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Shower thoughts

Many actors in Hollywood are criminals/murderers/pedos etc (and many are not) but this information can perhaps come out gradually as part of a disclosure process over time as these people have contributed to the culture of the West and even the world and culture is important. This is done by design of the ancient criminal cult who knew this would cause major problems at this time of apocalypse. On the flip side, if these people are determined to drag us all down with them then this slow disclosure becomes swift disclosure (? IMHO it's not like I am privy to all that goes on, I am just a person with a full time job trying to live my life despite all this that goes around my mind)

Israel influence via anti-semitism protection racket. Zionism etc. Organised crime etc.

I've gone round in circles trying to understand Israel the 1948 nation role in these times but I think the gig is up because it is all too obvious now. It serves/served an important purpose, dark is part of everyone and everything but it (dark) cannot be sustained in the vibrations we are entering into on our spaceship Earth.

Edit: fecking annoying that when considering Israel 1948 I forget about the authoritarian force who desire global communist slavery. Two extremes. Both need to get rid of the evil by vomiting out the illness, or heating by fever (Earth gets hot and erupts but can release this in a controlled manner when considering the consciousness of all things, especially the planetary and solar and galactic bodies), purging it from the world and then figure things out going forward in terms of how each method responds to the ills plaguing the world today. Israel/Zionist 1948/1917/1897 etc is still very strange and confusing to me when trying to consider the global picture.

Perhaps look toward peak societies minus their criminal elements and hidden preying etc (organs blood sex energy) with sensible teachings for people. The most important thing is power from within, not from an authoritarian state that creates robotic subjects that merely obey and accept without question as the state strangles everybody's lives. Power within the individual who then behaves in a good manner but as long as they are good or pleasant to their fellow man/woman/child they are allowed to live the life they choose without state intervention because of whatever crazy thing they (authoritarian state) think of to be able to intervene.

Law of one, we are one but meet our 'other-selves' we are all one yet individual portions or expressions of the one. Christ consciousness. The nations are an attempt at realising this but the criminal cult prevents its realisation due to its insatiable need to promote division/deception and harvest the loosh by hiding within these national constructs and taking advantage of them. imho?

Nationalism is stoked whenever and wherever it suits them and extinguished whenever and wherever it does not suit them (criminal cult, not always criminal in charge, same with your own mind, once reformed you shouldn't go back to criminal). If the cause is just and honourable the nation should stand up and fight but preferably not when they are mislead by evil, but rather to fight against the evil and ensure via good education and good teachings for all that it is not mislead.

People say these things or read them in books but do they understand it or just recite the text.

China is probably stoking its nationalism, the EU will do the same if it achieves its goal of erasing the current national identities that comprise it. The UN will probably be finding and using people who are aggrieved at the current Christian nations and using that as a weapon against them. (Creating a bias inside that organisation that is emphasized and deliberately orchestrated by those people who mislead the nations in the first place) The UN seems to have gone out of balance toward Communist thought because it sounds good and is probably pushed by the very same forces that created the USSR or Hitler, they didnt just disappear when the Berlin wall fell, they merely changed strategy. Powerful people with access to vast amounts of money. Criminal money bias used as a power grab and usurper, UN/EU globalist usurpers with criminal cult backing. Etc. The annoyance imo goes back to Rome vs reformation, westphalia peace treaty etc as Rome is presumably the heart of criminality and yet the heart of Christianity, which is very strange but predictable (know they are in heaven but still lie, humans are merely masses of animals to exploit in order to maintain loosh harvesting) yet Christian's by nature are not criminals, anti-Christs masquerading as Christian's, if the chrism rises you do good to others therefore criminals cant be Christian but they can pretend to be and it's the pretending and deception that causes the troubles, the people look to authority but authority may merely appear to be mutually beneficial when it is not. Wars reset this in some fashion, where the deception is reinforced, due to the forgetting of vital things that are swept away by the hierarchy of evil spirits of various densities (Law of one)

Communists just get rid of dissenting voices that go against the grain. Disagree with the policy and your gone. Russia could be corrupt due to its communist past and China due to its communist present, many gangsters/yes men etc - (the yes men go to Moscow, the dissenters go to the gulag and are silenced. LGBT SJW Climate Change group think is the new and latest attempt) and then use its energy/money to aid in the goal of undermining and destroying Western freedoms that have been taken advantage of by the criminals via private properties and private companies, fronts, gangsters, organised criminality yet many good people who do not approve of criminality and are unaware of the nature of it reside in these places and try to live their lives and use the same system of commerce and communication, meeting places etc. The creators, keepers and enforcers of the law in all nations and all types of governance surely need to be empowered to do their jobs and enforce rule of law that is constantly undermined and circumvented by elite criminals and evil peoples who inherit generation after generation wealth and power that they use to continue to destroy and erode everything. Communism has these things too and its strangulation of the individual leads to horrors imho, whereas the freedom of the individual at least allows someone to make their own way through the insanity.

IMHO MUSINGS read and discard, or read and absorb. Usually people debate ideas, I am just throwing them out there trying to figure things out. The debate is in my mind.

