Help Yourself Move into the 5Th Dimension

By Liberty

Planet Earth and HUMANITY TOGETHER with it continue an exciting journey into the WORLD OF HIGH VIBRATIONS.

How to understand whether we are ready to move FURTHER and FORWARD and HELP YOURSELF in the TRANSITION PERIOD, will tell you an excerpt from a wonderful channeling from the Renaissance website.

… The fact that changes are coming leaves no doubts for anyone, except for people who are at a very low level of their spiritual development.

As for you, the Light workers, and those who have finally embarked on the path of spiritual development, you perfectly understand that there is no turning back.
All your thoughts, desires, dreams are directed to the future, since your Soul has chosen Ascension.

And now what do you need to do in order for this to happen as soon as possible and as NATURALLY as possible?

This hint will become for you a kind of action plan for the near future.

So, let’s start with the fact that ALL YOUR DOUBT IS LEFT BEHIND.

You BELIEVE and KNOW that Ascension is a REALITY: the process of the Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension has already been launched and is gaining momentum every day.

You FEEL change is in the air.

You FEEL with your whole being how everything around you is filled with the energies of the highest vibrations.

And this is already the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT SIGN THAT YOU ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS PROCESS, its participant, and NOT an outside observer.

Many of you are starting to live OUTSIDE of society, NO MORE INTO THE TRAPS for human souls placed at every step in the form of propaganda, advertising, false values imposed on you.

You begin to FEEL ALL THE FALSE OF THE MODERN WORLD and those in power at its helm, leading humanity into the abyss.

And this is the SECOND SIGN that YOU HAVE BREAKED OUT OF THE WAY OF DUALITY and GAINED A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS – that you already live in the world of the FOURTH DIMENSION.

This means that you have just a LITTLE left to step with the Earth into the new world of the Fifth Dimension.

What do you need to do for this?


Do not forget EVERY DAY to dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time to meditations on CLEARING your EARTH and on MOVING into the FIFTH DIMENSION.

You can break your meditations into several parts, and this will help you stay in good shape throughout the day and keep your vibration level high.


Wherever you are, always FILL YOURSELF WITH THE ENERGY OF LIGHT and LOVE so that it serves as a protection against low vibrations and, in turn, dissolves all negative energies that may come your way.

IMAGINE yourself as an inextinguishable Divine lamp that brings people LIGHT, LOVE and HEAT.


Learn to remain CALM and HARMONIOUS in any situation,

DO NOT take part in disputes and conflicts,

DO NOT teach people, DO NOT impose your opinion on them,

but just TREAT THEM with LOVE, feel their tender soul, which they often hide from everyone, afraid to seem weak and defenseless.


Live in TRUST in the WORLD.

Let your UNLIMITED FAITH into your Soul that nothing bad can ever happen to you, because you are under the PERMANENT and RELIABLE PROTECTION OF THE HIGHEST FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE, and they will NOT offend you.


Live for TODAY.

Don’t put off your dreams and desires.

ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF BEING: love, create, live a full, rich and happy life, and then it will smoothly and imperceptibly flow to the new Earth – to the Fifth Dimension.

Create it now and dissolve in it!


DO NOT blame your loved ones for not understanding you, but just enjoy communication with them and send them all your Love.

Remember that YOU CHOSEN THEM YOURSELF to go through as many LESSONS on Earth as possible, and that they are your MAIN TEACHERS.


Lead people to Ascension by YOUR EXAMPLE, NOT by words and teachings.

Radiate TENDERNESS, WARMTH, LOVE, HARMONY and PEACE, and then they will really want to follow you and BECOME LIKE you.

Below an interesting excerpt from a conversation with a Chinese Spiritual teacher.

If you catch the main thing – you can say this is a plan for the transition of Consciousness into a five-dimensional space, a guide to the Transition 

FREE WILL is a very interesting thing.

It can LEAD the soul to FALL into the Abyss, or it can lead to UNIMAGINABLE HEIGHTS…

It all depends on HOW YOU USE IT.



THE FIRST STAGE, which the soul must take, is to learn to live in the heavenly world, WITHOUT DISTURBING ITS BEAUTY, HARMONY and BALANCE.

This is the ETHICS OF RELATIONSHIPS with embodied beings and all other elements of Creation.

I, like any Avatar, told people about the laws that they should be guided by when interacting with the outside world.

I taught people, first of all, ethics.

It is people who need to be taught ethics: after all, LOWER FORMS OF LIFE almost NEVER BREAK THE HARMONY OF THE WORLD.

The desire to BREAK THE LAWS of Tao is inherent in a HUMAN …

The soul, which turned out to be able to intellectually comprehend, absorb these laws and build its life in accordance with them, took the first barrier of impeccability.

And Tao allows such souls, impeccable in worldly things, to move on.

At the SECOND STAGE, people who observe the laws of beauty MUST TURN THEMSELVES into BEAUTY.

They must MERGE with BEAUTY TOGETHER, become it.

This, of course, is NOT about decorating bodies, but about TRANSFORMING YOURSELF AS A SOUL into BEAUTY.

This stage is mastered through psych energetics — CLEARANCE OF CHAKRAS and other structures of the body, and then DEVELOPMENT OF YOURSELF AS A SPIRITUAL HEART.

There can be many methodological variations here, but their essence is the same: there is “Heavenly” – Tao, there is “earth” – the material world, and there is also a soul that must pave its way from “earth” to “Heavenly”, from “yin”
to Jan.

At the end of this Path, the soul merges with the Beauty of Tao and becomes It.

 THE THIRD STAGE OF POSSESSION OF PERFECTION consists in the fact that the soul, merged with Tao, learns to ACTIVELY CREATE THE HIGHEST BEAUTY on the EARTH — with each of its WORD, THOUGHT, ACTION splashing into the world of the Spark of Beauty from the Infinite Ocean of Tao…

… I started My Avatar Service at the dawn of the life of the planet Earth.

China has been the main area of application of My powers for thousands of years.

I carried to people the laws of morality and the laws of comprehension of the Highest.

I manifested the Love of God — into the world, so that people would want to become like Me.

There is a law of similarity: “Like attracts like.”

I sowed grains of Love in souls — and then for centuries I could attract them into Myself by the Great Universal Magnet — Great Love!

I have come to Earth many times.

I remained in legend as the first Divine Emperor of China.

(conversations with the Divine master HUANG – DI)

With Love, Liberty

“Island of Light” in English

“The Island of Light” in Russian

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