Benjamin Fulford Report: UNITED STATES CORP., Israel, Poland and Ukraine may Cease to Exist as KM Defeated

The geopolitical situation is in the middle of a collapse of the USASR-type situation. This will lead to many countries disappearing from the map in their current form. Countries likely to disappear include Israel, the United States, Ukraine and Poland. This comes as Rockefeller stooge president Joe Biden is set to sign surrender documents in San Francisco this week to the greater planetary liberation alliance, Western White hat and Asian secret society sources say.

What is happening is that a centuries-old Satanic plan to use three world wars to turn the planet into a giant slave plantation has ended in failure. The Khazarian Mafia hoped to use this plan to rule the world from Israel and greater Khazaria (Ukraine+Khazakhstan etc.). Instead, as we shall see below, the KM have been decisively defeated in the Ukraine and will soon be in Israel.

“Ukraine is an essential piece that we cannot afford to lose on the geopolitical chessboard…our current path…means that our global order is dead on its’ feet,” admits Nathaniel Rothschild who has taken over the KM now that much of the Octagon group has been neutralized.

The defeat of this plan means many borders may return to a situation similar to what existed before the KM engineered World War I, the sources say.

In other words, Germany will return to something of its’ First Reich borders, the Austro-Hungarian Empire may re-emerge as a republic and the Turkish Ottoman Empire may once again turn Judea (misleadingly called Palestine or Israel) into a protectorate. Needless the say the rights and autonomy of the Poles, Jews and Judeans (“Palestinians”), etc. would be protected under such a scenario. 

However, the changes may be more far-reaching than that because the satanic UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is set to be dismantled as a result of the victory of the American people in their second revolution. The Republic of the United States of North America is likely to emerge as a replacement for the corporation when all the dust settles.

This may all sound far-fetched but facts in the real world make this the most likely scenario.

Let us start with the situation surrounding IS (ISIS the moon goddess) RA (the Egyptian sun god) EL (the creator).

The Jews know their own government attacked them to justify war in the Gaza Strip. A leaked video from the Israeli Air Force shows that it was the Israeli Apache helicopters that bombed its citizens during the “Delirium” festival on October 7, not Hamas!

Also, now even Jewish holocaust survivors are getting arrested for antisemitism [anti-satanism].

No wonder Haaretz, a major mainstream Israeli Newspaper said:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is meant to be leading the country, is a haunted politician facing the end of his career, with the present troubles compounding the serious criminal entanglement into which he maneuvered himself with his own hands. Netanyahu does not enjoy the public’s confidence, and most of his efforts are invested in his personal survival. 

Last week leaders of all the Muslim countries gathered in response to the Satanic massacre of Judeans in Gaza ordered by the Satanist Netanyahu.

At the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IOC) in Saudi Arabia last weekend a consensus was reached to end Israeli mischief once and for all. The IOC countries agreed they would not be fooled by the KM into starting World War III. Instead, they will follow the playbook of the neighbors of the original Khazaria.

The IOC will issue an ultimatum to Israel and its’ KM overlords to stop their criminal and anti-social behavior around the world. They will threaten to attack Israel with an army of over 5 million that outnumbers them by 10 to 1 unless they arrest the war criminals in their government and subject themselves to Turkish guardianship.

This is why Tass reports Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning a “global initiative” to resolve the Gaza crisis.

Also, look at how Rockefeller slave Anthony Blinken gets the cold shoulder in Turkey as he tries to forestall this move. The current US regime has no credibility in the region.

Furthermore, any nuclear blackmail attempt by the Israelis will be countered by Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

The Chinese and Russians also support such a plan.

No matter what though, this is not going to turn into the KM’s long-planned Gog (the G7) versus Magog (The SCO) all-out nuclear war scenario to kill 90% of humanity. The US, Chinese and Russian militaries will not go along. The US military is no longer under the control of the KM, Pentagon sources explain. Even if compromised leaders try to order such a scenario, 72% of Americans say they will not support their armed forces in the event of a major war. The military rank and file is with the American people and not the KM.