Layman schizo musings:

Musings relating to 666. Perhaps this is related to 3 generations (living memory) that in each instance pursue the 6th version of 'Babylon' aka forced globalisation via submission of self over those 3 generations (Grandparents, parents, the self) to aide in establishing the future global dictatorship at the expense of your current homeworld/place/nation which is betrayed because that place is about to discover the origin and purpose of the 6th iteration which is most likely a China style social-credit scoring Communist global dictatorship which destroys freedom and creates imprisonment of all the people in the world, the beast system, that is also tied to harvesting of blood etc (living water) and maintains control of, entry to and exit from the heavenly spheres on behalf of some form of interplanetary spice trade, sort of like the movie 'Dune' for those that require frequent blood transfusions and/or constant organ replacement (Vidians) to prevent death. The Pope wears a triple crown as if to say that the Pope is king of these three generations that are in living memory. Massive guess work here, sounds like a movie! (Edit: Triple crown is for king of Spirit, earth and the underworld, not what I theorized)

666 could also refer to spheres around the sun, 6 being Saturn which is often referred to as Satan etc or Chronos - Serpent/Time sin wave  etc. Jupiter (Ju-Peter?) therefore being 5 and 7 being the stars, therefore 6 is the gateway. This also corresponds with the law of one stating that the two paths converge at 6th density, these paths could be symbolised by the pillars in front of the temple? Or they correspond to that of Mercy and Severity - the flail and the shepherds crook. Maybe these are the same things. It's difficult to stand on one leg. The convergence of the paths is Jesus/Satan, occurring at the 6th sphere, 6th density, 6th planet. Satan is not always evil (? Uncertain) but if that planetary sphere is used as a place of evil then that word and that world becomes associated with it because it is used to commit evil acts. (Evil in the sight of God? God is good.) The 6th ray is indigo, which, according to the Law of One is able to be 'contacted' by negative entities who skip green and blue or the 4th and 5th Chakras and gain access to this indigo, 6th ray and remain there because they are unable to activate all 7 rays due to being unable to see all as creator or other-self in a good fashion (which must be cosmic or christ consciousness) because they are taught to view other-selves that are not of that group or tribe as lower cattle that can be exploited.

Saturn has a ring, do we see this when monks used to shave their heads, leaving a ring? The ring placed upon the finger at marriage? The ring around the glans of the penis? We did not know of the ring or the cube at Saturn until the telescope became available. In addition, none of these things or rituals are mentioned by Jesus. Circumcision disrupts or changes the chrism process, making it more difficult or almost impossible to attain spiritually? Circumcision also deprives a Male of the life experiences and memories of that life prior to the natural peeling back of that skin which symbolises the coming into adolescence and becoming sexually aware. It served a purpose.  The catholic church appears also to be made up of many pagan rituals that are leftovers from earlier religion that worshipped many gods, many idols. [EDIT: Saturn is a place, an aspect of consciousness, it doesn't matter about a ring or where it is put. If that ring is used for good, then it's good. Therefore it doesn't matter about the origin of this ring. Also, these concepts, rings, cubes etc are part of the subconscious mind and will enter the conscious mind]

The spiral we see (pedo spiral specifically) appears to refer, perhaps to the coiled sprung or kundalini energy that may be prematurely activated when the prostate is stimulated via penetration, not always by penis, it can be stimulated by other objects. This kundalini serpent energy then rises through the spheres, if prematurely done, in children, can cause corruption in a metaphysical sense, higher levels of consciousness/dreams, spirit etc. If not this, it refers to the time spiral.

Jesus gave the keys to heaven to Peter and they went to the Catholic Church who interpreted this in a certain way and created an authoritarian style system with the pope assuming a role. Heaven in this case refers to interstellar space, entry to which is controlled by the Saturn sphere who then reports to the Orion group and presents its harvest of human derived produce. This organisation that clothed itself in the church now controls the UN which continues the deception. Consider the esoteric connotations of UN global goal 14 particularly in light of the email leaks. Movie-style guess work. [Edit: The Catholic Church can perhaps await contact from benevolent interstellar groups and hope that the Orion group is deposed or is itself taken over by good who do not want the human produce? Perhaps it just awaits the day that the good arrive instead of the evil? Who knows? There must be much good within this place who upon discovering what I suspect know that all they can do is wait for that day where this evil is deposed or imprisoned?] (The church is gradually corrupted over centuries, Satan works slowly, bit by bit)

Consider the system that creates large egos. Some egos are good, some just appear good. For example, Elton John pops up frequently in the news, even on the BBC news. He wrote several ok songs decades ago and that's all yet he is over-inflated constantly by that system that helps to manifest the globalhomo agenda. Bono, Bob Geldof, David Bowie etc all spring to mind, as part of the global anti-Christian agenda. Hilary Clinton would have no doubt portrayed herself as Christian to rise up the ranks in the USA yet now she cannot even mention that word. [EDIT: All these people mentionned may be good, I do not know, I am just saying. They became public figures and are bound to attract attention and speculation but ultimately they are innocent until proven guilty as it should be and I am wrong to single them out] They are presumably annoyed that I have as much say as they do in a free country because they only get one vote regardless of the power they think they have.

I do think those people where somehow neccessary and the erosion of Christianity was necessary because all of this culminates in the present day unveiling of the evil that is in all levels everywhere and is a part of all but it has gone out of control and to use a  newspeak term, has become unsustainable.

This is just >>>IMHO<<< musings from an overactive imagination 🙂 read and absorb, discard, use in movies, whatever.

I mentioned 'simulate' it earlier. There is a risk of this simulation becoming too real, it needs to be clear that it is a simulated cgi simulation of whatever is being simulated due to the current runaway technologies like AI etc being used nefariously. Christianity provides the basis for the safe use of things/gadgets which is derived from the attempts to adhere to the ten commandments and the subsequent two commandments which is why the psychopaths continue to try to erase Christianity and promote more controllable ways of being that 'disarms' the 'herd' and turns them into drones who never question anything - Jesus, Moses, Buddha etc etc provide a good framework for us to work within.

Civilisation is built upon attempts to adhere to basic good laws like the Commandments. Christianity is the foundation of everything. Anyone like myself who tries to dive deeply into things knows it gets strange or crazy the deeper you go, yet despite all that I know Jesus/Love/Chrism is the way and you can know this without losing your individuality, it is a unique relationship for each person. Humans who crave power and control have found it very difficult to operate within this framework created by Jesus and his spirit and that has created some strange situations over the years as they (evil and minions) attempt to work within it and circumvent it.

