Deep Cleansing

By Judith Kusel

We are in the midst of huge changes of energy and vibrational energy fields as the higher dimensional frequency bands are being anchored in and cosmic portals open.

It opens up a new vulnerability in many souls as the old patterns are busy breaking up and have been dissolve in so many cases, as they are being cleared up to the first primordial creation on earth, and in this solar system, in galactic and intergalactic and Universal levels, the trauma, the pain and suffering is being released, also those of the Wars of Heavens.

The latter are coming up more and more in my Soul Readings, as so many souls on earth, are very old and ancient souls, and were involved in those as well. These include those from Lyra, Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Cygnus, Bear Constellation, Andromeda, etc. and so many others and our solar system and counter systems as well.

This is a very deep cleansing and clearing and into the core of the soul, as this Universe is ascending as well and the earth.

The vulnerability is a sacred one, for it opens the heart center even more, and cuts to the very core of the Soul.

I have noticed immensely powerful shifts within myself, and we will need more quietude and rest, and a constant clearing of our energy fields as well as always anchoring ourselves in the Sacred Heart, and the Highest Consciousness we can access.

We are never left alone.

Even the highest Universal Masters are now here to assist us through this process and are twelth dimensional and even higher.

I have in energy work last Saturday accessed Universal levels I could not access before and that is how deep and profound this ascension in truth is.

Allow the healing tears to flow, for indeed they are tears of joy, awe and wonder, for they are finally bringing us into wholeness and unity once more, and unconditional love – within the deepest core of our hearts and souls.

Very deep.

Way beyond what we even are consciously aware of.

It is a beautiful and profound ascension lift such as we have never experienced before!


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