Paul The Venetian: Regaining Immortality

Channel: Aurelia

Think before you speak, act and feel: If you take time to think before you speak, act and feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony and peace. As soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled, the divine blueprint of perfection begins to reestablish itself as your Higher Mental Body (or Holy Christ Self) returns the electrons to their natural orbits and frequencies. Those who come to a state of mastery and peace attain great beauty.

Old Age and Disintegration: The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of Light used within the four lower vehicles—the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. The natural emanation of Light through those bodies forms the protecting wall of your auric field, known as the Tube of Light. When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organ and cells, they draw less light from the Higher Mental Body and the natural resistance of the individual grows weaker. This initiates what you call “aging.”

When you, as an individual, and the rest of the human race learn to remain harmonious at all times and the energies released through your various bodies is always harmonious and joyful, there will be no such thing as old age or disease. This is how, in the very near future, you will start creating your im-mortality increment by increment.

Growing More Beautiful as you Grow Older: When you learn to raise your vibration to a high level of love and harmony, and are able to maintain this frequency, as a way of life, a state of great beauty and harmony will be expressed within your lifestream. The bodies of ascended masters, angelic hosts and other cosmic beings are ever growing finer and more beautiful, as the energy pouring through the electrons is ever charged with more light, love and balance.

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(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

3 Replies to “Paul The Venetian: Regaining Immortality”

  1. Dagdahn

    Isn’t regaining something We already have an oxymoron? The body is just a flawed rental car. I’ll regain My immortality after I leave this crappy Universe when I die. 😇

  2. Daniel

    More people are beginning to youthen now. I am one who is. I know of three programs which through constant practice begin to reverse age the body. Mas Sajady’s 18 day program is one. But it comes with a warning. you can experience a crisis as you let go of lower frequencies. How long you go through this period depends on where you are when you begin. Another program is Gerald O’Donnell’s Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. He trains you to not only remote view, but to influence reality. There are thousands of testimonials on his website, including testimonials on reverse aging. He can be found at probablefuture dot com.

  3. Carol Hoffman

    Wow that was beautiful. So definitely more to work on here. Light and love. Carol💜🪻🌹