Take a look at how CNN tries to suppress real US military views by cutting off this soldier. 

In any case, we are getting reports the US mainland itself is now under attack, meaning no troops would be available to fight in the Middle East. The most dramatic evidence of this is coming from Los Angeles. “Every night around 2 AM US military troops are arriving by truck along the main boulevards of Long Beach California. The troops are going underground and loud explosions that are not earthquakes are being heard. When I asked a soldier at the cafeteria of the port facility who they were fighting he said they were fighting

Mexican Narcos and Chinese troops,” a logistics officer at the Long Beach port facility told highly respected Jim Willie of the Hat Trick Newsletter.

The fighting is centered around the Getty Museum cage center, Willie says.  

We also got confirmation from a senior Mexican cartel official that revenge for the Directed Energy Weapon attack on Acapulco was under way. “Chinese troops have landed there,” he says adding “I envisage an attack on Las Vegas in the form of a tragedy.” The cartels vow there will be a “Reconquista” of the parts of Mexico taken from them in the Mexican-American war.

These reports are partially confirmed by massive mysterious fires breaking out in Los Angeles.

Also “a rare magnitude 5.2 earthquake” hit Mentone, Texas near the Mexican border last week. A shallow depth of 4.34 miles, according to the USGS means “this was a DUMB taken out for sure,” according to a CIA official.

Other sources implicate the KM in all this saying At least a million, possibly two million terrorists are already here from Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, etc., etc., and they are extremely well funded and get this, the Biden Administration working with the UN has given them debit cards that are reloaded every month.” The KM most likely hopes to use these fifth columnists to defend themselves from the American people.

There is also financial warfare taking place against the US Corporation. The Chinese have been dumping US Treasuries in an attempt to collapse the FRB and their Washington DC subsidiary. This prompted the KM to retaliate by hacking Chinese bank computer systems. Reuters reported this attack as follows:

A ransomware attack on the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) disrupted some trades in the U.S. Treasury market on Thursday, the Treasury Department said.

A Canadian intelligence agency says what really happened was:

“The Fed put out a $24 TRILLION bond for countries to buy to cover the debt- NO ONE BOUGHT EVEN A PENNY. China bought oil futures from IRAN and paid 33 TRILLION BUT NOT IN US $ – what does that tell you about the USA in world affairs; THEY ARE FINISHED”

These battles are taking place in the run-up to the summit meeting between “President” Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 15th. Our sources tell us “Biden” (the Rockefellers) will try to appease Xi by offering the State of California to China.

However, the Chinese have made it clear the US has to “let go of its arrogance and prejudice, and quit its hegemonic, domineering and bullying practices.”

The Chinese foreign ministry notes “the United States has fought or been militarily involved with almost all the 190-odd countries recognized by the United Nations with only three exceptions. The three countries were ‘spared’ because the United States did not find them on the map.”

The KM also use propaganda to demonize leaders they overthrow. As an example, listen to Ugandan leader Idi Amin who was overthrown and portrayed as a madman because he kicked out the Zionist Jews 

As an alternative to this kind of activity China is proposing “a new model of state-to-state relations featuring dialogue and partnership, not confrontation or alliance.”

The White Dragon Society has warned the Chinese not to make any deal whatsoever with the KM and their US Corporate subsidiary. The KM will tell the Chinese whatever they want to hear and then stab their backs as soon as they get the opportunity. Instead, they have been advised to let the current KM system implode and wait for the white hats to clean up the mess.

As American patriot leader Colonel Douglas MacGregor says, “Trust no one within the beltway [of Washington DC].”

The graphic below is just one example of how the so-called politicians do not represent the American people.

Another sign of how out of touch with reality North American politicians are is this video that CasTrudeau posted on his social media in which he explains that he is getting his “booster” while wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Vaccines cause adults” carries .

