The Council: Love and Trust

Channel: Nadina Boun

The time has come to stand bare naked in the light. That means you must trust the light. Love and trust go hand in hand. When you love something or someone, you trust it is gonna turn out fine. You trust in a better outcome no matter what comes. You fight for that better outcome out of love for that which you love. You do that all the time when things end and you keep fighting to keep that which you love. But that is when trust is also required for you to realize the end is also another beginning, but not only that, it is also an opportunity to let go.

Why would you want to let go what you love? In your society you have a saying that says, let it go and if it’s meant for you it will come back. Truthfully it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes the letting go part is proof of love. Because while you try to grab on to something, you stop it from evolving, you stop it from moving forward, or at least you try. But when you love something, when you truly love, then you want to see it reach its full potential, you don’t want to hold it down, keep it caged. And so when you do let it go, that is your demonstration of love.

It sounds opposite to what you grew up believing and we understand. But it is time for a new way of thinking. Love and trust go hand in hand. We want you to reach the point where not only do you love who you are but you also trust who you are. Not only do you love these teachings we give you but also trust they are doing their work. Not only do you intellectually love the idea that the universe has your back but you trust this is so and it is so at all times. The universal laws don’t change, they don’t take sides, they don’t stop working in this or that specific instant or challenge or situation, they are always at work.

We would like you to begin to love your life as it is, love yourself as you are wherever you are on your journey, and then trust out of love, trust that you are exactly where you need to be and that everything is unfolding and will unfold exactly as it needs to unfold.

Everything is working perfectly well. You need to see what is hidden, what is broken, what is no longer working, in order to heal it, change it, transform it, or what is the point of saying you are awake. Awake to what? When you are awake, you accept these gifts and you trust, and we understand it is a tall order to trust in the unseen but look at your life so far and how it turned out. Look back at all the problems and how they have helped you be who you are today. Look back and you will see the universe was on your side every single time.


So when do you take matters in your own hands and when do you delegate to the universe is the question. You only have control over how you feel, remember, therefore you can take control of how you feel every time. You can do your part as far as the action is concerned, you can even set your intention before hand, but what comes, how it unfolds, who else gets involved is not for you to know beforehand, only because you will try to change it.

So you trust and you trust some more, and for now that is all that is required of you, for you have done the work on yourself, you have been paying attention to how you feel, you have been consistent at choosing your thoughts, your vibration, your intentions, and so what remains is for you to trust. No matter what is going on in your life or in the world, your part for now is to trust there is a better future ahead, better times ahead, an abundance of opportunities coming your way, surprise upon surprise.

You trust because without trust it is similar to saying, you are alone in this, so trust. And do what feels good to you and let it go. Love and let it go. Trust and let it go. Let go the mind that likes to put itself in the middle of everything, to offer an explanation, when it is incapable of doing so, and trust the Higher mind putting together all the pieces where they need to be, that means you too are exactly where you need to be. Everything is exactly as it needs to be.


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