Tourmalayne: To My Dear Old Friends

Channel: A.S.

My dear old friends,

It is good to speak to you.

I am Tourmalayne, a Pleiadian who is old even by our standards. In Earth terms, physically I look like a fortyish year old woman with gray hair. Yet I feel the weight of the centuries.

I haven’t begun the non-physical part of my journey back to Source yet, because I wish to see Earth liberated, and I wish to continue energetically helping with that process.

Indeed, my old friends, it is good to speak to you. Because many of you literally are my old friends. In one of your past lives, many of you have literally been friends of mine, or pupils of mine. Maybe the energy that comes through this message stirs some vague remembrance in you somewhere, for many of you have walked through these halls – halls of the temple where I currently reside.

I am not on a spaceship near your world, because I am currently functioning as the energetic capstone to this temple. Also, I do so love the energy of Taygeta.

Taygeta. Does that name stir remembering in your soul?

Do you remember Taygeta’s sky? The late-night dances? The laughter? The drinks that just seemed to light your soul on fire, spark a gentle explosion in your cells and put a spring in your step? The free sharing of many wonderful ideas? The gentle love-making under a sometimes purple sky? A life where it was never too hot or too cold, and you could always clear your head and get some fresh new energy and ideas by going for a swim? A place where you could learn and laugh and play and just be?

To me, Taygeta is the best place in the universe.

And perhaps you will be able to visit in a few years. It is my profound joy that it looks like Earth is finally on the verge of being freed.

Frankly, I would not have given you good odds a hundred years ago. That said, I have always been more pessimistic than the people around me. And in this case, the optimists were right.

I guess I am not giving credit where it’s due. Any person who has any kind of sense is very impressed by what you have accomplished. I don’t mean what you have accomplished in terms of technology. What is really impressive is what some Earth humans have accomplished in terms of raising the energy of Earth, of being a light in the darkness, of being non-reactive.

By non-reactive, I mean: you are aware that certain people are treating you and others awfully. You are aware that you’re being lied to all the time. You’re aware that many people are acting in a crazy way. You are aware that the situation you’re in is unfair. And yet you generally don’t copy the craziness, the evilness, the unconsciousness, the shallowness.

I think that is amazing. Perhaps non-reactive isn’t a term that resonates with you, perhaps “not reacting unconsciously” or “not reacting automatically” resonates with you more. In any case, your behavior is a bit Buddha-like to me, reacting mostly with compassion and non-violence to people who hurt you or insult you or try to take away your freedom.

I can’t help but be proud of you, because again, many of you are old friends or old pupils of mine, or at least took part in one of the get-born-on-Earth waves that I helped to architect.

It warms my heart to see that Earth is indeed in the process of being liberated. You’re doing great. I respect your efforts very much.

Nowadays I am not much involved anymore in high-level decision making. I don’t envy people like Hakann and Ashtar Sheran — it must be a great burden to be part of the team that makes decisions in such a time, when so much hangs in the balance, when concerns on both sides of the when-to-intervene argument are so fierce and heavy.

Some people are saying that it would benefit Earth if there was disclosure about our existence.

Well, it would indeed be great if Earth people and especially gray hats gave more disclosure of our existence. Technically you can think of all genuine channelings as disclosure, including this very message. There has also been disclosure in the media such as . But yes, we agree that there hasn’t been nearly enough disclosure, especially disclosure that reaches the sleepers. It would help if there was more of it.

If you are thinking we should clearly announce our presence without landing, for example by filling your skies with so many ships that everyone sees them, or by very briefly taking over your media: that would be spun by your mainstream media and governments as an imminent alien invasion, and the majority of the population would be gripped with fear. Governments would successfully push through even more draconian measures. If this sounds ridiculous to you, well, perhaps the sleepers are believing certain other things right now that you also think are ridiculous.

If you are thinking that we should just land, without first doing an intervention and removing the dark controllers: it again would get spun as an alien invasion. More than half of humanity would be paralyzed with fear, and we would get shot at — not just by one stray bullet, but the dark controllers would mobilize entire militaries to fight us. The soldiers would be told: “they’re secretly evil, they can mind control you if you even just listen to them, so shoot them from a safe distance.” Currently most soldiers are complying with tyrants, violating their oaths to defend their constitution or the people. Here again most soldiers would comply. Not to mention that in countries where civilians have weapons, the civilians too would be told to shoot us from a distance and not even talk to us because otherwise we’d mind control them. We don’t have an endless capacity to just sit there and absorb fire, and we don’t want to get into a shooting match with misguided innocent people.

