Transition from 3D to 5D

By Peter B Meyer

The Light has won

Today’s transformation is actually a timetable of events and procedures of events called timeline. Humanity is now on a timeline where something significant is about to happen; that is, important events are now taking place in this Universe Age; which qualifies as historical turning point.

Planet Earth is making its transition from 3D to 5D, many of the contemporary souls incarnated on Earth are now also making their Ascension. It is the most important moment in the entire planetary or even in the history of the Universe, but above all, this is the greatest moment on Earth with the awakening of Humanity.

The oft-publicised already ancient Armageddon prophecies will not happen! We are going to experience incredible times. However, there is still a major obstacle that undoubtedly concerns the fate of humanity itself; but at this moment in time, this is the most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth.

Two new well-defined Timelines will determine the future: one will lead part of humanity to the New 5D Earth; the other will lead the rest into exile to another 3D planet.

Only a third of humanity is capable of performing and completing the ascension necessary for this transition; the other part is not. Eventually, a New Cycle and a New Earth will emerge. Where no authority or superior exists to influence our free will and choices. Everyone will be their own judge. No one will interfere with individual preferences of others.

The Light has won. Where everyone creates their own reality. The fate of humanity has now been definitively decided. The wheat has been separated from the chaff. Only 5-dimensional beings will go to the New 5-D Earth. This process is expected to be completed, cleared and settled around 2025.

The light will become more intense, making it impossible for sleepers to sleep through. It is certain, that many, even if awakened by the high Light intensity, will choose another dark planet to continue their deep soul sleep over there. Hence, this article is only for those who are truly awake and have chosen the path of the New 5D Earth.

Humanity is awakening

Be prepared and be on your guard, because things are moving fast now. The banks are going to close, make sure you stock up on basic necessities. The transition could take up to three weeks. The corrupt cabal cronies and their backers will be removed. They are part of the Deep State because of the money paid and the work they did for them. This made them feel important, but now they have to pay a high price for it.

When the dust settles in 2024, people in many countries will begin to realise that they have been duped. They will discover that history is a lie, money a deception, debt a fiction, religion a control system, the masses are manipulated by the media, governments and even people as individuals are incorporated. Conclusion: everything and more are big lies and deceptions!

There are more than a hundred chemicals in our food. If you do not read FWC’s publications and/or product labels, you are at great risk.

The decision for final breakthrough will be taken ‘outside this world’ by Father/Mother GOD. The Deep State must first destroy itself; no more war will be tolerated on planet Earth!

Their destruction is fact as soon the money system collapses and/or the mob massively protests against the toxic-COVID injections.

Any awake ones who want to contribute to a quick breakthrough, spread this message widely!

Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the latest developments and stresses that we must take the initiative and lead ourselves, to liberate our planet earth!