Adama: Inner Work

Channel: Aurelia

Your inner work is the most important step you want to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open the way for your homecoming.

Our counselors at the Great Jade temple will give you, at the soul level, an expanded view of why you are experiencing certain health problems. They will show you why a certain difficulty persists in your life and how you have created it, whether it is physical, mental or emotional. With the assistance of our counselors, you will learn to heal yourself and all the pains and distortions imprinted in your soul. Before any complete and permanent physical healing can take place, the emotional causes or distortion in your belief systems have to be addressed and released. These are not band-aid solutions, but permanent healing.

Know that all physical problems, even if they appear to be accidents, always have their roots in the emotional and mental bodies. Mental stress and mental illnesses also have their roots in the emotions. The emotional body is the most important area to begin with for your healing. The traumas of the destruction of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, when people were separated from their loved ones and their families overnight, have given birth to much fear, sadness, sorrow and despair in the souls of humanity, and have been carried forward lifetime after lifetime.

It is now time to completely heal the past and embrace a brand new paradigm of love, limitlessness and unprecedented grace for your life and for the planet. In Telos, we are your brothers and sisters, close friends of the past who love you all so very much. It is our joy to extend to you all the assistance we are allowed at this time for the purpose of your complete transformation, resurrection and ascension into the realms of Love and Light.

You know, your heart is the great intelligence of your soul and is one with the Mind of God. It holds all memories of all aspects of you since the beginning, and it will never mislead you. Your heart is the part of your beingness that you can really learn to know and trust again. You have closed your hearts, beloved ones, because your pain and fears have been so great. Closure has been a form of protection for you in the past. It has served your evolution in wondrous ways that you will come to understand some day, but at this time, it no longer serves you.

Many of you are clinging to your old pain and fears simply because it has become fearful for you to open your hearts to unconditional love and let go of your old outmoded erroneous beliefs. You have a fear that if you open your hearts to life unconditionally, you will be inflicted with more pain. Your old fears and pain have become so familiar to you that you have found a level of security and comfort in them.

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(Continued from The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)