Which means that the only good option we have is to first do a big intervention and remove the dark controllers, and then reveal ourselves and land. Which Hakann has been discussing in recent weeks, and is currently likely to happen in 2024 or 2025 if the gray hats don’t make a move first. And also, galactic special forces have been doing special operations to help humanity, including on the surface of your planet.

Yes, the situation on Earth is very unfair and harsh right now. I am sorry. I do hope that you will be free soon. Thank you so much for your service.

Some people have recently asked for advice on what they should do in this very challenging time to maintain a good mental state. That is an excellent question.

It is the privilege of the old to be out of touch. Therefore, let me give you some possibly out-of-touch advice.

I am half-joking here. I sincerely do intend to help you, for you are me and I am you. My advice and perhaps myself are possibly out-of-touch because the suffering on Earth may be too intense for the following advice to be practicable. Yet, here is my advice all the same.

I will give advice on four levels. The first level is the most accessible and the easiest to embrace, and the fourth level is the least accessible and the deepest and the most profound.

The first level is: please be compassionate with yourself.

Practically every single Earth human is experiencing so-called negative emotions, or is being willfully blind, or is engaging in coping or escapism behavior, or isn’t always doing what they feel they should be doing, et cetera. Most likely you are not doing worse than other people, it’s just that other people aren’t being open about their struggles and the way they sometimes behave or cope or stress out behind closed doors.

Frankly, even a person who just survives in these times without doing anything completely crazy is doing well in my book. Give yourself some credit, because remaining relatively non-reactive in such crazy times can be a severe energy drain by itself. What the sleepers and the dark controllers are doing can be contagious, and it can cost quite a bit of energy to not catch a case of ignorance or judgement or blaming others or illusions or projections.

Therefore, please be gentle with yourself. Even if all you can do is just survive without doing anything too crazy, then you are already doing pretty well from my perspective.

Okay, so that was the first level: be gentle with yourself, you’re probably not actually doing worse than other people, you’re simply not seeing their struggles and their so-called dysfunctional behavior.

If this first level is what you take away, great. That’s wonderful.

For those who are interested, let’s see how deep we can go.

The second level is: meet your needs. Also regularly do some kind of spiritual practice, whether that is meditation or taking a few slow deep breaths every day or doing Kriya yoga or it can be any of a thousand other things. Additionally, whenever pain or so-called negative emotions come up, address that with your preferred technique.

One example of such a technique is: whatever arises in you, just observe it, without trying to change it or suppress it or judge it. This, by itself, is a good healing technique, although you might have to do it several times for it to work. You actually are a self-healing being. If you just observe it, without getting in your own way, then healing happens automatically.

This is a level that can take a long time and a lot of work and pain to really get through – work that many people aren’t willing to do. Work that may seem endless. Yet nonetheless it is important. Most people don’t do sufficient work here, and that’s why most people ultimately don’t quite reach some of the later milestones on the spiritual path. Besides, even just doing some of this work will make your life and your consciousness and your relationships substantially better.

There are many possible techniques to address your pain and so-called negative emotions. Observing them is one way. Another possibility is the technique that the channeler is currently using. Here it is:

1) If a painful or so-called negative thought or emotion comes up, first just observe it for ten seconds or so.
2) check if there’s something else under it. For example, under anger might be pain or fear. Under a surface-level desire might be a deeper desire, such as a desire to be loved. If there is something deeper, observe it, for ten seconds or so.
3) Keep your attention still on the deepest painful or so-called negative thing. Then say or think the following:
I call on wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, now now now.
If I hurt you or hurt other beings or hurt parts of myself, in this life or in a past life, I apologize. Please forgive me. Now now now.
I invite you into my heart space and ask you to meet my Christ self, my enlightened self, wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, now now now.

So that was the second level: meet your needs. Regularly do some kind of spiritual practice. Also, whenever pain or so-called negative emotions come up, use your favourite technique.

