Might You Trust And Believe

By Robyn Locke

Might you trust and believe after you inwardly confirm? Have you ever shelved the mind? Do you pause it routinely? Do so as you move into the sacred space found within the heart center.

And so today, as you reside in the space and realm of allowing what can be to be, would you agree that this is how you might enter into the flow of consciousness? This is also known as moving into Universal consciousness. It is through such unknown things that you can move into new possibilities. Meditate or choose another way to still the mind of its unending banter.

The expansiveness and those things you might accomplish in this life can be more than you might imagine. Allow yourself to reset what was before. Give your body and mind a break from the ramblings that go on in an never ending way there. For surely you know with God all things are possible.

When you take a break and then reengage with life, you can begin to see more clearly what is what. You’ll make better choices. Allow for each possibility (and its potentiality) to exist. Then seek to reengage after you have allowed a brief disconnect to occur from all the to-do lists and mental objectives that exist there. Let criticisms fall away. Allow a breath of fresh air to enter in. In this reconnection, you allow for sharper thinking and new insights to be seen. Do you see?

Is Life Too Structured

Life, when too structured, is not a life at all. Instead, it’s merely a rote, routine occurrence. It is in the not-knowing of life where more can be. Here you will find endless possibilities and their expansive potentialities to exist. So we say this day, don’t be too structured. Allow a space of time for unknown opportunities to enter in. They await your recognition and engagement. Allow them in.

Trust and Believe

Do so by intending for more to be. Create a welcoming space in which they might also exist. You see, if each moment is carved out, how will life’s spontaneity coming into play. Ask for each thing to be limitless in its scope. In this way, boundless possibilities and promise can come to you. Now, must they wait to fit into your more structured plan? Take back the reins of control. No longer allow the mind to limit the expansiveness that exists otherwise. What do you believe?

Open up to new opportunities and potentialities as you surrender what you do not truly know to what might be. Allow what is unknown to become now known. Trust and believe that there is a greater plan that is in the wings waiting for you to experience. Believe it. Know it and it will be so.

And so it is.