A School For Spiritual Growth

By Neil Perry Gordon

In the ethereal tapestry of spiritual exploration, few narratives captivate the imagination as profoundly as the soul’s journey through the cosmic spheres. Samuel, a central character in the mesmerizing tale “Between Two Gates,” embarks on an awe-inspiring odyssey that culminates in his encounters with divine beings among the seven planetary spheres. In these celestial realms, angels, archangels, and fairies bestow upon Samuel profound insights, unraveling the universe’s well-guarded secrets and illuminating the path to reconciling his karmic journey and life’s purpose.

This exploration of the soul’s voyage resonates deeply with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, a visionary whose profound insights into the spiritual realms have left an indelible mark on diverse fields, from Waldorf education to Biodynamic farming. While Steiner’s wisdom spans a wide array of subjects, his exploration of the seven planetary spheres and their profound connection to the evolution of the human soul beckons us to delve into the mystical realms of understanding. In this blog, we embark on a journey guided by the enchanting narrative of “Between Two Gates” and Steiner’s illuminating teachings to unravel the mysteries of the soul’s profound odyssey through the cosmic spheres.

A School for Spiritual Growth

Rudolf Steiner’s revelations about the soul’s passage through these planetary spheres create a captivating narrative of spiritual enlightenment. He emphasizes that this journey isn’t a linear progression but a cyclical process between earthly incarnations. Each of the seven spheres serves as a unique school for spiritual growth, offering valuable lessons and insights.

The Seven Planetary Spheres

Moon Sphere – Karma and Destiny:

In the Moon Sphere, the soul embarks on its journey in a dreamlike state of consciousness. Within this mystical realm, it encounters the formidable forces of destiny and karma, delving deep into the annals of its past and the tapestry of future incarnations. Here, the soul not only confronts the debts of karma but also gains profound insights into the very purpose of life itself.

Mercury Sphere – Cosmic Wisdom:

Progressing onward, the soul enters the Mercury Sphere, a domain steeped in the ethereal essence of thought. Within these celestial bounds, thoughts transcend mental constructs, coming alive with vibrant energy. Here, the soul delves into the vast wellspring of cosmic wisdom, comprehending the intricate dance of the cosmos. The Mercury Sphere underscores the importance of harmonizing one’s thoughts with the symphony of the cosmic order.

Venus Sphere – Love and Unity:

As the soul advances, it arrives at the luminous shores of the Venus Sphere, a realm aglow with the essence of love and emotion. Within this sacred space, the soul not only comprehends but profoundly experiences the transformative power of love, recognizing it as the universal force that binds the very fabric of creation. In Steiner’s teachings, love transcends the boundaries of mere sentiment; it emerges as a cosmic principle, weaving unity throughout the tapestry of existence.

Sun Sphere – Divine Will:

The soul’s sojourn leads it to the radiant expanse of the Sun Sphere, where the divine realm of will unfolds. In this luminous domain, the soul learns the sacred art of aligning its own will with the higher will of the cosmos. Through this alignment, it gains profound insights into the harmonious order that governs the spiritual world. Here, surrender becomes an act of profound trust in the grand cosmic plan.

Mars Sphere – Resilience and Responsibility:

The soul’s odyssey takes it through the trials and tribulations of the Mars Sphere, mirroring the tumultuous terrain of earthly existence. The soul encounters adversity in this sphere, facing conflicts that reflect its earthly experiences. Here, the soul is challenged to transcend obstacles, forging an unyielding resilience. The Mars Sphere instills the invaluable lessons of accountability, teaching the soul to own its actions and choices.

Jupiter Sphere – Spiritual Guidance:

The soul ascends to the majestic heights of the Jupiter Sphere, a realm where the higher self is unveiled. Here, the soul forges a profound connection with spiritual beings, receiving guidance for earthly missions. This sphere serves as a sanctuary of profound spiritual guidance, nurturing a deeper communion with celestial entities and empowering the soul to navigate its temporal tasks with wisdom and unwavering purpose.

Saturn Sphere – Unity with the Cosmos:

The soul’s epic journey culminates in the resplendent Saturn Sphere, where it attains an exalted understanding of the divine plan and its role in the grand tapestry of cosmic evolution. Within this transcendent realm, the soul experiences an overwhelming sense of unity with the entirety of creation. The Saturn Sphere bestows the soul a profound sense of oneness with the cosmos. It imparts a deep comprehension of the divine orchestration, marking the zenith of its celestial voyage.


Exploring the soul’s pilgrimage through the seven planetary spheres unveils a rich tapestry of spiritual insights. It beckons us to contemplate our existence’s profound dimensions, interconnectedness with the cosmos, and the boundless potential for spiritual growth and transformation. Steiner’s teachings inspire those on a quest for spiritual wisdom, reminding us that the soul’s journey is an eternal and profound odyssey.


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  1. Marcos Marino

    Ao mesmo instante que estamos em uma escuridão cultural, estamos em uma ascenção para o reconhecimento da Luz, isto forma um difícil pensamento que devemos conciliar, o paradigma seguinte a todo este processo é como ver a luz no escuro, no escuro profundo não se exerga, nada se vê, novamente o paradigma é – você é ou você não vê, se você não for sua própria luz, nada poderá ver e permanecerá cego neste dia sem luz.
    A pergunta difícil de responder para quem está no escuro, como se tornar em luz?