A Prison Planet No More

By Charlotte Coltman

Planet earth, Terra, is no longer a prison planet.  For those who have consciously been aware of this, this should bring huge relief.  For those reading this for the first time – I am sorry to report things have been far more challenging than you may have ever envisaged.  Thankfully no longer.

The removal of the etheric grid (archon) around the planet is now complete.  This is monumental news, for it allows the transition of many, many, souls who were previously trapped in the sixth dimension (aka purgatory) to transition home.  As a friend said, only those souls who had completed their soul mission, were pure light and had no incomplete learnings or trials to work through, would make it through the grid.

The archon etheric grid was an energetic structure around the planet.  Essentially a lattice like wall (etheric) likened to prison bars in the physical world.  Energy was being drawn from the ley lines across the planet and directed upwards to this grid.  This kept the energetics of the planet in an ever-low frequency.  The third dimension is a range of frequencies and recently humanity has been experiencing particularly dense energies at the lower end of this.

This has been achieved by a range of techniques – dark crystal technology, alchemy, dark magic, utilisation of off-world technology and unloving based intention.  It has been in place since the fall of Atlantis and further strengthened throughout history.  War and trauma of multiple souls was key in maintaining its structure.  Sadly, a number of Satanic practices and artificial energetics further strengthened the grid in more recent years.

When a soul dies in traumatic circumstances it can create a small vortex in the etheric field.  Imagine a war where those injured are suffering and the other side comes along to ensure there are no survivors.  Magnify this on a huge scale (cataclysmic changes on our planet, world wars, huge suffering such as the effects of the slave trade) and these vortices are far greater in size.  Souls do not transition and become stuck in the sixth dimension (Christianity calls this purgatory).  They are released when the vortices are closed.  All other lower forms of muck e.g., demonic entities also spew out and the cleanup job is massive.  This clean up job has been directed by the Pleiadians.

I first encountered vortices in healing church land in Southern England.  The third church I visited seeded the slave trade, then there became a reoccurring theme linked to the slave trade.  At each site a vortex to close, souls to honour and the clean-up crew from the other site of the veil.  My first encounter with the grid was Holy Island: Healing in Holy Island (Lindisfarne) on Holiday – Community Retreats.  Then came the hard graft.  Over eighty sites in four months or so.

There were vortices to close, wormholes, triangulation structures drawing energy from the ley lines and stargates.  I see the etheric.  I have experience healing PTSD and soul retrieval.  I also have innate knowledge of exorcism (the term used by the Church).  I also apparently have an innate knowledge of these structures.  It is why I see these things.

Sites included:

  • Six sites – triangulation points – linked with navigation beacons
  • Seven sites – artificial wormholes – linked to the Georgia stones and the G7
  • Twenty sites – artificial wormholes – linked to G20 and union’s structure e.g., European union (wormholes in wormholes)
  • Monuments such as the Angel of the North in the UK
  • Holy sites and site of pilgrimage e.g., Jesus in Brazil
  • War memorials such as the Cenotaph in London (representing WW1 & WW2)
  • Underwater pyramids including Atlantis, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Greece
  • Multiple sites linked with Obelisks including the Vatican, City of London & Washington DC
  • Other Egyptian obelisks in Egypt and around the world e.g., Cleopatra’s needles
  • Obelisks in Rome linked to the seven deadly sins
  • Sites linked to hybrids and experiments on humans and animals.
  • Russian sites linked to the fall of the Russian empire, Stalin and gulags
  • Egyptian pyramids – with access to other worlds at five sites
  • Pyramids in Arctic (2) and pyramids in Antarctica (9)

Six vortices created by Cern as part of the hadron collider.

Different structures, different sites.  All structures were closed.  All souls releasing with support.  All lower energy forms annihilated.  Sites date back to Atlantis to more recently Cern.  All contributed to keeping the planet in a low density.  Around the time of the French Revolution, the grid was complete.  It was only strengthened thereafter.

Alongside, souls who had lost their way throughout history, were given back the light so their healing journey can begin (agape = Greek, the highest form of love).  This comes from healing trauma, significant trauma.  Some seventeen souls or so were supported.

There has been a huge amount of support for the removal of this grid.  It will make a massive difference and it is hoped that in the coming months all of us will benefit from the lighter energetics.  On a personal note, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the support received especially three beautiful human souls somewhere in the world supporting the souls to transition from the sixth to the seventh dimension.  It is here Mother Mary (and equivalents) take over to support the souls on their journey home.  Supporting souls requires endless compassion and time listening to their stories and honouring their lives.  I would also like to thank my children too, who have helped in their ways – my daughter with her incredible discernment & higher knowledge of Egypt, my son with dragons and crystals.  Thank you for your service.

And so onwards and upwards, I look forward to lighter, happier days ahead.  With love and blessings to all.


5 Replies to “A Prison Planet No More”

  1. Gran

    You can write whatever fiction you like but the evidence can be seen and felt by each of us. I see and feel no change; therefore, I know this to be false.

    1. Dagdahn

      Agreed. Until there are mass arrests of the Cabal and a positive financial reset à la NESARA, this planet will remain in darkness. I don’t like it any more than anyone else, but pretending that things are all love, light, and happiness right now will not save the children of Gaza, not to mention our own.

    2. Emma

      felt by each of us. Yes I feel the evidence of change.

      If you do not feel, see, hear change, then maybe you are false.

      Argentina won today, and will now remove the central bank, and “dolarize” their economy.
      J6 files are now available.
      A new fresh speaker, not from deep state era.
      Pelosi removed from her nice office, moved to common office.
      Biden losing in polls, Trump winning in polls.
      Biden said, he never talked with Hunter, then he never talked with any business partners of Hunters, then he never received money, but ALL have been proven to lies. Biden is on tape saying it will take 20 years to untangle what he did with corruption money, guess it did not take 20 years.
      Many politicians are resigning.
      Many pedohiles are being arrested. Movies are made.
      Twitter is freed (X).
      Courts are not removing Trump from ballots.

  2. Tricia

    Wow thank YOU for your service 🙏💖❤️I hope I can start to feel the effects of this mass clearing.
    I went to Northumberland for the 1st time in June 2023 such a beautiful place, but what a strange holiday it was …. full of emotional rollercoaster, I felt ultra sensitive and very sad at times. We never got to visit holy island because my partner made every excuse in the book not to go and me and my son were disappointed, after reading this their could be a good reason why I really wanted to go and why we didn’t.
    The castles I agree, they seem so beautiful but when I go I get very irritable and want to leave and complain to myself why did I want to go there ??!
    Thank you again for all you do 💖❤️