Mohammed has provided a great force of warriors that can be used for good rather than bad when utilised correctly by good forces rather than be misused and redirected upon itself or against innocent people. Preferably, like nuclear weapons, this force is not required except as a deterrent to the evil authoritarian decepticons to ensure they are disarmed. Clearly they are here in many billions and serve a purpose to remove the evil one and its minions. The evil will try to deceive and use this people for its purposes.


Things appear to be getting crazier but there is always an overarching plan of good that cannot be grasped or corrupted by the evil satanic forces (The 'good time' people can regain this aspect of our illusion?) who will never respect free will, never respect the laws (like the commandments) and desire control of the world through deception and forced stupidity. When looking back from the culmination we will start to understand why things unfolded in the way they did if we want to.

IMHO Read and absorb or discard, just thoughts and musings. I guess this will all confuse the devil, I know what I mean !!

Christianity in the form of religion has created a bias in the world toward being good. This bias of good is passed on from one generation to the next as it is refined and improved upon. Read about biases in the ra material.

I say this because the religions have a bad reputation due to bad actors operating within it with a bias toward power and lies etc.

I sometimes read back what I have wrote here and think, 'Oh that is wrong, that bit is crazy, that is ok, that is accurate, that is stupid' ETC ETC

I have said many times that this is all my opinion, some is good info or good insights and some of it is just plain wrong and stupid. I was/am simply posting my thoughts, a release valve for them. I read a lot of 'conspiracy' and have read a lot in general, this is my mind simply trying to make a bit of sense of it and often struggling to do so. (Reading an abundance of information which was made possible by the sacrifice and struggle of prior generations) One man with incomplete information cannot make sense of such a vast tangled mess of factions vying for control for centuries or millenia and in addition to this you and I know that now, in this instant, there is suffering and decay and degeneration happening to people, children etc and this is going on and on and on and on and we just want to prevent it where it is preventable.

In addition I might add I was often stoned when posting, moreso in the early days , but I found this substance to be vital in gaining insights. Often, words cannot convey things I think or feel, gut feelings etc, so it is mostly clumsy and sometimes half-hearted. We need our plant friends! In Moderation. Trees spread their branches and put down their roots with the goal of maintaining balance and weathering any storm, so we should follow that example!

I have had a lot on my mind and I am often feeling very sad about the state of the world and the country I reside in. Also the state of myself and problems with myself, my circumstances and my family which pale into insignificance against someone else who suffers much more than I do, people in a warzone for instance etc (Yet warzones do allow for an opportunity of swift growth with lots of catalyst, so you and I should consider that our 'pre-incarnate' self uses these situations as an opportunity for rapid growth or progression. I refer to consciousness or spiritual growth/maturation)

In addition there have been many strange co-incidences and realisations on a personal level since 2015/16, perhaps as a result of a natural growing process combined with things occuring on a global or even galactic scale, it lead me into a more paranoid state of mind bordering on psychotic at times because of various thoughts entering into my consciousness.

I have decided I am Christian and I try, in my own way, to follow Christ, yet I am not baptised or a member of a church. This was because the circumstances of my awakening co-incided with a new awareness of the evil in the world that has doubtless infested the Church over the past centuries because evil does not rest. (Whereas we want to rest! Those pesky evil ones prevent that. Yet if we rest at the wrong time in the wrong place we eventually become stagnant and stale) Levels of deception have been created by the evil that many members of a church or religion are unaware of, not just physical deceptions and manipulations but metaphysical, astral, dream, thought control etc... I presume this awakening timing was by design, by my sub-conscious self? my pre-incarnate self? My dreaming self? My higher self? In co-operation with others? I say the Lords Prayer every night and that will do for now as a way of protecting myself, with other mantras and affirmations in my mind to cope with 'intrusions', unwanted thoughts and to keep myself sane, because there are things unseen that vy for entry into our minds, to possess us, to torment us and others that wish to help us. I also have a bible and read it occasionally. I did go to a Christian school which also helped immensely in these last years due to the teachings I recieved back then as a foundation to build upon or lean upon.

Consider that there are people in the world who pose in public as a priest/saint or whatever yet when behind closed doors become an evil murdering satanist committing atrocities, you must consider that it is very easy to deceive many people who cannot comprehend the level of deception that can be created by an evil person who can appear to be an angel (acting) and yet is a demon (their true form). We have all been decieved by them, the hidden deceptive rulers of the world who are empowered by the evil satanic cult, god of the criminals. It is like they are in a parallel universe, a mirror universe, where they rule the world by being the biggest and most ruthless liars and being comfortable with being this way because of the power they get when dealing with the people who they see as cattle to be farmed, milked, slaughtered and because they know this truth and they are in power the world is ruled by them from the true universe, their crazy truth, so crazy that it causes those who conceive of it or discover it to lose their minds! It cannot be proven and it is unproven, I have said this yet there has been no trial by jury. No trials at all! This is why the Q thing is critical because it has hinted at this kind of craziness and we/I have that gut feeling that wont go away, particularly when considering the craziness of the past few years and when using your foresight to see what the future holds if we stay on the crazy path being pushed.

Timing is critical, for example, when looking back with 2020 hindsight we find that, if we walked on the moon in 1869 and the year now being 1920 the Earth and Sun would be in a different position within our galaxy or a different orientation in relation to the ambient energies of the galaxy/universe (due to precession) and cannot receive the vibrations neccessary to integrate the technology that is being created and would result in a premature birth. Consider this for every event. We should also consider solar cycles and their effects. Many signs point to a solar minimum which can also cause many effects.

The Earth and Sun are on a spiral, 4D is the point of the spiral, the now point. 5D is the viewing of the entire spiral at once and the ability to travel in time, our mind has this ability when viewing memories and we sometimes glimpse the future. Spiral within spiral within spiral. I wonder if some people are able to contact entities who have the ability to view 5D and then share information between each other, for mutual gain. If ritual is used to establish contact, what sort of ritual?

