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Shower thoughts

Many actors in Hollywood are criminals/murderers/pedos etc (and many are not) but this information can perhaps come out gradually as part of a disclosure process over time as these people have contributed to the culture of the West and even the world and culture is important. This is done by design of the ancient criminal cult who knew this would cause major problems at this time of apocalypse. On the flip side, if these people are determined to drag us all down with them then this slow disclosure becomes swift disclosure (? IMHO it's not like I am privy to all that goes on, I am just a person with a full time job trying to live my life despite all this that goes around my mind)

Israel influence via anti-semitism protection racket. Zionism etc. Organised crime etc.

I've gone round in circles trying to understand Israel the 1948 nation role in these times but I think the gig is up because it is all too obvious now. It serves/served an important purpose, dark is part of everyone and everything but it (dark) cannot be sustained in the vibrations we are entering into on our spaceship Earth.

Edit: fecking annoying that when considering Israel 1948 I forget about the authoritarian force who desire global communist slavery. Two extremes. Both need to get rid of the evil by vomiting out the illness, or heating by fever (Earth gets hot and erupts but can release this in a controlled manner when considering the consciousness of all things, especially the planetary and solar and galactic bodies), purging it from the world and then figure things out going forward in terms of how each method responds to the ills plaguing the world today. Israel/Zionist 1948/1917/1897 etc is still very strange and confusing to me when trying to consider the global picture.

Perhaps look toward peak societies minus their criminal elements and hidden preying etc (organs blood sex energy) with sensible teachings for people. The most important thing is power from within, not from an authoritarian state that creates robotic subjects that merely obey and accept without question as the state strangles everybody's lives. Power within the individual who then behaves in a good manner but as long as they are good or pleasant to their fellow man/woman/child they are allowed to live the life they choose without state intervention because of whatever crazy thing they (authoritarian state) think of to be able to intervene.

Law of one, we are one but meet our 'other-selves' we are all one yet individual portions or expressions of the one. Christ consciousness. The nations are an attempt at realising this but the criminal cult prevents its realisation due to its insatiable need to promote division/deception and harvest the loosh by hiding within these national constructs and taking advantage of them. imho?

Nationalism is stoked whenever and wherever it suits them and extinguished whenever and wherever it does not suit them (criminal cult, not always criminal in charge, same with your own mind, once reformed you shouldn't go back to criminal). If the cause is just and honourable the nation should stand up and fight but preferably not when they are mislead by evil, but rather to fight against the evil and ensure via good education and good teachings for all that it is not mislead.

People say these things or read them in books but do they understand it or just recite the text.

China is probably stoking its nationalism, the EU will do the same if it achieves its goal of erasing the current national identities that comprise it. The UN will probably be finding and using people who are aggrieved at the current Christian nations and using that as a weapon against them. (Creating a bias inside that organisation that is emphasized and deliberately orchestrated by those people who mislead the nations in the first place) The UN seems to have gone out of balance toward Communist thought because it sounds good and is probably pushed by the very same forces that created the USSR or Hitler, they didnt just disappear when the Berlin wall fell, they merely changed strategy. Powerful people with access to vast amounts of money. Criminal money bias used as a power grab and usurper, UN/EU globalist usurpers with criminal cult backing. Etc. The annoyance imo goes back to Rome vs reformation, westphalia peace treaty etc as Rome is presumably the heart of criminality and yet the heart of Christianity, which is very strange but predictable (know they are in heaven but still lie, humans are merely masses of animals to exploit in order to maintain loosh harvesting) yet Christian's by nature are not criminals, anti-Christs masquerading as Christian's, if the chrism rises you do good to others therefore criminals cant be Christian but they can pretend to be and it's the pretending and deception that causes the troubles, the people look to authority but authority may merely appear to be mutually beneficial when it is not. Wars reset this in some fashion, where the deception is reinforced, due to the forgetting of vital things that are swept away by the hierarchy of evil spirits of various densities (Law of one)

Communists just get rid of dissenting voices that go against the grain. Disagree with the policy and your gone. Russia could be corrupt due to its communist past and China due to its communist present, many gangsters/yes men etc - (the yes men go to Moscow, the dissenters go to the gulag and are silenced. LGBT SJW Climate Change group think is the new and latest attempt) and then use its energy/money to aid in the goal of undermining and destroying Western freedoms that have been taken advantage of by the criminals via private properties and private companies, fronts, gangsters, organised criminality yet many good people who do not approve of criminality and are unaware of the nature of it reside in these places and try to live their lives and use the same system of commerce and communication, meeting places etc. The creators, keepers and enforcers of the law in all nations and all types of governance surely need to be empowered to do their jobs and enforce rule of law that is constantly undermined and circumvented by elite criminals and evil peoples who inherit generation after generation wealth and power that they use to continue to destroy and erode everything. Communism has these things too and its strangulation of the individual leads to horrors imho, whereas the freedom of the individual at least allows someone to make their own way through the insanity.

