From 3D To 4D And 5D: Light Spots

By Lev

It’s extremely hard to us to take and always keep in mind that WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL. That we are a nano-copies of the Greater Cosmos, parts of its fractals, inconceivable in sizes. Interfaces with them are thousands of Light spots in our body that support non-stop interaction with the same points in the entire Boundlessness of One. Our temporary physical 3D corpus is just one of the manifestations of Its consciousness in the Universe (see – Check List, DNI, 6 November 2023).

Some Light points are crystals of experience, in which the learned lessons of our present and past incarnations accumulated. Seconds are chakras. Thirds are carriers of consciousness of cells and organs. The fourth and hundreds of others perform functions that are not yet inexplicable and incomprehensible to our perception and mind. Together they back the framework of our personal energy system. Other Intelligences forms have exactly the same power system, including Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe.

On the Subtle Plane, Light points in our body connect all organs into a single holographic network. In the same way, the stars connect and support the common network of the Greater Cosmos, and we actively participate in this, because are created in its image and likeness. The consciousness of the Universe is fractal, and on all its countless levels the Source’s Sparks shine, from which Light beams radiate, giving birth to new glistening dots in all dimensions, spaces and bodies, including our three-dimensional ones.

How do they work? Regretfully, we all the time extinguish their glow by our low-frequency thoughts and emotions. Only in rare moments of joy, happiness and love, we involuntarily saturate the space around us with their high-frequency radiation, helping to ignite new Light spots in it and our own body.

This process repeats the incessant neurogenesis in the Greater Cosmos. The same Light spots work between people and the planet, the planet and the stars, stars and galaxies, etc. Through them we manifest selves in other worlds, connect with their inhabitants, and flow into other dimensions, bypassing the barriers of Time-space. If we are tightly soldered into 3D with all our thoughts, emotions and takes, a spasm occurs in the flow that suppresses Light spots, new ones are not formed, and glow goes out. The channels of commune are switched off and closed.

But we are well aware of another state. For example, if at a concert, a group of people experiences similar sensations, then, their individual emotion fields merge and, as a single energy clot, fills the entire space of other listeners, expands further, condenses and ignites new Light spots in others. This is how a continuous symphony of all living beings sounds in our planetary space.

It’s not just emotions. These are the pixels that shape our reality. The more of them there are, the more actively they transform into events, saturated with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and aspirations. And thus, they, in turn, round into timelines, along which we will continue our journey in this and other lives in exact accordance with our vibrations.

Our constant and acute hate, addressed to everyone and everything, aggression, fear, greed, discontent and indecision intensively extinguish the points of contact with the common field and cannot form a single positive timeline. Non-stop, 24/7, we reproduce only the negative scenario and the vector of our life, our future. All cataclysms, wars and conflicts are, first, formed in our minds and energy systems, and only then, having reached a critical mass, in reality. And now, it is no longer possible to distinguish where its primary generators are located: in Negative Alien Archons or in us, exploited as tools, interfaces and sources of loosh that feeds Darks and, their Power Pyramid.

But why should One, who fills the entire Greater Cosmos with Its Light and Consciousness, allow us to live in hatred and fear from life to life, instead of joy and love? What is the meaning and global lesson?

It’s in our personal choice, each of us. Energy is neutral and will always flow along the points of contact, the lines of events that we choose. The question is who directs us. We, by our own free will and choice freedom, agree and accept all manipulations of the System. We believe in its news agenda, which zombies us from all TVs and social networks, from every iron and washer. And the System perceives our full acceptance and non-resistance as active consent, and, on its basis, makes all subsequent decisions, knowing perfectly well our further reaction. For example, on staged and continued bloody local wars that are the same mass sacrifices as they were in the past, an endless predators’ feast.

Yes, we live in a collective reality. And it turns out that on the one hand, Co-Creators want our upgrading, evolution in joy and love, but on the other hand, they allow us to remain in a state of fear, mistruth and wickedness. Does this mean that we are ALL ALREADY distributed across different timelines?

No, back in December 2012, the Absolute and Co-Creators abandoned the so-called Flash (or Event) in order to completely cleanse the planet of our presence, and then, sow it with a new civilization. For more than ten years, they have been working with the greatest courage and patience with each of us, do not let even the last Light spot go out, support our inner work in the hope that we, as an interface, will connect to the Light.

For those, who consciously or unconsciously accept Darks and Grays, feeling protected only in their space, Co-Creators give the opportunity to decide own fate and make the final choice where and when to continue living in a three-dimensionality, so comfortable for them. This is no more possible here. Earth has already entered the fourth and fifth dimensions in the still unified 3D/4D/5D eon.

On a provisional basis, the third density is preserved as an accelerator and catalyst for our awakening. As a temporary diversion channel, so that the super concentrate of our toxic negativity does not destroy the entire planet with even greater intensity of passions and hatred. To give us the opportunity to decide on the final choice again and again, and adapt at our snail’s pace to the new high-frequency reality. Darks are powerless to hide it from us with information blackouts, under-recordings of Sun activity, Schumann Resonance, proton fluxes, earthquakes’ magnitudes and other data to save the climate agenda to ease their global run.

In the Universe, the speed of human development and our choices are respected. We still are not ready even for positive events. Accordingly, the situation is ad interim preserved as an incubator, where our Souls undergo the necessary experience. Therefore, for some time we will live events according to the same scenario until we start to learn lessons and do the right thing automatically, and not on the basis of previous lives’ total recall. Until we realize how deeply the System has rooted into us, and cynically runs us. Until we understand the principles of building a common field of our collective consciousness, and choose the right option. That is why Co-Creators do not collapse this 3D timeline, and by all means purify it from oversaturation with our scare and aggression to prevent a global cataclysm, as happened in the Third Atlantis (see – On The Way To The 5th Race, Part 3, DNI, 18 October 2020). Together with their ground team, they calmly and in a targeted manner dismantle the ENTIRE Darks and Grays legacy on the Subtle Plane and throughout the Local Universe.

Not once, Disclosure News touched the theme why we chose to incarnate in a timeline where a global cataclysm could happen. The answer is simple – cognition of the new. Our Soul chose this time and place to get another valuable experience that it could not get anywhere else. This is how the entire Universe studies itself, and any manifestation forms a base of experience and knowledge for new fractals’ development coils.

Of course, throughout all the previous Earth’s four Races, it had happened many times, and here and now, it repeats again. What for? To form a critical mass for the enter 4D and 5D, despite the general state of humanity. But today, the number of people who think, feel and act positively is increasing. Their Light spots form a new vector of events and project them into space, where they gradually materialize as a new reality that displaces and narrows the old one.

There is a mechanism in our body called imago. It produces mental images that form a field of unconscious content. This field supports cells that do not work, do not move and do not develop. In a living organism, they have two ways: either go back a step to improve their quality, or their course of life accelerates, they quickly lose energy and die, and new, more adapted ones appear in their place…

We are exactly the same cells – of Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe, and in order not to become cancerous, we MUST hear the Light points’ hints inside us, what and how to do next. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.