I have recently realized that one should only use thy energy for thyself/and not an imaginary ai. Although I do not get myself involved in the camwhore culture on the internet, my energy perhaps was going towards the ai direction as well.

Well I do go on a cam site occasionally despite my efforts to cease that sort of thing. I think judging by the people on it, it is mostly people in their teens and early twenties, students. It seems ok to do that at that age if you want to imho and it gives a bit of cash on the side to assist your student fees etc. I don't think you are feeding an AI by doing that, the only thing is you run the personal risk of someone close to you who does not approve of it finding out about it and then you have to explain yourself to them. This sort of thing has been going on since the dawn of civilisation and doing cams is merely the 21st century manifestation of it and is much safer than the previous centuries - trying to extinguish it and stamp it out and villify it simply moves it underground as it has been in the past and makes it a criminal enterprise and you become exploited by the criminals and psychopaths and criminals/underworld etc is very much a minefield and not a place you would want to get caught into.

You feed the AI when you stop thinking for yourself and you stop questioning things because you let the AI do the thinking for you. The AI in this case being the money-backed mind-control hierarchy that seems to stem from people like Soros and the climate, migrant stuff etc which has been deliberately created as a means to take over the world and quickly snuff out any free thought that strays from this mind-control.

More 666

6 is the the day God created man and animals. This Earth appears to offer catalyst for man-animal to become a spiritual being, I would even say it was designed that way by our logos/The Sun, particularly when considering the moon and the axial tilt etc etc etc. I formerly subscribed to the material theory of random evolution but it seems increasingly unlikely/impossible.

666 is the number of a Man-beast but why 3 sixes. Well I come back to the Grandfather/Father/Son which is 3 people. If the grandfather is unable to become more than a man and activate the spirit he is 6, same for the other two. These 3 people are usually alive at the same time. So those 3 are one yet separate, they each have different wives and different times to grow in, the son does not necessarily have a wife, if he does and creates offspring, he splits into 3 again as he assumes new roles. If you consider a self-styled global dictator, he or she would consider the world made through him as emperor and the lineage continues through him and his offspring, the stream of consciousness going through the firstborn(?) in 30-36 year increments? The viewpoint changes, father/son/father/son in this incremental process.

So the numbers can be 667, 677, 777 because I dont think you can go to 7 and then go back, but I don't know. 666 is the person unable or unwilling to progress due to their choices or actions - whatever - they may also prefer being an animal and desire to control/dominate etc which is predator/prey thinking similar to the animals, whereas 7 is rest and going beyond that hunter/prey paradigm because you do not need to hunt or worry about being hunted. The hunters are also worried about not being able to catch their prey or worry about being spotted before making the kill etc, being deposed or beaten by a larger and stronger rival. Animal problems. Limited to this material realm?

Animals that are eaten are easily deceived but men are not as easily deceived if they are to be eaten because they are sentient beings, it depends on the deception. A cow does not realise it is about to be slaughtered so goes into the slaughterhouse, a man would know and rebel unless he is adequately deceived. Does this happen? If I can think it then some evil cannibal thought about this a billion years ago and has had a billion years to refine the process. Crazy movie idea.

I think things have gone crazy here because there is a splitting into 3, the underground, the middle and the spirit world which are then pitted against each other. The sixes and sevens existing at the same time and trying to sort themselves and the beast mentionned in Genesis orchestrating the deception and maximising the amount of prey available to it and its minions. The beast controls from the spirit world somehow and uses the underworld against the middle. The underworld is criminal mafia, mobs, murderers etc who desire to be hidden and have their crimes hidden. They can appear beneficent and good but this is false. [EDIT: Could be considered to be three parts of the same organism, not a separation, the three work as one when considered as one?]

[Edit: You can find yourself in that underworld and if not you then a family or friend. It is not automatically bad or criminal to be there. Often people find themselves here temporarily whilst they learn to leave that place. Everyone is involved in this. It is a place of learning. Hidden does not mean bad. This is possibly why Jesus was associated with a mushroom as mushrooms perhaps become visible parts of the root and soil system. When considering a tree the underground, soil or the roots are absolutely vital to the survival of the tree, which grows above ground or the middle, and into the sky, associated with spirit. At some point all of this organism is scrutinised by the most high infinite creator as part of the harvest of said creator described in the bible. Mushrooms, trees, soil, all are sorted and moved. This is why unlocking the self via repentance and reformation etc is advised by people like Jesus who stated that we are one, a part of the infinite creator, who is one. Unity. We want to be or are trees, so we strive toward the light, upward growth, the light is the creator. Trees, mushrooms, whatever are loved. God, the creator, is good and likes good and finds good. If he finds evil, real evil, he cuts it off as any gardener would. Just imho thoughts][EDIT: You cannot stay hidden, you cannot hide from yourself. You judge yourself, you forgive yourself. This is where it starts. There is noone who can know yourself better than yourself. Heaven/The Creator is within, its behind your eyes as well as in front of them - he is in you, you are in him - align with that, try not to fight this truth, you will lose, but at least you'll learn something but try not to hurt self/other self whilst fighting]

Words of prophets are used against the people. Whatever is said in the bible is inverted to maintain the deception by extreme liars who are predators.

IMHO! Good plot for a movie, big box office!! Theoretical stuff! I have read too much conspiracy theories 🙂 Despite all this you just keep going and make the most of what you have, this is a release valve, you dont have to read it and it could all be incorrect, I have no proof 🙂 It is concealed. Layers of an onion, one layer is created by someone, then another with less information. Compartmentalised.