Alright, let’s talk about the third level.

It is this: why do you want to do something? Why not just be? Doesn’t being sound more pleasant and natural and freeing, than doing?

If you sufficiently get out of your own way, if you get rid of sufficient illusions during the previous level, then life just happens. You don’t have to strive, to do, to tire yourself out anymore.

This isn’t the same as laziness. From an outsider’s perspective, you might on some days be putting in long hours. But it’s just part of the flow of life. It doesn’t feel like work, because it just happens, even though from an outsider’s perspective you may be doing work.

What do you need to do to achieve this?

There’s the trap – you don’t do anything. You just get rid of illusions and then this happens automatically. It’s not about what you should add to your routine or to your belief system to achieve this, it’s about what you should let go.

For example, this week the channeler is doing his day job, plus a commute, plus some additional work during one evening, plus he was doing his own spiritual practice and self-healing techniques. On top of that, yesterday and today he was either channeling this message, or proofreading it and channeling some small additions.

The channeler didn’t plan to do this channeling. He already had a channeling ready for the weekend. Yet he felt a metaphorical knock of an incoming channeling, and without resistance or questioning it he just went with the flow and started channeling this second message for the week. He is enjoying the process and currently isn’t being disturbed by stray thoughts or insecurities.

From an outside perspective, the channeler is making long days and doing a lot of work. Yet he’s not being drained at the moment — because he’s not really doing anything, metaphorically speaking, even as he’s working. He’s just being, even as work is being done by him. He’s at peace in his own mind and mentally relaxing and isn’t suffering from any kind of resistance or insecurity or anything like that. At this moment, channeling — normally something that costs him quite some energy and that sometimes brings some stress with it — is as relaxing for him as playing a video game would be.

Now, the channeler isn’t always in this flow state. Maybe tomorrow he will be stressed and in resistance and work will deplete him. But at this moment, he is taking effortless action.

At this moment for him, there is nothing to do, just be — even as he’s actively doing work, on something that will hopefully benefit others.

At this level, you can also quickly and effortlessly make the right decisions and just act, without agonizing over what to do or stressing out about whether you made the right decision.

If this sounds hard, it’s actually the easiest and most natural thing in the world – if you have let go of enough layers and illusions. Then this just happens, without effort. You don’t need to add anything, you just need to subtract illusions and to deal with your pain and so-called negative thoughts and emotions. As we did at the previous level.

Note that many people try to force this level — they try to work at effortlessness. That doesn’t work. If in a particular moment you are experiencing pain and so-called negative thoughts and emotions, then it doesn’t help you to pretend that all you have to do is just be — because in practice, that probably means suppressing or denying parts of yourself. And that hurts those parts of you that you are suppressing or denying.

So if during a certain moment you are in a flow state, great, enjoy it — no need to actively go hunting for old pain inside yourself. It also may be the case that sometimes you are in a flow state and sometimes you aren’t. That’s natural.

But if your genuine truth in the current moment is that things in your life aren’t happening spontaneously and effortlessly, if you experience anxiety or struggle in your life – then don’t try to force this third level in the current moment, because likely that will actually just be an escape mechanism from doing your work in the second level. If things aren’t naturally effortless right now, go do the second level. If pain comes up, second level. If a flow state naturally arises, enjoy the third level, for as long as it lasts.

During this third level, you may also find yourself becoming more unconditionally loving.

Alright, let’s go even deeper.

For the fourth and final level, remember one of the lessons from your Bhagavad Gita: ideally you should not be attached to the outcome when you take an action. This gives you peace of mind and it actually makes your action more likely to have a good outcome. Not that you should be attached to that increased likelihood of a good outcome, but it is still true.

Well, your current life is metaphorically speaking just one day in your long, long journey back towards Source.

So just as you understand that you should not be attached to the outcome of a given action — why are you attached to the outcome of this current life? Sooner or later you will find your way back to Source regardless. What does it matter if you take a detour or not?

And in fact, your soul has zero resistance to you suffering, or to you so-called failing in life, or to you dying early.

At the fourth level, you can observe your own attachment to for example having a happy life.

Why do you have that attachment?

