Daily Message for 11/15/2023

You are a walking sun, whose power and pure light are carrying this world into a new reality. It is why you were chosen to be a part of this grand mission. The Cosmic Councils knew that with your presence, Earth’s Ascension would be a success. What you are accomplishing in this lifetime is a badge of honor to your Soul for eternity. ~Kejraj

4 Replies to “Daily Message for 11/15/2023”

  1. CosmicCustodian

    All Lightworkers and Lightwarriors on Earth have dealt with loneliness, ridicule, scorn, and constant brutal attacks from both physical and non physical evil for years, sometimes decades. It has been an honor to serve alongside you on this most difficult mission! The champagne is on ice, what a grand celebration it will be!!🍾🥂🎉🎆🎇

  2. Nicolazur

    Comme c’est beau !
    Un petit rappel qui entretient notre courage et notre patience.

    Chaque jour, captons la Lumière en conscience pour l’irradier,
    pour le bien de tou-te-s !

    Merci Kejraj , Affaire(s) à suivre !!!