The High Council: A New Paradigm

Channel: Nadina Boun

You are here to spread your light, to spread your love, to spread your joy. You can say you are an influencer and it is natural to you.

Every experience you have tells you something. When you have a positive, joyful experience, you learn you want more of that. When you have a not so joyful experience, you also learn that you don’t want more of that. Negative experiences are not there for you to run away from or push against. They are there for you to experience, so that you can create what you prefer.

It is time to create a new blueprint if you want, for what next you desire to experience. If you had a toxic relationship, it taught you that you don’t want to have such experiences, nor feel these yucky emotions you were feeling. Rather than run away and avoid such people and experiences, you need to be the creator that you are and create, summon if you want, the kind of relationship you prefer. Because you learned what you no longer want to experience but it doesn’t stop there by saying no thanks. You must define what kind of experience you then prefer.

The more you define from the ashes of the old, the more you create a new image. The unpleasant experiences teach you about what you don’t want, but as a creator being, you have to then define what it is you want. You don’t want to leave it blank because more like it will come for you to define. Nature doesn’t like a vacuum, so if you dont fill in those spaces with what you specifically want, nature will fill out the blanks for you until you decide, you see.

Life doesn’t stand still because you said “I don’t want more of that anymore.” It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering food, saying you don’t want fries. The waiter will still suggest to you everything else on the menu, some you like, some you don’t, unless you are specific. It is time you get specific.

You have heard that you are creating the new earth. What better way to create it than from your current experiences in this earth. All your experiences are lessons of what you want more of and what you no longer want. And for every experience you no longer want it is always the opposite end of the spectrum that you want, and you need to clarify that to yourself and make that statement to the universe, to the world, to the collective you are part of.

There is nothing to run away from. There is nothing to push against once you understand you can create from it the exact opposite, shall we say compliment, for both are the two ends of the same stick. See, we said transformation happens along the same line, from cold to hot but never from cold to rough, as that is a different feature.

Therefore these so called negative experiences that keep coming up lately from your past are reminders for you to begin to create the new blueprint, the new qualities, the new experiences you wish to have as you continue on to the new earth. You don’t want to leave it to chance either. It’s a good thing that these are coming up for your review so that you have more subjects, more experience, more variety from which to create.

Of course you can say i want joy and freedom and fun. But when you remember a time when this was not so, it teaches you more clearly what it means to have more freedom joy and fun. Now you put it in context and it makes more sense because it is more relevant to you and your experience rather than being a notion, an idea. For remember, ideas can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. The more examples you have, the more expressions you allow, so you can experience it in mind, in vision, before you even experience it in the physical, in your reality.

And the more global you are, the better, that way you create for others the same joyful experience you desire for yourself. It is no longer a self serving desire, but a genuine desire for more love, joy, light, cheer. When you go hungry for a day, it teaches you to never want to feel that hunger again, it teaches you then that you want to always feel full. And you can then realize that your desire is now so big that you desire every person on the planet be full. It is no longer a desire to be full and to hell with the rest you see, and there is a difference, a big difference, for one is creating for self and one is co creating with the entire collective.

Each and every person has had some negative experiences but no one needs pity for what they endured, they need a new way of experiencing the same, a more expanded way of experiencing the same. And while some are still in that yucky, murky water, you can begin to create that new experience for them. So you begin to create as a conscious, powerful, sovereign, free, adored being, your version of these experiences, which if you look closely is always a joyful one, a more expanded one, a more empowering one, a fuller experience if you want.

So begin now with every thing coming your way asking you, do you still want me there or are you ready to write a new story, a new chapter, build a new blueprint? When you are hurt because you trusted the wrong person, you don’t want to give up on trust, you want to create a new experience where the people you meet are trustworthy. When you are hurt in love, you don’t want to give up on love, you want to create those experiences that keep you thriving in love, you see. And that’s how it goes with every experience.