From 3D To 4D And 5D:Take Or Die

By Lev

On 15 November 2023 at 08:59 PM CET, and on 16 November at 06:41 PM CET, through a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators and Galacom shortly briefed on the latest Earth’s developments.

Many earthlings often feel that time slowed down, moves in a circle of the same or similar events, and there is no movement forward. This sense is erroneous. In fact, the stratification of 3D, 4D and 5D realities accelerated dramatically, where chronal streams flow at different speeds. Human civilization is increasingly divided into three main timelines, and because of it cannot peacefully get along with each other. Some are absolutely not ready and don’t take any info about the transition. Others double the effort and inner work to enter transitional 4D. Thirds are already there, getting used to and settling in new reality.

Co-Creators and the new Earth’s Logos Al-Terra-Gaia are making incredible efforts to save the planet. But the growth of aggressiveness and hawkism, the confrontation of countries, nations and religions are constantly pushing the world towards a global war. Currently, from a Subtle Plan, the landing of a huge Light Forces continues to prevent the destruction of Earth and preserve peace on it by any means: from massive counterattacks and surgically verified point ops to derail the Darks’ plans and help transforming and transition of those who are ready for it.

Co-Creators and Galacom won’t allow the killing of Earth. It’s an integral part of the enclave of the Gaia’s worlds, Her Multiverse from 3D to Absolutes’ abode in 14D, and together with the new Logos, She is fully responsible for the safety of the planet. Yes, now it faces very difficult tasks, but they are solvable, and for this, there is everything necessary to continue the constructive evolution.

Diagnoses are made, treatment is prescribed. Now, the determination of action and time are needed. After the acceleration, they slowed down in order to have time to prepare everything, and not to harm everyone by excessive pressure and energy of those, who are responsible for this world.

Many are waiting for good news, and of course they are. The former reality is actively cut off, and the remnants of the 3D Matrix are removed. In the Earth’s field, Co-Creators placed such energy network that it will catch and annihilate literally everything that can harm the planet.

The current generation is a witness and participant in the destruction of the old Matrix foundations, including in human physical 3D bodies. Many are at a crossroads: what to do? Who is for whom? And who stands for what? The men’s Higher Selves have decided everything for a long time, but the minds and consciousness are still three-dimensional, and, entangled in a parasitic System, are in turmoil.

All this will pass when those working on selves are completely cleansed and healed thanks to the new elementals of earth, water, air and fire, which transform physical and Subtle Bodies. For many people, it’s is a tough and unpredictable time. Nobody can avoid it, only tune in and conduct a deep self-checkup. Separate the wheat from the chaff, and throw the latter into the cleansing fire that Co-Creators lit on and above Earth by Solar storms.

The third phase of the planet’s transformation moved into the fourth, complex and wide open, making all earthlings pioneers. The goals remain the same: dead to dead, alive to alive. The magnets of attraction are turned on, although their powers are still weak. But even this was enough to perk up the entire world, to direct it to potholes, so that the shaking on them would scatter everyone faster along the poles of attraction. Co-Creators monitor the situation online, and constantly adjust it by strengthening or weakening the operation of magnets.

In addition to this briefing, on November 16, the ground team also paid heed to a hype caused by The Economist’s cover with the forecast of The World Ahead 2024. Lightwarriors highlighted what WAS NOT in the predictions, for example, a new world pandemic, a big European and Taiwanese wars, who would be the US president, although it’s already decided long ago, further developments in the Middle East, and much more.

By focusing our attention on these gourd rattles, The Economist HIDES THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. This image is A MANDALA OF MEDIUM-TERM EVENTS’ SCENARIO, ALREADY LOADED INTO THE EARTH’S CASUAL MATRIX. Staying behind the shadow world government, Darks still have the opportunity to peek into the Matrix scenario.

But they can only see what they themselves have put into it. They still deeply believe that they stage and run world and national events through the Matrix. In reality, this is an illusion. Their former Matrix is destroyed and its fragments are being removed. In the new one, they can participate solely in the role and scenarios that Co-Creators have already planned and direct. The Darks and their elite are no longer the rulers of the world. And, because of their ignorance, they can do nothing, only to take it or die.


One Reply to “From 3D To 4D And 5D:Take Or Die”

  1. the_complaint_department

    Yeap, the clash of 3D and higher had an interesting effect on individual time perception: routine 3D activities sped up and got repetitive, while meaningful energetic aspects slowed down, if you can’t combine them it may feel like either things aren’t moving or they’re too fast to follow, depending on where you focus.

    As for the minions of darkness, it’s been somewhat adequately put that they have ‘receded into an illusion’… which is an elegant way to be removed from an equation themselves try to control by illusions.