Full Disclosure Would Accelerate the Process of Awakening

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

The full disclosure on the existence of benevolent extraterrestrials and their presence in your skies would expand the human collective consciousness in a positive way in a matter of hours, and accelerate the process of awakening. It is precisely this which the dark ones do not want, for this would accelerate the shift even more.

While the dark’s plans and their very existence would vanish from your reality. You would begin to see a new world manifest in real time within weeks.

Your friends and family from the stars are with you. It is time to let go of the fear from demonic entities for they simply do not posses the power that those who still abide by religious doctrine give them.

Your skies and planet Earth are being guarded and monitored by beings of light, who are in service to the true Divine Radiant Creator. Were it not for their intervention and presence, your world would be swept by wars worse than prior times. However, the opposite is happening now. For there is a great opportunity, a higher light being offered to humanity at this time.

We ask that you remain open to receiving this higher light, and work on integrating it in your being, as you feel your Heart’s energy field expand, leaving no room for fear and worry, as new truths come your way, which are to propel you into a new reality. Breathe, breathe deeply, and feel the changes within you, prepare to see them manifest in the outer world as well. You are now waking up from the nightmare, rising like the phoenix, into a new world of light, love, peace, unity with all.


12 Replies to “Full Disclosure Would Accelerate the Process of Awakening”

  1. Lightworker7

    I liked your post Kejraj and read it twice, it is wonderful and positive. Looking forward to the day. Thank you.

  2. Anders

    Disclosure is a myth. It will never happen in my lifetime. Ascension will probably happen before disclosure, so what would be the point of it all?

  3. Hiromant

    The masses don’t even believe the government would lie to them despite millennia of evidence to the contrary. I don’t think we’re ready for any kind of alien disclosure and some alleged insider sources have claimed it’s still centuries away.

  4. unionylibertad

    It is time…Enough is enough of dealing with uncertainty…I allow, I receive and I am grateful because I’m being transformed…The TRUTH will set us free once and for all…

  5. tigersnack1114

    Move past JUDGING how much or how little OTHERS are doing or have done.
    Focus on yourselves and removing the last of the bad stuff we’re releasing.

    1. Klaudia

      From my pov:
      Within “The Game” we’re all being (consciously or not) part of “judgement” is nothing but a tool THAT MOVES US to where we must get in order to be who we are.

      When I first read Jareds comment I noticed “my in sight” applauding to his words, that made me smile.

  6. Paladin

    I always found this argument that everyone would crumble and the world collapse if benevolent beings disclosed themselves to be a specious one.

    So the real question is why don’t they reveal themselves?

    Good people won’t throw themselves out a window.

    1. the_complaint_department

      I have spent my share of time arguing this question and offered very logic, plausible and intelligent reasons to a wide variety of people.

      With very few exceptions, they reacted with a surge of rage or dismissed me with the pettiest, most arrogant and emotionally-warped perspectives. I surmised that this must be at least related to the actual reason. I tried emotional arguments (if there is such a thing) but they’re easily bent to suit a person’s current emotional state and fade out forgotten like a temporary mood.

      The real REAL question is why won’t we accept a revelation that doesn’t follow our (childish) expectations.

  7. Carlos

    The question is: full disclosure by whom?

    Grey hats? Galactics?

    I have lost count of the times when it seemed imminent or a matter of weeks.

    Before the plandemic it was said that there was a timeline and then I even read that the full disclosure did not occur because the sleepers were not ready, I don’t think that has changed.


    Thank You for this present mail. We guess that full disclosure in our skies would help so that humanity will start
    getting used/informed/positively awaring/getting ready
    for the planet shift operation.
    Until we meet ”much of love”

  9. Jared

    I would like everyone to stop acting like the people living in their luxurious spacecraft are doing us a favor and saying ‘were it not for them the world would have been worse off’.

    Everyone needs to appreciate us that are down here in misery helping.

    Were it not for us the whole universe would have been effed.
    You’re welcome all beings amen.

    I would like a little less one-sided-ness and a little more appreciation for us that are down here helping which is the much more difficult task.

    Get some perspective all beings.

    You’re welcome.


    Hurry up fix earth now amen.

    1. Sic 13

      Exactly, thank you Jared for your comment. If I understand correctly, going down into earth space we were supposed to have support and help from those of our brothers who remained. So repeating that if they had not helped us, it would have been even worse than it is , seems completely unnecessary. Unless there was no agreement….