Archangel Michael: Warriors of Peace

Channel: Lee Degani

Dearest One, I am Archangel Michael, Michael, warrior of peace, bringer of blue and companion to thee.

Yes, you have been in this situation before. That is why it feels so ugly, that is why it feels so hopeless at times. It is bringing up the times that you have been in war. And yes, there have been many wars throughout the eons of history even before what you think of as your history on planet earth.

There were the star wars, the wars in the Orion galaxies, there was the war that was during the time of Atlantis. These are ones that you can relate to with your memory.

And yes, you have been on the teams where you would search for the souls that were out wandering with no place to come back to. And so you are being called again.

It is not an accident that you are here during this time and I speak to all of you. You were called. You are the elite forces, you are the forces of the Divine Mother and Father of Love, of Light, of Valour.

And what is the armor that you use? You know the answer. The armor is the Love. Your tools are the Light. We do not say weapons for these are tools of Peace that can cut into the weapons of war, that can reach into the hearts of all.

Is this an easy task? No. But you have been called and so I say to you come forth, release that which is keeping you from doing what you have come here to do.

Bring out your tools of Light. Bring out the sword that I have given you.

Know that every time that you are in a state of Peace, you are using your tools of Light to affect the consciousness of all. For every time that is the case whether it is Joy or Love or Peace or any of the higher vibrations.

You are lighting up the grid and those points then begin to go across and reach all those who are in the depths of despair, that are in the depths of fighting, that are in the depths of hatred.

The Light has always had the power to overcome the darkness because within the darkness is the Light. And that is what you are doing, beloveds, you are reaching the Light.

So no, it is not a betrayal to be filled with Joy, it is not a betrayal to be filled with Peace when your companions are suffering, when there has been slaughter, when there has been mayhem, when there has been murder.

Yes, grieve, yes bring your compassionate hearts to all those in need but know why you are here, the elite of the elite. You have been called and I am proud.

I am blessed that you are my Warriors of Peace!



2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Warriors of Peace”

  1. John

    Yeah, it looked very manly in the brochure with the sword and stuff, but the actual experience feels more like a carebear shooting rainbow beams from your belly. Expect a call from my agent!