Ascension Thoughts Update

By Sierra NZ

We live in changing times… scary times… inspiring times.

The rising cosmic energies we are experiencing today encourage panic in the unaware, crisis in the unhealthy, and enlightenment in the inspired.

Question: To whom do people turn to in times of increasing chaos?

Answer: They turn to people like you, to the unflustered, the unflappable, to people of quiet wisdom who seem to know how to best handle the challenges of the day.

The knowledge and wisdom you have gained in your years of spiritual study are about to pay dividends. You might not think of yourself as a sage or a shaman, as a repository of much-needed wisdom, but, as the chaos threatens to grow, other people will!

When you really understand the metaphysical principles of life, you can help solve any problem for anyone.’ (Owen Waters)

His message is backed by a powerful channeled message about The Event that came through unexpectedly when I regressed a loved one on 12th December 2021. I have shared quotes from the channeled message before in posts. It is even more timely now.

Re the Event:

‘…It’s something that no-one can explain so people start to question their reality. They will stop listening to the news because it’s unexplainable…People will become VERY scared… they could be yelling in the streets or afraid in their homes because suddenly the world is different and they are processing it. It will be people like us (Light Warriors) who understand what’s going on that can calm others. They will listen and follow us…at that time everyone will want to listen to us…’ (Channeled message from regression)

I have such a strong sense that time is ‘wrapping up’. The sense of urgency I have been experiencing for many months to get everything done has fallen away. Whatever tasks are unfinished, it will be too late (although I have done everything!).

It’s too late for red-pilling – trying to convince others of the TRUTH. Decisions have already been made. Lanes have been chosen. The draw-bridge that has been down for all humanity to cross over from 3D to 5D is being raised. Trust everyone’s soul contracts. All is well.

Rest, Light Warriors. That is my best advice right now. I have scheduled an entire weekend to do as little as possible. As my close friends know, this is NOT me but that is what I am being drawn to do. Pots of green tea, high-vibe magazines and Star Trek.

Finally, here is a very cool song from Jefferson Starship (later re-named simply Starship) from 1987…Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (4′ 28″ video). Thanks to George Eaton for sharing the link on Rumor Mills. Enjoy.

The song could be a Light Warrior anthem for helping humanity transition from 3D to 5D….
‘Let the world around us just fall apart…Baby we can make it if we’re heart to heart…’

We absolutely can make it if we’re heart to heart as the 3D world around us falls apart. It has to fall apart for 5D Earth to emerge. Humanity’s birthright is to be sovereign, prosperous and live in peace. We did NOT consent to be enslaved for millennia by the dark forces. Their day is done.


Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  1. yanggongzi2000

    About 6 months ago I had the same song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” pop-up on my laptop! What a coincidence!