Why is pleasure better than suffering? Why is happiness better than misery? Both are just experiences. Your soul doesn’t resist either of those.

Why are you attached to having Earth be liberated as soon as possible? Frankly, from your soul’s perspective, right now is an ideal moment to achieve soul growth and learn lessons. And even if it wasn’t, misery and pain are experiences too that you can have.

If you truly and deeply and genuinely just observe a given thing, as if from a distance, without getting absorbed into it, it will not cause you suffering. You can have a tooth pulled at the dentist with no anesthesia, and if you genuinely just observe, you will feel the sensations that most people associate with pain but you will not suffer. It won’t be like toughing out something unpleasant — you genuinely will not mind the sensations that most people associate with pain. They’re just sensations. It is what it is.

Whenever you suffer, you are in some way accepting the validity of the so-called pain or the so-called negative emotion. In some way, you are taking it in, you are inside it, you are accepting it as valid and as existing. If you just observe it from the outside, from a metaphorical distance, then you can just feel it and see it and observe it without suffering from it.

Because even if something is so-called negative to your life – so what? Why be attached to having a positive outcome for your life? Maybe the longer road to Source happens to be more scenic, who knows? Maybe you will end up in the gutter, and meet your twin flame there. And even if your road back to Source involves a relatively large amount of pain, okay, so what? Why is that bad?

Now, I’m calling this the fourth level because you should master the third level before attempting this. Because if you haven’t made significant spiritual progress already, your ego may very well hijack these high truths. Your ego may very well tell you that if everything is the same, if all roads lead to Source, if nothing is to be resisted — then why not live a hedonistic life and hurt others for your benefit?

Now, it’s genuinely fine to do things that you enjoy. I do that too. However, keep in mind that others are you, in the same way that your hand is you. You would not cut off your own finger just because you are hungry and wish to eat. Hurting others for your own supposed benefit is just like that.

However, if you actually genuinely get out of your own way as you did on the third level, then you will find that even with non-resistance to life, you will not fall into an ego trap, or fall into a trap where you pretend that things don’t bother you when actually they do. Therefore, please be stable in the third level before you start on this level four.

The mastery of this fourth level is that this way, you may very well be more at peace in what seem like awful circumstances than normal people are in what seem like pleasant circumstances. Once you embrace this, it’s like a superpower, because for the purposes of your peace of mind you will no longer be a slave to your surroundings and to chance.

So, let’s recap.

The first level is: be gentle with yourself. You’re probably not actually doing worse than other people, you’re simply not seeing their struggles and their so-called dysfunctional behavior.

The second level is: meet your needs. Do regular spiritual practice. Also, whenever pain or so-called negative emotions come up, address that with your preferred technique (such as observing it).

The third level is effortless action. If you find yourself in a flow state, enjoy it. However, if pain or so-called negative emotions or thoughts come up, go to the second level and address it. Don’t try to avoid the work from the second level through some spiritual cliche. As Hakann has rightly said: you can’t skip middle school, which you could see as roughly the second level.

The fourth level is: observe and thereby release your attachment to having a happy life, to experiencing pleasure, to finding a good relationship, et cetera. Doing so won’t actually lead to you making worse choices, because you should be firmly rooted in effortless action of the third level before you start on the fourth level. This will most likely actually make your life better in a conventional sense, even though that’s of course not the goal. This fourth level will finally give you unconditional peace of mind.

So, that was my message for today.

For the second level there are very many practices for general spiritual growth, and many possible techniques to deal with pain or so-called negative thoughts or emotions as they come up. I would like to invite you to share your favorite practices and techniques in the comment section. That way, perhaps people can learn from each other.

With that, and with all my respect and love and well-wishes, I will leave you for now. Hopefully in this lifetime, hopefully within a few years I will be able to reunite with many of you. I so long to speak to my old friends, to ask you how the journey has been, to look you in the eyes and tell you how proud I am of you.


