Globalist Groups Demand US Close Military over ‘Climate Change’

By Yudi Sherman

A report published this month by globalist dark money groups calls on the US to shut down the military for the climate.

“Not Just Less Pollution — Less Military,” reads a policy recommendation in the report published by the Climate and Community Project (CCP) and Common Wealth, two think tanks funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. “Scaling back military operations and hardware acquisition is essential to emissions mitigation.” The groups also urge the military to start closing bases, which are “unnecessary in a foreign policy agenda that prioritises peace and cooperation.”

“There must be a reduction in the US and UK military’s sprawling infrastructural footprint. Base closure processes should include environmental assessments and financing for environmental remediation.”

But before it closes, the US military should pay $106 billion in “climate reparations,” adds the report, with the British military contributing $5 billion. According to climate calculations shown in the report, both countries should “introduce a specific military-focused climate reparations approach alongside other leading military powers.”

This $111 billion should be placed in a “global superfund” that will be used to help countries affected by “climate change.”

On its website, the Climate and Community Project (CCP) notes it is sponsored by the Tides Center, an organization that funnels dark money given to its sister entity, the Tides Foundation. According to Influence Watch, the Tides Center functions as an incubator for other Left-wing nonprofits such as Black Lives Matter, helping to fundraise, find office space, complete payroll, apply for grants, and other tasks.

The Tides Center in turn is sponsored by a long list of donors which include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the David Rockefeller Fund, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, Google founder Sergey Brin’s Sergey Brin Family Foundation, and many others.

Shutting down the US military is only the latest policy recommendation from the CCP. Earlier this year the organization joined with University of California, Davis to publish a report advocating for a reduction in private car ownership.

The report explains that, because electric vehicles (EVs) are built with lithium batteries, the current push to convert cars into EVs by globalists like Joe Biden — who has mandated that EVs constitute 50% of US cars by 2030 — will lead to a lithium shortage. When that happens, lithium will need to be mined, which will harm the environment.

By 2050, the report projects, the EV market will require triple the lithium currently used and will thus require significant mining.

Therefore, since the “solution” to “climate change” will, in fact, cause more climate change, the authors suggest reducing car ownership, which it euphemistically refers to as “car dependency.”

A reduction in car ownership will also “ensure transit equity” and “respect indigenous rights.”

This report finds that the United States can achieve zero-emissions transportation while limiting the amount of lithium mining necessary by reducing the car dependence of the transportation system, decreasing the size of EV batteries, and maximizing lithium recycling.

Reordering the US transportation system through policy and spending shifts to prioritize public and active transit while reducing car dependency can also ensure transit equity, protect ecosystems, respect Indigenous rights, and meet the demands of global justice.

The report’s authors then explain why car use in general is hazardous.

Car use poses massive economic externalities. Traffic violence is a leading cause of death for US residents until the age of 45, and it is the leading cause of years of potential life lost. Noise pollution has a surprising array of negative social consequences, causing increased levels of violent crime and a startlingly high proportion of neurodegenerative conditions.

These factors, combined with the massive proportion of land area given to cars, make large swaths of the United States dangerous and unhealthy for people outside of them.


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