Upgraded Humans

By Kabamur

Galactic Federation discovered Earth when humans were a less-evolved, ape-like species barely surviving.

All humans were upgraded through a collaboration between 5 Elohim races, lead by Pleiadians. (The story of Enki and book of Genesis comes much later).

“Nordic” people were created to look like Pleiadians. Other races were created with different characteristics to provide a variety of experiences for soul incarnations.

The first upgraded humans lived in the area of modern-day Sweden in a city called “Crystal”. Pleiadians visited often and taught them many things.

As dark forces arrived on Earth, the humans of Crystal were unable to cope with the negativity so Pleiadians created an underground infrastructure for them to live in peace.

The Inner Earth civilization is called PACHIMILAH. Earth isn’t completely hollow, there are many chambers and tunnels. There are entrances all over the world. Some military are aware and have already met them, including Admiral Byrd years ago.

The inhabitants of Pachimilah are mortal humans living in 3D just as we are. They live in complete health without outside manipulation.

There are solar receivers hidden at the tops of remote mountains which provides them with light and energy. They don’t have flying crafts but travel with Pleiadians. They know about everything happening on the surface.

Rumors about NAZI UFO bases on the moon and Antarctica were created to confuse people about Pleiadians (angels of light) and Inner Earth humans. We’ll meet them at the Shift along with many benevolent ET races.