For Era of Light


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29 Replies to “Tourmalayne: To My Dear Old Friends”

  1. WK

    My dearest Loving Sisters and Brothers from the Cosmos,

    This little message is to fill you with a little of my Love for you. There is Love for you down here on the surface of the planet. Our wise and tender Sister Tourmalayne (which I miss alot!!!!) has highlighted an important point, that maybe my words can help with, even if just a little bit. Yes yes, I have no “wosh wosh” ships or fly around in beautiful colorfull fluffy cloud crafts, but I am part of SOURCE and I too have a little LOVE to give 😉

    Before any decision making (and all the burden associated with it), please remember that the Infinte Source of All Love and Peace only asks you to give your LOVE. And that includes LOVING yourselves before any other consideration. Remember that you have a responsibility to yourselves first. I am worried about all of you, specially about those in positions of responsibility. It is so easy to place the weight of the world on our shoulders, and be consumed by our passion to help others. I am a victim of that often, and thus share in your dilemma. The way I see it is, we are all COSMIC FLOWERS. Why flowers? Because flowers radiate their color and smell, fill the air with their beauty, and they don’t really care how that LOVE they radiate affects those around them. They have no burden on having to radiate their perfume to make someone feel better. They simply resonate to the power of the Sun, and burst their happiness everywhere without much consideration on the pros and cons, or arguments of yes or no, and specially they resonate to the happiness of the other flowers that surrounds them, and contribute naturally and radiantly their beauty in color and smell. Has a flower ever saved a person from suicide? I like to believe so, and they brightened the days of countless women and men. Did they decide to do that? No, not really, they simply radiate their LOVE without much consideration to their surrounding. They simply do what they do.

    I believe we should all remember that we are all LOVE FLOWERS, and not get caught too much in the pros and cons of our surroundings. I know this is not a yes and no kind of situation, but remember, your vibrating colors, and your vibrating LOVE is your best contribution to any situation. Never loose sight of that, and let us learn from our sisters flowers on Earth (and other planets. They do a marvelous job!), and just radiate our LOVE. I believe that if that condition is met, by each one of us, then everything else will naturally fall into place, and the Cosmic balance that rules the fate of our existence (in particularly now, here on Earth) will naturally find its balance, for the good of ALL EXISTENCE, and in accordance to the Divine Plan of the Supreme Source of All Light and Love.

    Before getting entangled in the details of when to intervene or not, please remember that your are COSMIC LOVE FLOWERS and that you just need to emanate your LOVE and your BEAUTY, exactly as you are, to those other FLOWERS that surround you and the COSMOS, and regardless of decisions, we here on planet Earth will benefit from your LOVE PERFUME and your radiant COLORS regardless of what my come, and what may be.

    Your „Flower“ Earthling Brother,

  2. Arnie

    A lot seem to think they know more than others. Humility is a beautiful trait.

    Socrates: Knowledge is to know you know nothing.

  3. Marie

    Eu quero nadar nas aguas roxas de Taygeta!
    Eu quero dancar nos convívios de verdadeira Alegria e Amor Fraterno em Taygeta!!
    Eu quero Voar nos Ceus de Taygeta!!
    Eu Quero Ser oque Sou!!
    Gratidao Amado AS… por trazer a Sabedoria e Luz dos nossos Amados Irmaos Pleidianos aos nossos Corações.
    Ao Servico da Fonte!

  4. Paladin

    My only question would be is why does she appear as a middle aged woman(even if that means 7 or 800 years old) when it was previously stated Pleiadeans can reset their bodies to their prime youthful state of health? It seems to me all Pleiadeans would be eternally 20 years old.

    Hey AS, if they can put you into a chamber and make 20 again where do I get on the waiting list?

    1. A.S.

      That’s what she personally prefers, because what we would think of as a 40 year old body more closely matches the self-image that she has, than what we would think of as a 20 year old body.

      Of course, it’s entirely possible to be a healthy and fit person of around 40, especially with their excellent nutrition and planetary energy and healthcare. She’s not walking around leaning on a walking stick.

      But yes, Tunia and Hakann and various other Pleiadians I’ve talked to all have bodies in the prime of their life, despite them all being several hundred years old. Tourmalayne having a slightly older body is a bit of an unusual choice.

      I imagine they’d heal the people who are in need of urgent medical care first. So possibly after that. But I haven’t discussed this directly with them — I don’t know what their policy on letting Earth humans shape their body is. Maybe it’s just a matter of “once the urgent medical cases are taken care of, then anyone can do it.” Maybe it’s a matter of “reach a certain level of consciousness, and then you can do it, and spiritual teachers are available if desired.” I don’t know.

