From 3D To 4D And 5D: Black Pyramid

By Lev

On 12 November 2023, the Lightwarriors’ ground team disclosed details of their new operation on the Earth’s Subtle Plane. It became the final stage of other ops that they conducted earlier with the elementals of earth, water, air and fire (see – Operations In The Maldives, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 26 and 27 June 2022; Operations In Iran, DNI, 12 January 2023; Operation Air Matrix, DNI, 27 January 2023). This time, Co-Creators and Galacom instructed the group to eliminate the Black Crystal of Negative Alien Archons (NAA), preserved in the mountains of one of the Southern European countries. What was it like?

Its history goes back to the time of the Earth’s birth. For the planet’s evolution, Co-Creators installed in its core the Causal Matrix with a special Crystal, which generated a substance of Ideal Reality, consisting of four elementals. Via a network of 144 Portals, pyramid-shaped mountains, inside which copies of the Crystal were placed, the substance was evenly distributed throughout the globe by pulses from the terrestrial core. On the surface, it was consumed and sucked back into the waste form, where it was cleaned, and then jetted out again.

Seized Earth, NAA quickly established the locations of such Portals and repeatedly tried to gain access to their software. This gave unlimited opportunities to use the energy of the elementals, to parasitize on and manipulate them. During one of the operations in the Maldives (see Part 1), Lightwarriors had to fight and destroy one of the main Curators who run controlled the earth elemental. As has often happened in the history of the planet, he was originally a Light Entity, but switched to the Dark Side, attracted by the NAA’s proposal to join their terrestrial rulers.

Since the earth elemental is dominant over all others, Dark Curator had an access code to some gateways, through which the substance of Ideal Reality from the core filled the space of the planet. It was he who helped capture the above-mentioned Southern European Portal and its Crystal. This Black Pyramid was controlled by reptilians, who built their abode and a giant complex of laboratories, test sites, incubators, repositories of sacred artifacts and installations very similar to drawings of New York based artist Samuel Gomez.

They brought all this and much more from their cosmic habital and used to incarnate into human bodies and control this part of Earth. The most valuable in the sactum were embryos-carriers of their DNA, so a considerable part of the Earth’s elite loved to hold the meetings here. For millennia, the Black Pyramid pumped out of Earth the purest energy of Ideal Reality, which the reptilians partially consumed on the spot, and partially redirected to other planets, owns and their space allies.

Two years ago, Co-Creators began to return ALL such Portals under their strict control. At their request, Lightwarriors took part in this and came into direct contact with the Reptiloids’ Hierarch and the Guardian of the Black Pyramid (see – New Galactic Ops, Part 4, DNI, 23 February 2021). He agreed to cooperate in exchange for the opportunity to evacuate from Earth along with his entire local diaspora. They understood that they would not survive in the new, continuously increasing frequencies of 4D/5D.

This is one of the rarest cases of the Reptiloids refusal to use earthlings as a human shield and hostages, and consent to all the conditions of Co-Creators. Namely, to fully open the Black Pyramid base for inspection, dismantle all its installations, laboratories and other facilities, and take with them only sacred objects, some crystals and NOTHING MORE. When the bargain was almost clenched, irreconcilable Reptiloids and Dracos’ factions intervened, who still consider Earth their property and categorically refuse to leave it.

They demonstrated their boldness and power by killing millions of people by pandemics, local wars and bloody conflicts, climatic and tectonic weapons, aggravation of geopolitical confrontation and economic crisis. For two years, this slowed down, but could not completely stop the negotiations between Co-Creators and the Galacom, on one side, and the Reptiloids’ brass-tack realists, on the opposite side. As part of the agreement reached, the Ashtar Fleet opened a corridor for them, through which they safely left our planet. After that, the ground team could proceed with the main part of their operation – to dismantle the Black Pyramid, neutralize and annihilate all the karma, accumulated in it, put a new one in place of the old Crystal, and restart the Portal in the previous design mode.

The most difficult stage was the disassembly of the Crystal, mutilated and by the strongest karmic poison. To process it in their multidimensional bodies, all team members took a small dose of this super toxic substance, because even a small group could not cope with it. And even by distributing the load as widely as possible among them, all Lightwarriors could not avoid severe poisoning with vomiting blood, high fever, painful spasms, fainting and coma, which lasted for several days.

But in the end, everyone got through and annihilated entire karma in Black Pyramid on the physical and Subtle Plane.A few days later, Lightwarriors put the final point in this operation by installing in the Pyramid a new Ideal Reality Crystal, consisting of previously fully purified elementals of earth, water, air and fire. Next, they had to activate it. And here the situation was repeated, about which Disclosure News narrated a month ago (see – Upsurgence, Part 2, DNI, 16 October 2023).

At the Co-Creators’ request, the team leader and his dipole again singled out an aspects from their multidimensional bodies, and after merging, as the fifth element, added to other four, igniting and speeding up the Crystal at full capacity. Now, both Crystals actively saturate the planetary space with the substance of Ideal Reality, complementing the radiations of the new Earth’s Logos.

This success is only another episode of the destruction of the once unified multidimensional NAA’s planet’s infrastructure that expanded deep into the Local Universe. There is still a lot of the same tough, Time and forces consuming work ahead to remove the Darks’ legacy. Including huge energy installation, located in the Indian Ocean’s area, and also called the Black Pyramid. This operation is scheduled for 2024. As for this year, immediately after the op, described above, Lightwarriors conducted several more in the Middle East that DNI will disclose very soon.


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