The Solar Lightbody

By Judith Kusel

With the powerful energy upgrades we have experienced this year are truly testing many souls currently on planet earth, with the physical body and indeed all the bodies, having difficulty keeping up with incessant light quotient building, which is constructing new Solar Lightbody Form.

For I am always told that if this happens quickly, (and we are being carefully monitored to see to what degrees we can handle the energies) it would blow out our circuits and could even disintegrate our bodies completely.

I have been challenged since October last year in so many ways, and I have learnt that when I my body needs rest, to rest and make more time to go inwards and also more time in nature and connecting with Mother Earth.

More than this to call in angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters as when help is necessary.

It has been scientifically proven all dis-ease in the bodies, are linked to certain parts of the body, and the underlying emotional charges which cause the dis-ease.

However, it is necessary when such discomforts in the physical form occur, to go and look deeper, at the root causes, as the emotional body is directly linked to the spine, and it is where unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt, alienation, separation, and all those abandonment issues, the root cause of pain and suffering are stored, not only in the soul memory banks, but also at cellular levels.

As by Divine Dispensation all karma has been lifted, this does not mean that issues will not come up from this lifetime and others, all those patterns of pain we created with other souls, for we have been given free will and choice.

You can choose to hang onto all the emotional charges, all the bitterness, anger, hurt, etc. and refuse to forgive yourself and others, and add to this the victim mentality, and all it entails. Yet, why shoot yourself in the foot?

You cannot take any baggage with you to the New Earth and it is still hindering the New Lightbody form from fully being activated in some form or way we are not always conscious of.

Indeed, you can have so many activations via other souls, who transmit or channel such, or have healing sessions, but if that root of your own inner self, you do not wish to let go of the root cause of the emotional charges or mental overload, or false programming, or clinging onto duality, judgments and separation, healing cannot come in the deepest root core and cause.

I do clearing and cleansing with the White Flame every single morning and if need be at nighttime too. I also work with the Various forms of the White Flame, noting that the Violet and Green flames are for healing in the deepest sense and for all your bodies.

I also find that with upgrades deeply buried things are coming up, which I had totally forgotten about, or which were so deeply buried that it needed to surface to be healed, but also to be understood in the context of repeated patterns of behavior, and habitual ways of living life.

It is a total dismantling of pain and suffering and separation in all forms and expressions, this included the self.

For is it not that we often can forgive others, but find it very hard to forgive ourselves and then beat ourselves up for years after something happened? It is time to forgive and find inner peace.

This of course extends to the whole humanity and all in it – and all the mis-creations in whatever form or way.

This is a totally new life and new beginning offered for all of us.

You have free will and choice.

You can choose to let go and be transfigured – or not.

In truth, some will take longer than others, but in the end all souls will find their way back to wholeness and unity, even if elsewhere in the cosmos.

For what has been created by the Divine can never be separated form its core, even if they choose to deny this within themselves.

In truth there is only love – and loving Grace.

Love always heals in the deepest and profoundest sense and indeed miracles happen when we finally surrender everything and allow ourselves to become AS ONE with All That Is, and One with the Divine Source and find ourselves at home within and within out.