      1. Paladin

        It was a tongue in cheek request. I know one is coming to make me 20 again or even fix me up if I get blown to Hell fighting the Communist army about to try and unleash another Red Terror against the US.

        This country is doomed.

  5. JG

    I’d like to share some of my experience with ‘effortless’ action. It’s an odd choice of words, actually, because effortless and action are oxymorons. For me, it’s more a feeling of action without angst. Or peaceful actions. When your inner state is quiet then it feels effortless, only because the action is coming from you in your timeless state.

    It does not mean that you step into a stream of action (whatever project/thing you are working on) and there are no challenges or ‘obstacles’.

    As an example, if you have ever kayaked on a river, there can be parts of the river where it’s too shallow and you have to port your boat around. Or tree limbs block the way and maybe a snake tries to get in your boat. On a kayak trip with friends, all of those things can part of the fun (or not). Full of physical effort yet when you embrace it all as just part of the experience, it takes on a different flavor.

    I offer a tool that has helped me. I became aware of when I was telling myself a story. Those repetitions of my victim stories caused me too much angst and pain. The endless: why are there tree limbs? why can’t I just have an easy flowing day? Snakes, come on, I hate snakes? Why would the universe make me deal with a snake? I’m not strong enough to carry my boat, what gives with that? (not even noticing the 2 strong friend’s offer of help).

    I got to the point where it was ENOUGH! Stop with the stories. Just stop. Over and over, I had to make myself stop those story lines.

    Which also created more awareness of the two states of being: the one trapped in the story and the one outside of it.

    Keep going!

  6. Seth

    I love Tourmalayne and would love to hear more from her. That is a wise and prudent message that I value immensely and will read over and over. Her humor and tempo is perfect and reminds me of my wise grandmother who was my spiritual mentor. Extreme gratitude to A.S. for this message.

  7. JG

    Tourmalayne, thank you for your thorough, well thought out message.
    As you say, given enough distance, all choices are the same. However, we make them. You wish for Earth to be liberated and you choose to stay in the physical here. Of the countless choices you could make, those were yours. They must have had some kind of ‘umph’ (for want of a better word) behind them. On the 4th+ level, where does choice making arise from?
    I’d love to hear your answer! Thank you.

    1. A.S.

      Hey JG, I’ll answer as myself (who isn’t level 4 yet), because channeling costs me some amount of energy and I have too much on my plate to do individual channelings right now.

      Think back to a time when you were at that moment in level 3: taking effortless action without thinking, being in flow, things just happened. Or your body was just moving on its own, during dancing or martial arts or love-making.

      During those moments, where did your choice making arise from?

      1. JG

        A.S. Thank you for channeling and sharing as much as you do. I’ve benefited from your work and much appreciate it!

        Yes, the effortless action is amazing, isn’t it? If you had told me a few years ago that there was such a thing, I would not have believed it! (being a person who has take a lot massive, full-of-effort action).

        I’m in level 4 (I guess) because I have very challenging life circumstances (money and my body) yet feel at peace. Not 100% honestly, but most of the time. A natural, everything is ok feeling.

        I also have the experience of effortless action once I make a choice to step into a particular ‘stream’ if you will. Such as, I’ll sit at my computer to work on my new business. 10 hours later, I’ve barely noticed time passing.

        Once in the stream of the action I’ve chosen, then the stream takes over. It’s a beautiful level of focus! My mind is quiet and my attention is on what is in front of me. Unlike times in the past, where my mind would be all over the place.

        I have realized since I posted my earlier question that I am in a new place. I’m a different person now. The place is different too. My question was about choice, which stream do I chose to step into in my day. Do I sit at my computer or go cook a meal? Bigger choice making too. How do I bring the desires of my heart into the world?

        To share my initial realizations of this new place, I feel like a brand new blueprint is required. Possibly even new tools. I feel a little lost, actually. All of what worked in the past (through all of the centuries) no longer applies. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. Trust the process probably still applies.

        1. A.S.

          You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing. Great job that you’re in level 4 a good amount of the time.