IMHO MUSINGS read and discard, or read and absorb. Usually people debate ideas, I am just throwing them out there trying to figure things out. The debate is in my mind.

Layman schizo musings:

Musings relating to 666. Perhaps this is related to 3 generations (living memory) that in each instance pursue the 6th version of 'Babylon' aka forced globalisation via submission of self over those 3 generations (Grandparents, parents, the self) to aide in establishing the future global dictatorship at the expense of your current homeworld/place/nation which is betrayed because that place is about to discover the origin and purpose of the 6th iteration which is most likely a China style social-credit scoring Communist global dictatorship which destroys freedom and creates imprisonment of all the people in the world, the beast system, that is also tied to harvesting of blood etc (living water) and maintains control of, entry to and exit from the heavenly spheres on behalf of some form of interplanetary spice trade, sort of like the movie 'Dune' for those that require frequent blood transfusions and/or constant organ replacement (Vidians) to prevent death. The Pope wears a triple crown as if to say that the Pope is king of these three generations that are in living memory. Massive guess work here, sounds like a movie! (Edit: Triple crown is for king of Spirit, earth and the underworld, not what I theorized)

666 could also refer to spheres around the sun, 6 being Saturn which is often referred to as Satan etc or Chronos - Serpent/Time sin wave  etc. Jupiter (Ju-Peter?) therefore being 5 and 7 being the stars, therefore 6 is the gateway. This also corresponds with the law of one stating that the two paths converge at 6th density, these paths could be symbolised by the pillars in front of the temple? Or they correspond to that of Mercy and Severity - the flail and the shepherds crook. Maybe these are the same things. It's difficult to stand on one leg. The convergence of the paths is Jesus/Satan, occurring at the 6th sphere, 6th density, 6th planet. Satan is not always evil (? Uncertain) but if that planetary sphere is used as a place of evil then that word and that world becomes associated with it because it is used to commit evil acts. (Evil in the sight of God? God is good.) The 6th ray is indigo, which, according to the Law of One is able to be 'contacted' by negative entities who skip green and blue or the 4th and 5th Chakras and gain access to this indigo, 6th ray and remain there because they are unable to activate all 7 rays due to being unable to see all as creator or other-self in a good fashion (which must be cosmic or christ consciousness) because they are taught to view other-selves that are not of that group or tribe as lower cattle that can be exploited.

Saturn has a ring, do we see this when monks used to shave their heads, leaving a ring? The ring placed upon the finger at marriage? The ring around the glans of the penis? We did not know of the ring or the cube at Saturn until the telescope became available. In addition, none of these things or rituals are mentioned by Jesus. Circumcision disrupts or changes the chrism process, making it more difficult or almost impossible to attain spiritually? It served a purpose.  The catholic church appears also to be made up of many pagan rituals that are leftovers from earlier religion that worshipped many gods, many idols. [EDIT: Saturn is a place, an aspect of consciousness, it doesn't matter about a ring or where it is put. If that ring is used for good, then it's good. Therefore it doesn't matter about the origin of this ring. Also, these concepts, rings, cubes etc are part of the subconscious mind and will enter the conscious mind]

The spiral we see (pedo spiral specifically) appears to refer, perhaps to the coiled sprung or kundalini energy that may be prematurely activated when the prostate is stimulated via penetration, not always by penis, it can be stimulated by other objects. This kundalini serpent energy then rises through the spheres, if prematurely done, in children, can cause corruption in a metaphysical sense, higher levels of consciousness/dreams, spirit etc. If not this, it refers to the time spiral.

Jesus gave the keys to heaven to Peter and they went to the Catholic Church who interpreted this in a certain way and created an authoritarian style system with the pope assuming a role. Heaven in this case refers to interstellar space, entry to which is controlled by the Saturn sphere who then reports to the Orion group and presents its harvest of human derived produce. This organisation that clothed itself in the church now controls the UN which continues the deception. Consider the esoteric connotations of UN global goal 14 particularly in light of the email leaks. Movie-style guess work. [Edit: The Catholic Church can perhaps await contact from benevolent interstellar groups and hope that the Orion group is deposed or is itself taken over by good who do not want the human produce? Perhaps it just awaits the day that the good arrive instead of the evil? Who knows? There must be much good within this place who upon discovering what I suspect know that all they can do is wait for that day where this evil is deposed or imprisoned?] (The church is gradually corrupted over centuries, Satan works slowly, bit by bit)