She gave him the injection in his left arm and put a plaster on his right arm.

The implosion is not far away. Unless the US corporation goes bankrupt before winter, approximately 180 million Americans and Canadians will freeze due to insufficient energy supplies during extreme cold periods, lack of fuel for the Bulk Power System (BPS) and fuel for “There is a shortage of natural gas- fired generators,” says the 2023-24 Winter Reliability Assessment (WRA).

Now Moody’s has just downgraded US debt. In my experience, a Moody’s downgrade comes far too short and far too late. The US is already below junk levels and the claim that its AAA rating is in danger of being downgraded is a joke.

Let’s all hope that the Chinese don’t get suckered into handing over more money and that the US government doesn’t extend the debt ceiling beyond November 15th.

If they stay in business, there is a real risk that we will end up in digital captivity. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde admits that the EU’s new central bank – the digital euro – will be used for control. EU citizens already face imprisonment or fines for making cash transactions over 1000 euros, but the introduction of the digital euro will make financial totalitarianism easier. The same is true with the FRB.

The KM is also begging to reopen its political bribery money laundering operation in Ukraine. Here you can see a funny video from Russian KM agent Vladimir Zelinsky in which he says his laundry is still open for business. Listen to how he puts it:

“If you cannot support us financially, please give us credit and we will give you money back.

This is one of the worst war criminals in history. Organized child trafficking in Ukraine “encompasses the entire spectrum from the search for a new family somewhere in Western Europe, without the consent or even the knowledge of the biological parents, to sex trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia and the murder of these children, their hearts “, kidneys and livers are sold on the international black market for organ trafficking,” reports the Polish secret service.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova confirms that “representatives of a health ministry in a NATO country reached an agreement with some ‘private businessmen’, supported by the Ukrainian health ministry and the presidential office, to purchase a refrigerated wagon containing human organs and body parts to deliver.”

No wonder that the so-called King Charles III. was deposed by England, according to MI6, after he made a speech in which he claimed, among other things:

“My ministers will work closely with international partners to support Ukraine.”

This site will be closed soon. General Valerii Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, has launched a military coup in Ukraine. In the video below he says, among other things: “Understand, there were fifty million of us, now there are less than twenty of us left. If we don’t stop Zelensky, he will lead all Ukrainians to the slaughter… I order all military personnel, “To immediately leave the combat zone and take power in the cities under the control of the military.”

No wonder the KM-driven Biden show is distancing itself from this issue. The Washington Post published a report accusing Ukraine of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline. “It looks as if Zelensky and his officers are being thrown in front of the bus. Interesting that this is coming out now,” comments a Mossad official.

Germany, meanwhile, is taking steps to take over not only Ukraine, but also Poland and Latvia. The former German ambassador to Warsaw, Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, suggested in a German newspaper that German troops should be permanently stationed in Poland.

The European Union is trying to introduce a “German plan” that would lead to the “destruction of the Polish state,” warns Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland’s ruling party.

“A ‘defense union’ should also be founded, which can rely on Polish armed forces without the consent of the government in Warsaw,” warns Jerzy Kwaśniewski – President of the Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture. “The European treaties do not contain a definition of the rule of law,” he adds.

For their part, the KM have presented a “10-point peace plan”. This plan includes “radiation and nuclear safety,” “food safety,” “energy security,” and “immediate environmental protection.” Translated: “If you don’t give us money, we will cut off your food and energy and cause nuclear poisoning and environmental destruction.”

For example, to me this looks like a veiled threat to cause famine:

Sara Menker, founder and CEO of Gro Intelligence, warned that the current food crisis will exceed that of 2007-08. In Syria, food inflation rose by 2,000%, in Lebonan by 1,200% and in Argentina by 700%. She said the food crisis is far from over for most people in the world.

They also make DEW threats. Check out what they are doing with HAARP. They create an artificial glow in the sky for four days.

