President Trump: ‘November – Biggest Event In USA History’

By Sierra NZ

President Trump made an extraordinary statement during his latest rally speech. Thanks to Kat for posting this excerpt (11″ video).

‘In November we’ll have the BIGGEST event in the history of our country and we’re going to save our country…’ (President Trump)

President Trump let slip something very interesting during the same rally speech (5″ video).

Thanks to my friend Bev for forwarding me this article. I believe Matthew Perry is in the witness protection program. His last social media post referenced Batman, linking him to messages about President Trump. I pray that I am right.

This is a cool story – go the Texas Rangers.

The Lone Team That Said “No” To Pride Month Won The World Series

Unbelievable. Now the Aussies have a mosquito vaccine. How many ways do the DS intend to jab us all to death…? (30″ video)

New Zealand doesn’t have a mosquito jab so our MSM decided to focus on ‘Australian bushfire smoke crossing the Tasman to NZ’ fear porn instead. Good grief.

A 100% true statement from an Anon.

We are a threat; the mainstream can no longer lie. The news that used to take days to investigate is now debunked in seconds, with anonymous individuals on the internet destroying fake news. We are dismantling an industry built on billions of lies through memes. What a time to be alive!

Certainly plenty of treasonous people around at present. Maybe 5th November is their day. If not overtly, hopefully behind the scenes.


That’s it for today, Light Warriors.

Make sure your personal Ascension journey is a top priority in your daily life. Because ultimately that is why each one of us is here on Earth right now. We are here to help liberate humanity so people can ascend into higher dimensions. And the best way we can help them is by role-modelling our dedication and focus on our own Ascension.

Finally, President Trump is hinting at a momentous event occurring this month. It’s a good time to remind you to have cash, full gas tanks in your vehicles, and enough food and essential supplies for several weeks (NOT months). Preparation is smart at any time.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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