Consider real occult knowledge. The teeth, how they grow, how they decay, fall out. Crooked, straight. Fringe and alternative science is already getting close to this, discovering that the teeth are like a fuse box, affected by emotions and troubles, making them grow crooked, different teeth connected to different parts, different ailments. Observe these effects and you begin to discover a lot about someone, potentially. This knowledge is hidden. Consider the hair, patterns of growth and loss, again, much occult knowledge can be gleaned through observation of this. Same goes for many traits. This knowledge could be used against you. [Thunderbolts project on youtube] You can try to remember to put the tongue on the roof of the mouth and exercise this area of the face, the cheeks, the jaw, the muscles involved in a smile, this may relate to wisdom teeth, widening and usage of the eyes, re-learn to breath freely through the nose as a part of working on the face, improve the posture, work on the core muscles and the legs etc etc all neccessary things to do as part of work on body which then affects your mindset.

How do you determine good and bad, well there is first of all the inbuilt common sense that prevents you from, say, eating your own excrement etc, as an extreme example demonstrated from our earliest days, hard wired into our brains. This is clearly not a good behaviour. So for other behaviours that are less extreme you go to consensus, like on family fortunes/feuds you go ask the question to 100, 1000, 100,000 and await a response. This is logical however the evil ones detect an exploit here by trying to affect the consensus as a means to gain control or make it seem acceptable.

Homosexuality is one of the first spanners in the works for this process, why does it persist? It could relate to orgasm and ways to get it, what it does to the brain. Abuse etc. The creator knows the answers here and we await it. In the simplest terms it is not logical but when emotion and orgasm enter into it many logical things become secondary to that desire which overrides good logic/good sense. In addition, other than the knee jerk explanations, someone not inclined to enter the heterosexual process has a different mind and different role to play as they do not enter the family construct on an instinctive level. Most likely I think it is a youthful phase that can last longer if you do not address it in some fashion, to stop that activity which can be viewed as dirty and immature  because the anus is dirty, though perhaps not all homos use that for their sexual things, perhaps with careful preparation it is clean, yet the concept remains unclean. When is the cutoff? What age does it become inappropriate if it is a juvenile phase? If it is and I think it is a juvenile phase you should grow past it and be ashamed of doing it if you know better, because you are a wiser adult or wish to appear as one, or do appear as one, rather than juvenile without that wisdom. Society should frown upon the act(s) because to progress you must grow past that phase of juvenile activity, the shame acts as catalyst to grow. What are the consequences of continual normalisation?, on families, on children (it is not possible for true homosexuals to procreate) It seems to me the bad effects outweigh the good ones if you then use this created mindset as trojan horse into the mind and the control of it and then the control of society. Logic/emotion, masculine/feminine. It is better to learn to utilise them in a good manner, in moderation rather than stoke up the more bad outcomes associated with these things. When it comes to determining criminal acts, bad acts/actors and their potential outcomes it is better to get the biggest and worst ones first and work from there, consider the church, Jesus said fisher of men, this could mean fishing for people who join the church and remain liars, fake people, who then become exposed, in amongst the true churchgoers and true priests, we know god hates the hypocrites. Who is encouraging bad acts and creating bad actors? The whole gangster act, gangster rap, gangster glorification spring to mind, I see this more and more. Rebel, renegade things, then privatising the police and public services etc, bending them to your will, within the corporate, UN goals of nation wrecking, criminal legitamacy/normalisation, bad behaviour, all to gain control.

Consensus creation with a sheer quantity of numbers with the same group think propaganda is still less than the one truth, even if its 5,000,000,000 speaking the same thing, it is less than 1 who knows the truth and seeks the truth. That many people can still be made to think wrong if they dont take the time to think for themselves and reach for the good answer. Reach for divine, spiritual truth and you are a supremacist, its crazy world.

In a free and fair market good ideas are rewarded, bad ideas go nowhere, yet in an unfair market bad ideas are promoted, promoted, promoted and they dont go away. Is the current market free? The corporations, multi nationals, NGOs, charities, UN, EU etc all seem biased toward the present day efforts to mind control people into giving away hard fought individual freedoms, privatising education to put the SJW agenda into the children, this is not a free/fair market anymore. The truth is overridden in favour of false things. The bias makers, scale fiddlers are trying to gain control of global mind, the youth (less wise, more affected by propaganda, post-2001 worldview, less time to grow and accept catalyst, less time to examine personal choices, born into the marxists propaganda, SJW groupthink nonsense, predictable voting patterns, etc), using the population pyramid and going against more natural, common sense things that built society. They desire conquest. Who are they, what do they want. The devil and its mutant minions.

I saw a video about a prominent leftist talking head explaining her agenda. Top of the list is the protection LGBT culture. This is crazyness, LGBT 'culture' as described is a race to the bottom, led by an immature youth still caught up in these engineered sexual and gender confusions who do not take the time to understand the consequences of bringing this out into the open. Sexuality should preferably remain discreet and not overt to the point of things like 'Drag Queen Story Hour' - there are hidden forces at work directing this and putting huge amounts of power behind it. It is bad, bad, bad. There are ways to be sexual and practice your sexuality discreetly, responsibly and sensibly - behind closed doors, privacy - not prudish but sensible/responsible, not boring but simply away from sight, protect the children, dont ruin their brains with exposure. The creators of this agenda, the hidden sexual deviants, the people described by Jesus etc etc etc are sick people. Yes on some level it has contributed to the culmination, the present day, but enough is enough. The race to the bottom needs to stop, the pendulum has swung and it will come back, never reaching this point again, the evil hidden power and their visible minions will hopefully vanish soon, rapture or something, who knows? Orion group evacuation? Vibrational mis-match? ! IMHO just thinking out loud, thought valve, reading it doesnt hurt, it is just words on a page, wrong or right who knows, it is what it is, a point of view.

