The Telosians: The Emerging Spiritual Divide

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

We are happy to see you again, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth.

As we often tell you, it is a pleasure for us to be able to help you, support you in these very disturbing times that you are all experiencing, wherever you are from, in whatever country or continent you are.

Indeed, it is not only in the Middle East, in Africa, in Central Europe that everything is disrupted, strongly disrupted. These disturbances are also within you because everything that happens around you on your planet strongly affects your feelings, your emotions, even if you do not realize it.

A certain uneasiness arises within you, more or less strong depending on your awakening or non-awakening. The more you are awakened to understanding what is happening on your planet and in your humanity, the faster you let go of the heavy and heavy emotions that can affect you. The less awake you are, the more you want to escape from these unconscious emotions by turning towards materialism, by turning towards technology which for many is an escape so as not to face what you feel and so that it takes you away from what is happening on your planet.

There are therefore two parts of humanity that coexist. The awake and the unawakened. This can and does create a certain duality between you because those who are awake feel restrained from speaking about what they feel, what they understand about True Life, to those who are not awake and would not understand this. path.

We often hear awakened humans say to other awakened humans: I can’t talk about what I’m experiencing, what I understand, to a friend because he or she would look at me askance. We have heard these words often.

Know, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, that there will be these differences between you for a long time to come. We’ve talked about this in previous posts. Earthly humanity will find itself split in two: The humans who will live in the New Earth and the others who will continue to live in materialism, small human power.

Why are we talking to you about this? Because, quite simply, the moment is approaching when the split will become more and more present around you. You will realize that either within your families or among your dear friends, the incomprehension of what you are experiencing will be difficult for them to live with. This will sometimes lead to separations, even within certain couples, who will not be able to communicate peacefully on this subject.

But we tell you: do not be saddened by such a development of separations either of couples or between friends, because everyone has a life path to follow according to the choice of incarnation of each soul.

If you are awake it is because your divine Being in you had wished to experience the spiritual energy transition in this way, and if you are not awake at the moment, because everything can change quickly, it is because you had to live the experience again. of life in materialism, duality, earthly power.

Why put up with such duality in humanity? Why experience such difficulties when it would be possible to live in harmony among you humans from all countries on Earth? This is so because it is important to respect the choice of incarnation of your divine Beings within you. Each soul chose what was best for it in order to evolve following a conscientiously chosen path before coming to Earth.

Whether you are awake or not, this is a beautiful journey for your souls because it will lead you to grow in an understanding of life that is different from each other. This is why you are currently seeing fratricidal wars occurring on several continents. Humans do not understand each other, they are stuck in false ideas of their life in these countries, they are stuck in ideas of possessions, while the Earth does not belong to anyone except God, the Supreme Father. . As long as there are thoughts of this kind in the human minds of many of you, there will be strong duality within earthly humanity.

But the energies that reach you from the Universe, intended to help you evolve, will allow you to make the choice either to wake up or to stay asleep. The more these energies will envelop you, will touch you more and more in the times to come, your choice will need to be clear and precise in order to direct you towards the best path of Life of Light for you.

The current events taking place in certain countries are also there to make you understand that it is important to let go of all these quarrels which are only human quarrels, desires for possessions and others, intended to create trouble in the mind of the people. ‘humanity. This cannot last because the Earth needs a serene and peaceful humanity.

Places that will still be in duality will not be able to rise into the New Earth. They will remain stuck, as we said above, in a matrix from which it will be difficult for them to escape. So what will happen then? What will happen is that these countries will be isolated, strongly isolated, will no longer be able to have possible contact with the parts of the Earth which will be in almost serenity. Europe, despite the disturbing emotions of humans, will wake up ever stronger to Peace.

We take care of this but, of course, the sooner you let go of your disturbing emotions, the sooner you will find yourself in a state of well-being and Peace.

Have confidence in Life, dear brothers and sisters of the Earth. Trust in the Strength and Power of Divine Love within you. HE can do ANYTHING. It can help you make your being, your humanity and your planet an Edenic place in which you will be happy to live from now on.

We love you.