          Some thoughts that come to my mind are (again, not channeled):

          – maybe stop trying to get somewhere and realize you’re far enough along on the road already that perhaps it’s just time to choose what you want to do? No need to overthink it, this can just be “oh, right now I feel drawn to doing this, let’s do it.”

          – If you do want advice on what to do, can you connect to your soul or higher self or guides?

          (to be continued)

        2. A.S.


          Personally, what I did about four years ago is say out loud “I am service to Source.” And I meant it.

          After that, I started receiving a ton of guidance and mentoring and help from angels and galactics. Then once I was considered ready I got nudged to help humanity in various ways — including, but not limited to these channelings.

          I don’t ever feel bored or lost — on top of my regular life, I have more than enough ways of service that I’m being nudged into. It feels incredibly meaningful and I have great connections and conversations with the galactics, although it can be a bit tiring and overwhelming, and contact with “normal” people has suffered a bit.

          So if that sounds worth doing to you, you could consider doing this too. Although I can’t guarantee that you will have the same experience I did.

          1. JG

            Yes, no question about being in service to the Light! Mine is different, more of the forerunner thing. Which includes feeling lost at times as there isn’t much path to follow. 🙂 I’m use it.

          2. A.S.

            I see.

            I’m reminded of the lyric from Fia in her song “leaving it all behind”:

            It’s the greatest blessing, the biggest curse
            Being one of those who’s walking first
            Leading the way, creating space
            For the new world that we will birth

  8. Luke

    Tourmalayne!! This message is tremendous, thank you.

    It is truly a delight when you are feeling lessons taking shape in yourself and then you read a channeling that echoes that progress.

    I felt some interesting stirrings in my heart when reading your name and I am very much looking forward to having a conversation with you as well.

    For those interested, my weapon of choice is clarity. I feel great intensity that will build up in my chest as I begin to feel overwhelmed. If I take a moment to sit, breathe, and activate the clarity to explore the vibrations coming up in me, then I cut through them effortlessly, see their falseness or illogical nature and immediately am relieved. Takes about two minutes.

    WE are almost there!

    Thank you A.S. for your dedication. Your channelings aid my journey immensely.

    1. A.S.

      Thank you, and others, for your kind words and sharings!

      If you wish to share, I’m curious — what lesson was taking shape in you, that was echoed in this channeling?

    2. JG

      That’s an awesome one! How do you ‘bring’ clarity in? Up from your heart, down thru the top of your head, as examples. What’s your method!

  9. John

    If a negative thought (which is usually a negative emotion transvested as rationale) subtly arises in the alleys of my mind, I like taking it’s subtlety away by dragging it onto the stage and inflating it to humorous proportions. I carefully depict myself a scenario where the spilled milk or whatever puts the very meaning of Life at stake, feel very thankful for the mighty mop on the closet and move on.


    Most beloved Tourmaleyn and channeler A.S.
    Many thanks for this enlightened message/lesson/updating.
    Honestly speaking I cannot recall any experiences in Taygeta.
    Still I am honored if I had ever the chance to be one of YOUR metaphysical students.
    ETs Disclosure. All You say is correct. Still (personal suggestion) from time to time appearance on the sky of UFOs, may signal or prepare the mood and inform the ”VISIBLE” existence of ETs.
    Until we meet – much of Love

  11. Betty

    I am at every level during the day, but the time I am there and the way I feel the levels are not the same. For example, I am currently working mainly on Level 2, but in some quiet moments I can switch to Level 3. I can perceive Level 4, but I do not feel broad enough to live with this consciousness yet.

    And thank you for the special feeling you make me feel, I love you💕🌸💞

  12. Tricia

    Hi Tourmalayne and A.S thank you for the message. Yes I feel we are old friends 🙏 thank you for being of service it helps massively with the support we receive from you beautiful souls. I love and miss you all 💖❤️♥️

  13. sss9873748390203

    I always taught myself, be a good person. don’t put all your time and energy to make money and slave others. I’m so fucking regret. I won’t do this again.

  14. sss9873748390203

    Money can be happiness. no money is punishment. I want money. I want a more relax life. I am so tried. I’m so worried. I want money. if there’s a opportunity I would do little bad things to get money. I really want money. I want to pay my needs.