The Healing of Cosmic Wounds

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

The healing of cosmic wounds is taking place as creation expands into greater light. And you are an integral part and contributor to the healing, and the expansion of light.

Everything you do here and now, impacts not only this galaxy, but all of creation.

Do you understand your power?

We do not speak of only your waking state, but also your missions during your “dream” time.

Your acts of kindness, love, uplifting thoughts, are felt throughout the All That Is.

This process of expansion, realignment, and upliftment is unfolding in all the Universes, it is not just Earth.

A few worlds are to fall into deeper chaos, to balance out the remaining karma of souls involved in past misdeeds. Many others are being freed and ascending.

New stars and planets are being born, and Earth’s success is being used as a blue print for the liberation and creation of new worlds and realities.

You are honored and loved beyond your wildest imaginations.

All the light to You!

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