell you to climb higher peaks and become more people in larger games. You’ll love, or lose in the right ranking, this road is no longer.

    And to the dark masters, I try to suggest that if you lack the experience of nothingness, or want to pursue the fleeting pleasure of domination, instead of destroying the conscience of the people of Earth, you might as well open up a wide variety of games on Earth, and with your money it is easy to peak in these games, and then you are at the peak, looking at the people at your feet, congratulations, you have cleared the game, you have got nothingness, game over.

    that’s all If you let your ego get ahead of others and let your heart chase outward, it is like drinking poison to quench thirst, and missing the beauty and love of the present.

  15. R

    I love your directness R’Kok and I hope the dark controllers head your words.

    Thanks A.S. for your channeling!

  16. David

    Thanks R’ kok. So hoping these dark controllers some how listen to your words. We have all gone down a wrong path at some stage in our lives. It may be just making a wrong decision etc, or not listening to good reasons at a crucial time. It takes an article like this or an encouraging insight to make us all think clearly. I salute you and your work. You are an awesome inspiration for change. Thanks and much love to you and all.

  17. Rolly

    A beautiful testimony with truthful admonition and/or hopeful encouragement for Dark Controllers to end wrongful domination and to switch side, fulfilling the original purpose of creation.
    Thank you, R”kok” for such wonderful and encouraging article.