The Pineal Gland is the Portal of Divine Consciousness

The gland is called “the third eye” for a reason: at the stage of embryonic development it is really an “eye” with a lens, which consists of two halves and then fuses into the likeness of a cone.  Descriptions of the pineal gland from philosophers and scientists of different eras agreed on the fact that it was in it that the “soul” of man was stored.

The gland is named for the fact that it is shaped like a spruce cone. It’s about the size of a pea.

Its most important function is the production of hormones.

Among them, the most important hormone is melatonin.

It’s the hormone of circadian biorhythms, the hormone of youth and the anti-cancer hormone.

We all intuitively KNOW where the pineal gland is located.

The pineal gland, also called the epiphysis, is responsible for the connection between the mundane world and other realities.

The pineal gland is the portal of divine consciousness. The organ that is responsible for the connection between the creative side of the human being, the mind and the Divine Mind. The epiphysis has a complex multi-level structure and acts as a filter between your intention and its realization. The pineal gland is the “biostellar gateway”, the thread that connects the physical and the non-physical, duality and the higher dimension.

Very few people have any idea of the purpose of such an important human organ as the pineal gland or epiphysis. Even in traditional medicine it is still little studied. Meanwhile, it is the pineal gland that is responsible for the most important function of communication with the divine consciousness and for the ability to reveal spiritual vision.

The pineal gland is a portal to the spiritual knowledge within each of us, which is given to us from birth. But due to various circumstances, we have simply forgotten about it. It transmits this knowledge to all the cells of our body, and promotes all positive changes in our biosystem.

Any person with an individual level of spiritual life can activate the pineal gland, but for a higher result, spiritual training, a conscious vision of life is desirable.

If we develop spiritually, increase our awareness, keep our emotions and body pure, experience feelings of joy, happiness, harmony, we will be comfortable enough to activate the pineal gland.

The epiphysis is the mediator of advanced knowledge in the manifestation of reality. It works with the pituitary gland to open the bridge, the portal between the physical and the non-physical, between mind and spirit.

Whatever knowledge you allow yourself to believe becomes reality after the pineal gland opens the gateway to divinity.

It does this by translating the frequency of thought into a thermal bio-chemical electrical flow through your body and opening the mind. Your human brain converts the thoughts you create into thousands of bio-chemical [elements] every second. As we have explained, not every thought of the ordinary brain penetrates the Higher Mind.

Crystal filter of the pineal gland.

The problem most people have with the permanence of their beliefs is blind acceptance of mental three-dimensional programming.

You can think positive thoughts, think positive changes, but if deep in your mind you doubt it will all happen, it will.

Every emotion you feel, every moment of joy and fear produces a chemical enzyme in your body.

Some of them become springboards, others become obstacles. Each of these goes into the pineal gland.

The epiphysis is a finely tuned calcite crystal, piezoelectric in nature, similar to quartz.

It’s a frequency screen, a kind of filter.

Depending on the frequency of the thought or emotion, the pineal gland is a guardian in the path of what enters the portal of creation of the Divine Mind. It is in a rather constructive way a defense mechanism that prevents certain negative thoughts from manifesting.

It also prevents any thoughts with a negative field from entering.

Negative thoughts are fear, doubt and the like. Understand, it works both ways. According to this, every intention that you strongly or slightly doubt cannot enter the programming. Do you understand?

Doubt is one of the blocks that prevent the manifestation of your desires.

If you doubt, you do not believe.

Doubt creates a biochemical reaction in the brain.

It activates a neural flow in the brain that goes from the pituitary gland to the epiphysis and blocks the opening of the “portal” (entrance through the pineal gland).

Doubt arises because you don’t believe.

The life-sustaining aspect of individual personality brain programming uses “fear” in duality as a warning system.

However, the duality aspect is a double-edged sword, as such fear, when taken out of context, can move into many negative emotions, including depression, doubt, hatred, jealousy, and self-doubt.