This was followed by news reports like the following:

A solar superstorm could wipe out the internet for weeks or months, a scientist says… We may admire the Northern Lights, but that same solar storm energy could one day cause what one researcher has dubbed an “internet apocalypse.” ….The power grid, satellites, underground copper-clad fiber optic cables, navigation and GPS systems, radio transmitters and communications equipment are all at risk,” says Peter Becker of the US Naval Research Laboratory.

Then we’re seeing about 24,000 quakes in Iceland since the end of October, which could trigger some kind of volcanic super-eruption.

“What else are they doing without informing the public? A whole lot… earthquakes, volcanoes and weather changes,” said a Pentagon source.

However, the Chinese and Russians will not be intimidated because they have similar weapons.

However, the Chinese and Russians should look into their own medical facilities, because they have been infiltrated just as thoroughly as the Western ones by the KM’s pharmaceutical side.

For example, we now have evidence that graphene oxide, used for mind control through electronics, was present in the COVID-19 vaccines.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has responded to calls for Dr. Anthony Fauci and others responsible for the US response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 11&src_cmp=health-2023-11-11&utm_medium=email&est=vhcXkvKVFxUuigbZCE0viNNJRBoHZVijafwg87ozxkWtXhZpCTHknWAHNAQDz9fFRA%3D%3D

Dr. David E. Martin calls for the complete destruction of the World Health Organization (WHO) for crimes against humanity and bioterrorism (September 13, 2023 speech: @DrDMartinWorld)

“Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy by criminal fraudsters leading to global terrorism for profit and murder; as long as we don’t have that conversation, we are having the wrong conversation.”

The Chinese and Russians must take similar measures. We would also like to call on the Chinese to take action against these fake eggs.

The whole world wants a return to truth and reason. The sooner the better.


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  1. Saphire

    Finally a focus on the mess in the West! We are expected by the Federation/Pleadian Council to clean up our own dirty laundry. We are going to need the Military to help clean up the cabal, cartels and drugs issue. USA Wake Up!!!!

    1. Paladin

      I don’t have any confidence in the military. The culture of masculinity and marshall force needed to be effective is gone. Now the military is full of mentally deranged woke feminists and crossdressers who think they are women.

  2. Leslie

    No doubt the world is changing now, but for the better? Cannot quite believe what is happening but if good change comes out of it I’m in. Can we trust anything right now? We have been beaten, raped, robbed and left for dead. Who is going to stand up for us? We will because everyone else is in it. Yes, it’s on us. We will find out soon just how strong, or weak, we really are.

  3. Greg O'Neill

    Ben fails to cover the Quantum Financial System (QFS), and Revaluation of undervalued currencies, with the replacement of the worthless FRN/USD with the asset backed USTN/USN US Treasury Note, and the restored constitutional republic replacing the corporate USA Inc. in the foreign territory, District of Columbia, with its body double Obama puppet, ‘China Joe’ being played by an actor, with the real Joe executed in 2020 for treason.

    1. Emma

      Can you provide a source for Biden executed that is NOT Baxter?
      Baxter (RRN) is a fraudster, because fraud = money in the bank.

      Yes I know the ear thing, but I can also claim that his ears have changed because they have fittet af hearing device to his ears, so they can give him the answers.

  4. jay carter

    sneaky people always trying to change what God said and even bold enough to write it in your title to eliminate Israel and make God a liar you can speak for the devil all you want but the outcome of all this was decided at creation your sheep outfit and voice is not fooling anyone

    1. Emma

      All words from God is written by humans, so humans would be the liars.

      History and scriptures are manipulated by deep state, and they plan for a long time, so do not just believe anything the evil ones has written about Is-ra-el.

  5. Felipe

    Gracias Gracias Gracias por mantenernos informados. Sr periodista, su labor, está trayendo a muchos a la luz de la verdad. Y sí, queremos paz, prosperidad, y verdad reparadora. No más de estos KM