Consider the system that creates large egos. Some egos are good, some just appear good. For example, Elton John pops up frequently in the news, even on the BBC news. He wrote several ok songs decades ago and that's all yet he is over-inflated constantly by that system that helps to manifest the globalhomo agenda. Bono, Bob Geldof, David Bowie etc all spring to mind, as part of the global anti-Christian agenda. Hilary Clinton would have no doubt portrayed herself as Christian to rise up the ranks in the USA yet now she cannot even mention that word. [EDIT: All these people mentionned may be good, I do not know, I am just saying. They became public figures and are bound to attract attention and speculation but ultimately they are innocent until proven guilty as it should be and I am wrong to single them out] They are presumably annoyed that I have as much say as they do in a free country because they only get one vote regardless of the power they think they have.

I do think those people where somehow neccessary and the erosion of Christianity was necessary because all of this culminates in the present day unveiling of the evil that is in all levels everywhere and is a part of all but it has gone out of control and to use a  newspeak term, has become unsustainable.

This is just >>>IMHO<<< musings from an overactive imagination 🙂 read and absorb, discard, use in movies, whatever.

I mentioned 'simulate' it earlier. There is a risk of this simulation becoming too real, it needs to be clear that it is a simulated cgi simulation of whatever is being simulated due to the current runaway technologies like AI etc being used nefariously. Christianity provides the basis for the safe use of things/gadgets which is derived from the attempts to adhere to the ten commandments and the subsequent two commandments which is why the psychopaths continue to try to erase Christianity and promote more controllable ways of being that 'disarms' the 'herd' and turns them into drones who never question anything - Jesus, Moses, Buddha etc etc provide a good framework for us to work within.

Civilisation is built upon attempts to adhere to basic good laws like the Commandments. Christianity is the foundation of everything. Anyone like myself who tries to dive deeply into things knows it gets strange or crazy the deeper you go, yet despite all that I know Jesus/Love/Chrism is the way and you can know this without losing your individuality, it is a unique relationship for each person. Humans who crave power and control have found it very difficult to operate within this framework created by Jesus and his spirit and that has created some strange situations over the years as they (evil and minions) attempt to work within it and circumvent it.

Mohammed has provided a great force of warriors that can be used for good rather than bad when utilised correctly by good forces rather than be misused and redirected upon itself or against innocent people. Preferably, like nuclear weapons, this force is not required except as a deterrent to the evil authoritarian decepticons to ensure they are disarmed. Clearly they are here in many billions and serve a purpose to remove the evil one and its minions. The evil will try to deceive and use this people for its purposes.


Things appear to be getting crazier but there is always an overarching plan of good that cannot be grasped or corrupted by the evil satanic forces (The 'good time' people can regain this aspect of our illusion?) who will never respect free will, never respect the laws (like the commandments) and desire control of the world through deception and forced stupidity. When looking back from the culmination we will start to understand why things unfolded in the way they did if we want to.

IMHO Read and absorb or discard, just thoughts and musings. I guess this will all confuse the devil, I know what I mean !!

Christianity in the form of religion has created a bias in the world toward being good. This bias of good is passed on from one generation to the next as it is refined and improved upon. Read about biases in the ra material.

I say this because the religions have a bad reputation due to bad actors operating within it with a bias toward power and lies etc.

I sometimes read back what I have wrote here and think, 'Oh that is wrong, that bit is crazy, that is ok, that is accurate, that is stupid' ETC ETC

I have said many times that this is all my opinion, some is good info or good insights and some of it is just plain wrong and stupid. I was/am simply posting my thoughts, a release valve for them. I read a lot of 'conspiracy' and have read a lot in general, this is my mind simply trying to make a bit of sense of it and often struggling to do so. (Reading an abundance of information which was made possible by the sacrifice and struggle of prior generations) One man with incomplete information cannot make sense of such a vast tangled mess of factions vying for control for centuries or millenia and in addition to this you and I know that now, in this instant, there is suffering and decay and degeneration happening to people, children etc and this is going on and on and on and on and we just want to prevent it where it is preventable.

In addition I might add I was often stoned when posting, moreso in the early days , but I found this substance to be vital in gaining insights. Often, words cannot convey things I think or feel, gut feelings etc, so it is mostly clumsy and sometimes half-hearted. We need our plant friends! In Moderation. Trees spread their branches and put down their roots with the goal of maintaining balance and weathering any storm, so we should follow that example!

