The Archangels: What Must Be Mastered…

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Misfortune is transformed into happiness

Tears of joy will wipe away the tears of pain and the seeming misfortune will be transformed into happiness. First everything will be taken from you, then everything will be given to you – paradise on earth.

Have no fear, worry or anxiety, for GOD is omnipresent in all processes necessary now for humanity to rise and the New Earth to be born. But you ask: What will happen to my loved ones? What will become of my children? What will happen to me when the worlds separate? Where am I going and where are those who mean a lot to me going?

Don’t worry for a moment! Because farewells and recognition go hand in hand. You don’t yet know how big, how extensive your actual spiritual families are. You still have no knowledge of how many of your spiritual families on earth have incarnated and how many have not incarnated. The true dimension, the true sphere of influence of your soul families still eludes you.

Therefore, you only have a limited perspective and from this perspective you have to assess and evaluate the current situation.

Nobody gets lost!

As soon as you gain insight into the whole thing, you immediately relax. Because you will realize that none of your beloved fellow human beings will be lost, but that everyone will find their home exactly where they have chosen for themselves. In addition, you remain connected to all the people who are dear to you today. No one will be lost somewhere in existence so that they would be unreachable for you. Families that have found each other on earth continue to exist on the brighter levels of being.

The tasks and constellations change, but not the souls, who work together as groups in heaven and, depending on the task, incarnate individually or in groups on earth.

What you will give up

The idea that after the separation of the worlds you will have to do without and forever lose many of your loved ones, children, parents and friends, is misleading and frightening. What you will be giving up are inauthentic relationships – and this can affect anyone, including members of your earthly family.

Members who develop differently and who still want to experience the adventures that you have long experienced will leave your sphere of influence on day X at the latest. However, this distance is overcome by the ascendants through the liberated consciousness.

You will be able to contact that person at any time, and you will be able to see what path someone you love and value has chosen and taken.

As omnipresent as we are, you will be as omnipresent once your consciousness is expanded and unlocked.

Today your consciousness is still trapped, it is limited – and so you can only perceive things and the world from your perspective.

After time is stopped and each person has made their final and final decision, the consciousness of the ascending people will expand permanently – and you will gain insight and an overview of the true connections of life.

No one will be taken away from you, but you will voluntarily give up relationships that are no longer sustainable.
As soon as your spiritual floodgates open, you gain deep insight and develop a mature understanding of all that is – and that day is not far away because:

Everything is heading towards man’s final decision: to enter the light or to continue the journey on the dark levels of being.

The current and upcoming events serve the purpose of preparing people for this decision.

To grow through the challenges of these days instead of despairing, to see the light in the darkness and to perceive love despite the fear, that is the test that must be mastered before day X.

You are the Master and you are the Creator, you are the Truth, you are the Way and you are the Life.

Believe in it, trust yourself and give your heart to GOD. This is the path of the Light Warrior who wishes to leave the battlefields of this time behind and return to the Realms of Light.



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