36/72/108 are important numbers, 72 is 1 degree of precession and a lifespan. 36 is half that. 1948, foundation of Israel, 1912, Titanic sinking leading to Federal Reserve, contributing to the deception of the USA & Christianity, World Wars, Communist Revolution, setting up of the post war consumerism and corporations, cold war stalemate, freedom vs communism/socialism.  (1984, my Birth year, the Orwell book, 1948 mirror) [Reminder: Israel 1948 is currently acting as a voice in the crazy socialist mind-controlled dominated UN to prevent a complete global brainwashing? A way of saying, Stop. No more crazyness. Israel 1948 can be or should be or will be used as a means to prevent the global socialist state? Power struggle?] 36/72/108 could correlate with son/father/grandfather though 108 is a stretch, these 3 are one yet separate if natural generational progression is used. Precession is very important, the different ages going from one to the next. Precession and the 12 signs are a way of delinearating one age from the next due to the orientation of the Earth in relation to the ambient energies of the cosmos, energies which have an effect on our minds, the global consciousness. Age changes are significant moments for a planet of this sort. The Orion group knows this and has made its big move in the last 108 years or so relative to the present day with an invasion into our physical realm, teaming up with people who resonate with an energy of 'Anti-Christian' or 'Anti-Unity' and are often criminal or revolutionary. This invasion has contributed to the present day and has created the circumstances of harvest, those 'Anti' energies are a part of the whole unity of the Earth and though annoying are a part of that unity though can/should be stopped from continuing the assault on our minds using the global corporate system that has stolen power. The orion group, invaders from the coordinates of the Orion Nebula area, combatants in the war in heaven whose recruits wish to create a global socialist state with universalism, collectivism, claiming diversity when they desire the opposite by destroying global diversity of nations and cultures for their own ends whatever they are be it organs, sex, blood, food, slaves, whatever blehg, for the elite of the offworld Orion group or the onworld minions? Criminal mindset, sexual deviancy, murder, mafia, rebel etc - desire to bring the world down to their level, to legitimise what they did in darkness by making it normal/legal - starting with the youth. Orion takeover of Earth, create a planet of criminals. It sounds crazy, it really isn't, but there is no visible proofs, so it seems crazy.

A circle looked upon by a person is best divided into 12 segments, it is the most efficient way of doing this as when viewed the segments are easily discernable from one another, more segments make this discernment difficult, less segments mean a less accurate representation of the change within the circle such is the origin of the 12, imho. The 13th is perhaps the centre of that clock face, the truth around which the ones on the periphery look to for guidance. The planets revolve around it and the clock hands rotate upon that point.

I have fell into old, bad habits lately. This whole episode is starting to drag on for me now, I am sure we are all tired and weary of waiting for our nations to be empowered to remove the orions and begin constructing a free society with some sensible limits that prevent and/or remove criminality/predators. I can't imagine how people who have known the truth for decades or centuries have been able to cope with this insanity. I must redouble my efforts and ensure I do not wreck my progress that I made (within my mind) over the last 3-4 years, since the awakening within and without. How this will be accomplished I do not yet know, so good luck me.

Global mafia with the devil (a man with a God complex yet is obviously not god who is immensely powerful) as the boss of it, hidden hierarchy of criminals, sticking together, gradual corruption of Christian nations over centuries using the devil as the source of the mind control, anti-christ thought etc, criminal behaviour normalisation by bringing the world to their level, constant division, terrorists are assets to extort countries, shadows etc etc etc off-world influence? Orion? Draco? Underground bases, Nazis, Catholicism deception at highest levels, Catholicism is a global thing, Catholic is universal, Catholic came from Roman Empire West, Orthodox Greco-Byzantine East, Babylonia, Egypt, Atlantis, same criminal lineages within all, global/empire superceding local nations with the criminal lineages using great amassed knowledge to puppet the puppets puppeting them, gods landing on Mount Hermon, Greek Gods etc, father/mother/son incest = strange person transcending generations, off-world seeding of criminal minds (sown in amongst the seeds that came from the father, higher intelligence, war in heaven, criminal mind is lower than creator god however, evil 'gods' exploit the material from the ethereal or are stuck in the material, unable to progress, unwilling to progress), inner planes, decepticon criminals hiding within all groups, devil heirarchy gives the marching order, possible ritualistic entry - evil satanism etc etc. Moon parked in an orbit that matches angular diameter of the sun to coordinate deceptions with Earthly minions (calculation of eclipses, coordinate mind control efforts with eclipses in antiquity to gain control?) lunar orbit and size to deceieve souls that wish to return to the solar disc? Moon parked by god? To create this illusion? Or by a lesser material entity? Illusion hijacked? Fallen angels/Fallen Gods?

Higher consciousness will sweep over the world bringing new realisations and new insights into the self fulfilling cycle of the one creator. We leave reminders and prompts for ourselves. The evil cannot create these cycles, only imitate and copy and this is flawed as it does not come from the higher perspective (it conceives and constructs within our realm with no ability to see higher or unseen realms, discounting evil spirits or thoughtforms of some kind, obtained through ritual) and therfore ir is destined for collapse or self-destruction, caught in their own scheme or in a trap set by the creator that they cannot see until its too late, I refer to decepticons, criminals, liars that do not reform, repent, relinquish power etc.

Global socialist state simply scales up a nation as we know it to a global nation, some form of global sex fascism, at least initially to gain control, then change to whatever the final form is. Consider in a nation there are industrial areas, urban areas etc, where a small region might be tasked, naturally due to climate, food, water, geography, geology, with industry and another with recreation, like coastal or natural beauty areas. The global state is the same but using vast countries, like China as the global industrial zone and other entire countries as recreational or elite zones, all done without consent, people simply bulldozed mentally and physically into submission by the global state and its mind control that supersedes the current nation states that remain in name only. Rulers derive power from people in a symbiosis, authoritarian rulers subjugate the people, in the present day by info wars and removal of morals. This has served a purpose and needs to go away because it is not free market and this group are breaking all fair play checks and balances by stacking the deck. I know which one God loves and God hates, though God also forgives and gives you the chance until at some point, I dont know the point, the circumstances change and the Klingons, the secret holders of power, the criminal ones, whatever it is, hidden criminal terrorist enabling mafia, collapses. UN is the tool for this but ideally UN should become a good and free and truth seeking entity rather than a vehicle for global socialism.

Parts of the world are better off than others. Parable of the sower proves communism is not the way, you deal with whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you might be lucky, you might not be. Being thrown into sub-saharan Africa would be difficult relative to, say, Switzerland, but these individual units of consciousness that inhabit the physical vehicle perhaps were given the appropriate vehicle to grow and evolve in relative to the progression of the spirit through the densities (law of one). Imagine Communism/Socialism crazyness in India, its entire population put in giant commieblocks, the soul of that place destroyed.

Snake, serpent. Not an exclusively bad thing, there are negative and positive snakes, the two poles, we are all snakes or serpents when our life is viewed from outside of time as we are all smeared across the time/space in a wavy path, we access this wave in our memories, we view in our mind different points of the wave. (That old serpent mentioned in revelations is a very long wiggly wave, thousands of years long, as opposed to my 35 year wave which is a part of the larger national wave, each 36/72 year segment standing on top of the previous one) The yinyang symbol is the rotating disc, the two energies ideally in balance, the two dots are the two polarised serpents at a right angle to the disc, the rotation creates the braid, the two energies intertwined into one. Healing of the energies. The disc is perhaps the present moment slice of the wave. The truth, love, light is the unifier, the truth does not divide, you are either with it or without it you absorb it and radiate it, or try to ignore it, forced to turn away from its brilliance. The truth, light, love is the constant around which all revolves, the central sun, the source.

Secret societies can simply change their over-arching intent to become disclosure societies that intend to make the secrets known over a certain period of time, 100 years 50 years whatever - We are certainly supposed to transition into a space faring species imminently and join a galactic community that we have been working toward for a thousand years. Some people can be given access to all the secrets immediately because they are ready.

Global united earth is inevitable, we are all citizens of the world, the world is our home, we just need to ensure it isn't a socialist authoritarian crapfest and is rather a place of freedom with a strong and fair state derived from good values that are sensible, simple common sense, with true national diversity on a global scale rather than stupid diversity. Consider a galactic scale, there are many billions of worlds in the galaxy, each inhabited world with a unique culture or many cultures that grew in that environment, each adapted to its uniqueness, not just the climate or temperature but many many other variables. The old world was vast but with technology has become a seemingly much smaller place and this is putting pressures upon the old cultures that grew upon it but this increasing pressure seems by design more and more in recent years and is accelerating by a faction seemingly bent on erasing these cultures, based on an idea that transcends generations.

On a galactic scale this would be an invasion of one world by another world by conquest rather than mutual benefit. Surely there is enough room for everyone to find a place and then get on with each other. In the Jewish case this place should be Israel, which is then the Jewish homeland (for many centuries this group claimed to be lost without a home. It is an idea, victim consciousness?) So why is the world still being remade into a sort of global apartheid, elite/mass system (global nogo zones, everyone monitored, keep the masses and initiated elites separate. We are all one! Stop separating!). There is a natural hierarchy of human races and a natural hierarchy within the races, within locations, how they behave, spirtual maturity or lack of, their intelligence, partly due to environment, partly due to teachings etc so you dont forcibly mix them up with stupid global migration, they should work on their native areas and their native nations, this forced migration is a weapon. The Earth is very diverse but would become a giant melting pot of shit if the globalist communists get their way with their crazy plans, some parts of the world are far behind in development, centuries, millenia and imho should earn the right to enter the developed countries and the developed countries can assist them with good teachings like in the age of colonialism which did much good in the world that the communists desire to erase and claim the opposite by rewriting history and focusing on bad and negative incidents rather than the positives and the good work done to develop the world. The hate preachers and terrorists create strife, these people maybe responsible. CIA/intel orchestrated problem/creation/solution, Iran? This global elite/mass attempt is clearly stupid what with its awful mind control sjw, political correctness, feminism, racism, all the isms, all the victims thing. It's all so tiresome yet backed by the likes of Soros whose history is in the desire to create a global monolithic state where you think in the correct manner or you cannot participate. Could be on the right track here, could be wrong, I am clearing blockages. It is all imho.

The best way to go is ensuring the global UN is a force like the USA/UK that keeps the peace and upholds the laws whilst maintaining the constitution for its citizens. I have my own bias here as I live in England but this way is many orders of magnitude better than socialism/communism for the individual who cannot and will not allow him/herself to be mind controlled just to join the elite ranks. These countries have a swamp, just like any country has a swamp. Just like there is a swamp in any person that you have to clean up. Blockages, balances, vibrations. These countries have been used by powerful people to enrich themselves at the expense of other countries and those same people will then simply find another place to exploit. These countries, UK, USA, are not always bad - looking upon them from the perspective of a place that has been disrupted by them - their inhabitants have done much good for the world. It depends on who is in control of them, who is really in control. If its the decepticons in charge it causes problems, but its not straightforward.

Some globalists, the more evil sort, will have been in their home nations, often Christian ones, and committed criminal acts but kept secret, hidden. The authorities in these countries would prosecute if discovered because Christian morality and behaviour demands it, like in cases of human trafficking for example and other things. These powerful people therefore would seek to undermine their home nation, to escape justice from it and aim to usurp it by creating a global state that legitimises what was previously criminal and change the global mind into making these behaviours acceptable gradually whilst keeping other things hidden within the structure of the global state. Israel's involvement is perhaps tied to getting the various Christian denominations back together but some elements use this concept to try to deceive believers in it into this global communism/socialism, with the Eastern communist agents working with Western criminal mafia and hidden powers to gain mind control etc by deception and other criminal efforts like terrorism etc and various mafia, intelligence agencies, corruption etc. A gradual erosion of morality is introduced in media and academia etc which is then combined with a deliberate steer towards legitimacy of formerly criminal acts or behaviours, sexual and others, yet some or many of these acts are/should be frowned upon, prosecuted against, prevented etc. Devil is a mind virus that is fed by evil acts and grows in the absence of a good God who is ignored or forgotten about.

Israel and its Earthly role is something to be understood, the blockages in my understanding are clearing slowly, I am trying here to write it down, getting it from mind to written word is harder than you think. It is seemingly Authoritarian rule vs Freedom and I know which one is preferred! Certainly I have no interest in living in the authoritarian SJW PC nonsense place but what about other people who are not aware of the course we have been forced upon and the evil behind it all? We return to pizza gate, adrenochrome, incest, snuff, murderers, rapers and all the worst things that must be ended for we know they have been very close to power and cannot have strong Christian nations around who might discover this evil and get rid of it, because it gets rid of them and their global domination scheme. If Israel, the geographical 1948 construct, is a deception to control the USA/UK/etc then it is only because its lies and deceit and whatever it does has succeeded until the day it no longer suceeds in deception or it is taken over by the good, truthful people who discover the deceptive nature (?) - difficult to put into words, I just write stuff down here.

Just a reminder to me that much error is here ITT as well as truth, this thread is a valve for my mind. Situations described are subject to change, they may have occurred in the past and not occur now etc. This refers to all things, posted now and future and past.

Reminder to self and others that there could be people in the world who create crisis events in an effort to control the public mind on the news. Staged shootings, staged bombs, staged killings by people who dress up in uniforms like police and fire brigade, use special effects etc all for show on the tv in order to drive policy through the political process or to manufacture consent for something via the problem/reaction/solution method. Very very naughty. Other very very naughty people use the national news to plant stories that resonate in the mind, I recall the 12 monkeys dying in a fire story from a year or two ago, I didnt need to know that but its obvious what they are doing. The other night a sheep dog called Megan being sold to America which reminded me of the royal issues and another that comes to mind is the golden toilet called America being stolen from the other month. 3 million lambs will die because of Brexit was another one I recall. Who knows how many I've seen over the years, these sort of veiled threats that are planted into the minds, consciously or sub-consciously I am uncertain but seemingly originating from an evil source.  The people who do these things are sick people, its been going on for a long time. Its so obvious. Read the Dutroux affair, read about Jimmy Saville. These are ones we know about, who knows what else goes on in the world. Very naughty people, very powerful hidden mafia/criminal people but fortunately for us they are at the end of their reign of terror because every day that passes exposes them more and more and they cannot survive the exposure, the entire world wants them gone, salvation through knowledge and technology brought about through that knowledge has unearthed them, the very same technology they would steal to control us. This is the most critical time in all of history, no one in the world wants these people to have any power whatsoever.

You, I, we are all creators in training. What will you create? What do you dream about? What do you want? This place, the Earth, allows you to create things. What do you desire? Train yourself and your mind to want good things. Evil people desire evil things, criminals desire criminal things, the other participants in their creations do not want the same thing! That's what you must be trained to detect, avoid and avoid becoming that yourself. I speak to myself as well as you, we are all learning! We all make mistakes and missteps.

Imagine the strangeness and havoc that could be caused by someone who looks upon linear time with future information, particularly if you use that knowledge for personal or in-group gain at the expense of people who live within linear time. Time spiral. Biff from BTTF and Silverthorne from The girl from tomorrow are what come to mind here, but though these are strange stories the truth might be much stranger ! Maybe it's one of the worlds biggest secrets. Good movie storyline and indeed it has been done many times. If not actual viewing of the future (timeline of truth) then perhaps a man with immense power and a timetable of milestones to accomplish, which if not reached means increasing pressure from that man, to create the timeline of lies which is destined to collapse and if not collapse, designed to revolve in such a way to ensure they remain in power by controlling both sides.

Note the flag of the 1948 Israel is a symbol that when rotated always has a smaller triangle outside of the box that is created by the two triangles which could indicate that the intent is that of keeping an elite/mass system regardless of revolutions by controlling all sides of the equation, however it could just be the coming together of the masculine and feminine. I note that Extinction Rebellion, a banking power cabal creation, has these triangles that have not joined together, another indication of a control all sides to divide and rule. What about those who do not let the masculine/feminine come together, does this viewpoint allow for manipulation of those who have? Catholic priests are told to stay in this manner of being. This concept of Israel unites the various splintered denominations of Christianity and the Jewish peoples in one goal of establishing this state in the ancient holy land, this could be a deception but also could be thought of as a means to say to these Jewish people that you have the homeland you desire from ancient times and you cannot complain about not having one? I read interesting (bad) things about the Talmud but I don't know enough about it all and cannot comment, there may be much propaganda and misuse of the words within it. 1948 Israel is in constant threat of annihilation and it merely wants to exist so its inhabitants and its government must resort to various methods to guarantee its safety and at the moment this requires USA/UK etc to guarantee that safety or else Russia/China will take over Israel, or Israel will feel the need to reach out to those countries for its very existence. Someone is above all these countries and directs all of it because they want a new global elite/mass system ran by tyrannical authoritarian people. Central bankers, power brokers, thought controllers, all desire to retain power and wealth at any cost and by any means.

My goal in being is to ensure freedom and truth remain constant throughout the world and by putting out vibes along those lines. This thread is what I have said all long, a therapeutic release of thoughts into cyberspace.

I have various affirmations to ensure I stay sane despite all this stuff, this is  just theraputic for me to write this all down where I can read it and, if neccessary, others can read it too, hello there! I don't write everything down though!

I should take my own advice first of all! I am working on it! I have made progress in many things.

Thoughts and musings, all IMHO. Just guesses, I have no evidence, my sample size is me and my crazy mind. Those with evidence through empirical research of these spiritual or higher things keep it for themselves. Don't be offended. If you don't like it, go away, just read and absorb, read and discard, I merely post my insights about things that have been in my mind, sometimes erroneous, sometimes close to truth. I put it in here out of the way in an obscure location but on a website that is of the light and receives messages from the light within the galaxy and beyond that wishes to help us and and offers hope. It is all IMHO.