I have had a lot on my mind and I am often feeling very sad about the state of the world and the country I reside in. Also the state of myself and problems with myself, my circumstances and my family which pale into insignificance against someone else who suffers much more than I do, people in a warzone for instance etc (Yet warzones do allow for an opportunity of swift growth with lots of catalyst, so you and I should consider that our 'pre-incarnate' self uses these situations as an opportunity for rapid growth or progression. I refer to consciousness or spiritual growth/maturation)

In addition there have been many strange co-incidences and realisations on a personal level since 2015/16, perhaps as a result of a natural growing process combined with things occuring on a global or even galactic scale, it lead me into a more paranoid state of mind bordering on psychotic at times because of various thoughts entering into my consciousness.

I have decided I am Christian and I try, in my own way, to follow Christ, yet I am not baptised or a member of a church. This was because the circumstances of my awakening co-incided with a new awareness of the evil in the world that has doubtless infested the Church over the past centuries because evil does not rest. (Whereas we want to rest! Those pesky evil ones prevent that. Yet if we rest at the wrong time in the wrong place we eventually become stagnant and stale) Levels of deception have been created by the evil that many members of a church or religion are unaware of, not just physical deceptions and manipulations but metaphysical, astral, dream, thought control etc... I presume this awakening timing was by design, by my sub-conscious self? my pre-incarnate self? My dreaming self? My higher self? In co-operation with others? I say the Lords Prayer every night and that will do for now as a way of protecting myself, with other mantras and affirmations in my mind to cope with 'intrusions', unwanted thoughts and to keep myself sane, because there are things unseen that vy for entry into our minds, to possess us, to torment us and others that wish to help us. I also have a bible and read it occasionally. I did go to a Christian school which also helped immensely in these last years due to the teachings I recieved back then as a foundation to build upon or lean upon.

Consider that there are people in the world who pose in public as a priest/saint or whatever yet when behind closed doors become an evil murdering satanist committing atrocities, you must consider that it is very easy to deceive many people who cannot comprehend the level of deception that can be created by an evil person who can appear to be an angel (acting) and yet is a demon (their true form). We have all been decieved by them, the hidden deceptive rulers of the world who are empowered by the evil satanic cult, god of the criminals. It is like they are in a parallel universe, a mirror universe, where they rule the world by being the biggest and most ruthless liars and being comfortable with being this way because of the power they get when dealing with the people who they see as cattle to be farmed, milked, slaughtered and because they know this truth and they are in power the world is ruled by them from the true universe, their crazy truth, so crazy that it causes those who conceive of it or discover it to lose their minds! It cannot be proven and it is unproven, I have said this yet there has been no trial by jury. No trials at all! This is why the Q thing is critical because it has hinted at this kind of craziness and we/I have that gut feeling that wont go away, particularly when considering the craziness of the past few years and when using your foresight to see what the future holds if we stay on the crazy path being pushed.

Timing is critical, for example, when looking back with 2020 hindsight we find that, if we walked on the moon in 1869 and the year now being 1920 the Earth and Sun would be in a different position within our galaxy or a different orientation in relation to the ambient energies of the galaxy/universe (due to precession) and cannot receive the vibrations neccessary to integrate the technology that is being created and would result in a premature birth. Consider this for every event. We should also consider solar cycles and their effects. Many signs point to a solar minimum which can also cause many effects.

The Earth and Sun are on a spiral, 4D is the point of the spiral, the now point. 5D is the viewing of the entire spiral at once and the ability to travel in time, our mind has this ability when viewing memories and we sometimes glimpse the future. Spiral within spiral within spiral. I wonder if some people are able to contact entities who have the ability to view 5D and then share information between each other, for mutual gain. If ritual is used to establish contact, what sort of ritual?

I have recently realized that one should only use thy energy for thyself/and not an imaginary ai. Although I do not get myself involved in the camwhore culture on the internet, my energy perhaps was going towards the ai direction as well.

Well I do go on a cam site occasionally despite my efforts to cease that sort of thing. I think judging by the people on it, it is mostly people in their teens and early twenties, students. It seems ok to do that at that age if you want to imho and it gives a bit of cash on the side to assist your student fees etc. I don't think you are feeding an AI by doing that, the only thing is you run the personal risk of someone close to you who does not approve of it finding out about it and then you have to explain yourself to them. This sort of thing has been going on since the dawn of civilisation and doing cams is merely the 21st century manifestation of it and is much safer than the previous centuries - trying to extinguish it and stamp it out and villify it simply moves it underground as it has been in the past and makes it a criminal enterprise and you become exploited by the criminals and psychopaths and criminals/underworld etc is very much a minefield and not a place you would want to get caught into.

You feed the AI when you stop thinking for yourself and you stop questioning things because you let the AI do the thinking for you. The AI in this case being the money-backed mind-control hierarchy that seems to stem from people like Soros and the climate, migrant stuff etc which has been deliberately created as a means to take over the world and quickly snuff out any free thought that strays from this mind-control.