These are fundamentally negative aspects of fear, and fear creates interference in the auric field and can lead to auric “leakage”. As taught in the Metatronic Keys – the human aura must be whole in order to expand into Meg-Ka-Na. An energy field covered with cracks and breaks is not able to function optimally in the Law of Creation.

What role does the pineal gland


Perhaps, it is the most important of all your subtle sense organs, because it absorbed the qualities of the sixth and seventh chakras, and not only absorbed, but many times strengthened them.

Your “THIRD EYE”, Crown Chakra and Cervical Gland form a certain divine triangle, which in case of activation of all three of its components is the most powerful STIMULATOR of spiritual growth of a human being.

Why is the pineal gland NOT part of the chakra system?

The fact is that in the overwhelming majority of people it is in a Dormant state and it can be awakened only by those who have the sixth and seventh chakras fully OPEN and are their everyday “working tool”.

And then the pineal gland, which serves as a SPIRIT between man and the Higher Powers of the Universe, comes into its own.

We can say that its “fuel” is the high vibrations of the sixth and seventh chakras, without which its “launch” is IMPOSSIBLE.

The energies of these two chakras flow into it like a reservoir and, mixing there, are transformed into a completely new kind of energy, which allows a person to reach the level of VIBRATIONS of the Higher Powers of the Universe.

A powerful energy surge occurs, which is a SIGN for the Forces of Light that there is one more person on Earth with whom they can make contact and be heard.

And this contact may not happen immediately or not at all – it depends on many factors, but in any case a person with a “reanimated” pineal gland will never be able to live as before.

His consciousness, outlook, way of life, environment, and needs will change dramatically.

This will be a GOD-MAN who has descended into the world of the third dimension, which he sees through and which he will definitely try to change – each one by virtue of his abilities.

Someone goes out to full-fledged Service, giving all his forces and time for the Enlightenment of people, receiving information from the Higher Powers, and someone just carries Light and Love to people, showing by his EXAMPLE that in any conditions, even the most difficult ones, it is possible to live differently, following the Laws of the Universe, and not the usual stereotypes of thinking and behavior, which only drive a person into a dead end.

But you must know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to activate the cervical gland by artificial means.

It will awaken only WHEN YOU ARE READY to accept this Gift of Heaven, that is, when your sixth and seventh chakras can provide it with high quality “fuel”.

So please do NOT set yourself the goal of activating your pineal gland at all costs.

The BEST thing you can do is to live calmly in COMPLIANCE with the Universal Laws, CONTROL your thoughts and emotions, and get rid of the stereotypes of the dual world and habitual patterns of behavior.

And then everything will happen by itself, naturally and imperceptibly and exactly at the moment when you need it like air.

One of the parameters of Readiness for the transition to high dimensions is the SETUP of your ORGANISM to receive the new HIGH VIBRATION ENERGIES.

It includes several components.

First of all, it is the ability to absorb the new energies in such a way that they are evenly distributed throughout the body.

The main “ANTENNAs” receiving the energies of high vibrations coming now from the cosmos are the UPPER CHAKRAS of a human being and his Cervical Gland.

With Love, Liberty

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  1. The Heat Is On

    Would be nice if humanity could utilise it. But poor diet and fluoridization just creates more calcification.

    1. Jo Ann Louise Jones

      Yes, fluoridization of our water has been going for eons. This last 2 years, I finally decided to buy a steam water distiller and make my own water because the Burkey Systems did not remove fluoride effectively. Steam distillation removes fluoride as well as a lot of other bad stuff, but also good minerals. So, I add trace minerals after I make the distilled water. Tastes great. I also use it to brush my teeth as well as drink. I hope that allows my pineal gland to de-calcify ! I am so glad I found this website! I was reading Patrick Bellringer’s article on Saint Andrews Twin Flame website, and this was a link to one of the articles. Patrick was the owner of FourWinds10 website prior to his passing. That’s where the Phoenix Journals are located. Namaste !