Planetary Gridwork

By Natalia Alba

As you know we are traversing a very important planetary passage, in which many of us are immersed in a mission of restoration and gridwork, as the eclipses are activating many planetary spaces where we can start anchoring the sixth and seventh crystalline energies received, during this time.

We have been, especially during the Solar Eclipse, clearing past timeliness, on both a personal and a planetary level, and it is now the time for us to anchor more love, restoration, and clearing in the areas where our planet is experiencing separation, which is what we see from the outside, as what is truly taking place is the rehabilitation of certain planetary gates and the many intents for it not to happen.

For those who are new earth’s anchors, gridworkers, stabilizers, or many other roles within Creation, and are assisting with planetary rehabilitation, Guides invite us to work on the following locations. Although, as you know, we all are One with our Planet and we all can send our love equally.

  • Jerusalem, Temple Mount, which is an organic stargate that has been controlled for many years, and that is now asking for assistance. Please, remember that this has nothing to do with all the human propaganda, about who is right or wrong or who is good or bad, for as ascending souls, we know the Truth, and we feel love and compassion for All, not just for a few, remember that it is the dark what allows the light to shine.

As planetary healers, especially if you are gridworker, you will need to clear religious programs, in these areas, geomantic anomalies, reversals, miasma, female repression, and many other issues that once there, remotely, you receive for you to clear, as this is about your personal mission as well.

  • Bali: which acts as a safe corridor, protected by the Auroras to step into higher timelines. This is also a portal where 3D souls, ready to step into higher timeliness, can repair their damaged DNA. Guides shared the importance of knowing these locations, which are available for All, not just for privileged ones, as the Truth is only one and is shared for All.
Those whose mission is to heal the 4th dimensions, or the astral, and the many souls who need to heal through soul retrieval, will use this location as an illumined portal to help cross these souls.
At this time on the planet, there are many crossing over who need a safe location, and Guides share the importance of assisting those who are leaving planet Earth through traumatic deaths, so they can remember who they are and find a harmonic timeline.
  • Cornwall, in the UK, is another universal location that serves as an exit point for those who are now leaving the planet, and also connects to all the other passages, as Guides share today for all who have this as a personal mission and wish to contribute to the assistance provided at this time for those souls who are now exiting the matrix now.

Guides invite us not to enter into conflicts for we feed planetary separation, but focusing on seeding love and compassion, to help bring more balance into the present chaos.

This is a very important time to assist our planet in regaining stability, in the locations where is possible, and act as healers in others where healing is required. We can only do that when we begin healing ourselves and moving into a more compassionate state of being, one in which we hold unconditional Love for All, equally.

We are heading into a more illumined timeline, our efforts to create the change that we are also witnessing, have not been in vain, and it is now more than ever that we need to focus on peace and harmony rather than on the turmoil they want us to see, for we cannot choose love while we remain in the frequency of fear.

Thank you all for your constant assistance and healing, Beloved Ones.

May you always remain in the Illumined Essence of your God Self.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba