President Trump Rocking Legal Channels

By Sierra NZ

Q indicated that the only way to get the TRUTH out to humanity and destroy the [D]eep [S]tate was via legal channels.

President Trump is making the most of his court-room opportunity to red-pill people. Go, sir…! Remember Letitia James was arrested recently, according to Real Raw News. It’s all a movie, to wake up the unaware people.

The net is closing on the corrupt evil [B]iden family.

Speaking of subpoenas, kudos to Australia Sky News for reporting on Nancy [P]elosi’s new subpoena in a criminal case. Deafening silence from USA MSM (1′ 40″ video).

Cue (or Q…!) a new bout of revolutions and riots in France. We The People will NOT tolerate it.

Many Light Warriors know about the connection between [E]pstein and media mogul Robert Maxwell via his daughter Ghislaine. This former Mossad agent confirms the connection and the honey-trap operation that [E]pstein and the Maxwells ran for decades to entrap elites (one minute video).

Electric vehicles were a common form of public transport in 1890’s USA. What happened..? The [D]eep [S]tate replaced quiet free energy transport with noisy petrol-greedy vehicles, making us reliant on THEM (1′ 30″ video).

This meme sums up the [D]eep [S]tate agenda for humanity. They FAILED. Victory is assured because the Light has already won.

A cool little video. No hints, just enjoy (40″ video).

Finally, here is the link to David Wilcock’s latest video, thanks to blog reader Margarita for sharing (1 hour 53 minutes).

It’s a mixed bag post today. A little bit of everything.

Thanks for the lovely comments and emails, as always. Every day I cheerfully tap away on the keyboard in my office in my house in my little rural NZ town. I picture you, the reader, on the far side of the world, or just a few streets away. Wherever we live on this beautiful planet, we Light Warriors are in this together – to the END.


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